Shippable Experiences in Barcelona

Shippable Experiences in Barcelona

Discover a selection of 2 Shippable Experiences in Barcelona team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 2 Shippable Experiences in...

Top-rated Shippable Experiences in Barcelona

Wine Tasting with a Sommelier
Wine Tasting with a Sommelier
We invite you to travel through 3 of these wines regions along the Duero River valley. We’ll taste 3 different organic wines from the regions Rueda, Ribera del Duero and Toro. We’ll learn a little bit about wine and we’ll discover why Spanish wines are so unique. One of our wine specialists will guide you through this tasting, allowing you to experience wines from three different areas, each with its own characteristics that make them unique. We have chosen for this activity our Granza line of organic wines, as a sign of our commitment to sustainable development and environmental care.


Coffee Tasting Experience
Coffee Tasting Experience
Have a different tasting experience from any previous coffee tastings. You will not stop learning something new during this tour 😉 We will send you a pack consisting of 3 coffees, 50 grams of each coffee (with that you will have enough to prepare 2 tasting cups and you will have leftover to later prepare a filter). Ivette will guide you at all times, she will teach you the tasting protocol and a little something about speciality coffee, you can also ask questions in the chat where Fran will answer all of them. Come go! Cheer up

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What are the most popular Shippable Experiences?

Some of the popular Shippable Experiences that you can start with teams are learning Japanese Poetry and Drawing and Painting Leave Patterns which are fun activities to encourage creativity. You can also do Puzzle Artwork, Secondhand Fashion Art, or Embroidery Workshops. If you feel your team is more on the art side, you can opt for Landscape Painting, Creating a Plant-Based Palette Workshop, or Watercolor Painting.

What are Shippable Experiences Ideas for Adults?

Shippable Experiences Ideas for Adults are hands-on activities that allow your teams to create something out of their own hands. This can either be a drawing, origami session, candle-making, or painting a new design on an old shoe. Materials used in art and crafts can either be textiles like in crocheting tie-dyeing, wood for sculpture, or paper for card making.

How does a Shippable Experiences work?

You can enrol your team in Shippable Experiences without needing to go to a studio or room together. The training facilitator may just send the materials to your team before the actual session. If this is not possible, they can purchase the materials themselves with a recommended list from the facilitator. On the actual day of the activity, participants can choose wherever they want to take the session and make sure that they have enough space to work around.

What are the benefits of shipping kits to my team?

Like baking, virtual crafting classes are brain-centered activities as much as it is physical. Your team will have the opportunity to turn their rich imagination into productive output. It’s no secret as well that creativity is a significant element in problem-solving in making out-of-the-box solutions.
Aside from bonding, teams collaborate and discover that diversity and looking at a blank canvas, a simple wood, or an old material in different perspectives is just what we need in the workplace.

What are the easy Shippable Experiences?

Shippable Experiences are a wide area of work in decorative arts but we can classify it in these major types: textiles, woodcraft, papercraft, and pottery and glass craft. All of these have a high demand for handwork thus the term “handicraft”. Although mentioned as part of decorative arts, seme handicrafts offer more than a beautiful treat to the eyes. Some have more use cases than expected and others calm the mind and are used for mental wellness activities.

What team kits to do at home for adults?

Team Crafts are not just for kids and kindergarten classes. There’s plenty of room for the young at heart, too! Here are some arts and crafts ideas for adults that are easy to make at home: DIY Soapmaking, Candle making, Photo Collage Letters, Wine Cork Board, DIY Marbled Mugs and more.
There’s no limit to your imagination. With just a few clicks on the internet, dab in an ounce of patience, and a generous amount of creative juices flowing, you’re on from one craft project to the next.

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