How to manage and prepare for a team building activity remotely?

December 8th, 9:48 am

How to manage and prepare for a team building activity remotely?

Working remotely has become the norm for a lot of people nowadays, but unfortunately this also means a lot of team building activities need to change. You still want your team to grow and expand, to having virtual team building activities is a very good idea. But how can you manage and prepare such a team building activity online? Let’s find out!

How can you prepare team building activities via Zoom?

First, you want to make sure that everyone has Zoom installed, just to be safe. You want to be certain that everyone has access to the app and can use it as their own convenience. On top of that, you do want to ensure that every team member has a good internet connection, because these virtual team building activities will require constant presence.

Any disconnects will just make things less interesting, and that’s certainly something you want to take into consideration as much as possible. Since Zoom is easy to access and everyone can use it, this does make the entire experience rewarding and more exciting than you might imagine.

Make sure everyone sets up Zoom properly

At its core, Zoom is very easy to use, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to customize it the way you want. Offering some online training on how to use and customize Zoom does help a lot. You should also try to solidify the team logistics by trying to schedule quick syncs in weekly meetings and congratulate accomplishments via chat as well.

Schedule the team building activities beforehand

A very good idea is to always create the virtual team building activity schedule beforehand. Not only will this give everyone enough time to prepare, but they will also know what activities you are focused on at this time. Ideally you want to have these meetings either around the morning coffee time or even during lunch breaks. Don’t leave them for the end of the day, as most people are tired and that’s just going to be harder to deal with.

Be enthusiastic and responsive

The truth is that you must lead by example. If you show happiness, excitement and focus on the tasks at hand, the others will follow suit. It’s a very good idea to show that you are all sharing this moment and it’s a fantastic, rewarding experience. Once you do that, it will bring in better results.

Always make sure that things are clear

The reason why such a thing matters is because you want to eliminate confusion. When everything is clear and people understand the process, events and experiences, it’s easier for them to enjoy their time. If everything is clear, you will build up a lot more trust and confidence. Once you have that, it will be easier for your team members to enjoy the experience their own way.


All these virtual team building activities are very immersive and full of fun. You will find them interesting and very rewarding. All you need is to test them out for yourself and just engage into a great, rewarding experience. Not only is it a great way for you to test your skills with your team, but every team member can just enjoy their time and have fun for a change.

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