Why Onsite.fun?

Who are we and why we started this

The shifting in the work culture has never been bigger. Unprecedented by the current tailwinds, many companies have been forced and adapted from the always in-office precesence. Truth is people are seeing benefits to the new normal, commute habits, being closer to the beloved ones and productivity levels. There is one thing though, people missed the sense of connection and serendipity the office enables.

Our mission

Employees aren’t making connections to employees outside their core team, it is very difficult to meet the new hires, difficult to develop relationships and obviously a sense of trust. We want to help organizations and virtual teams develop personal connections that go beyond office hours. There are open challenges around the remote inclusion and engagement of employees, giving the employees to chance to strengthen human bonds is an awesome way to build teams. Team building activities serve this purpose and help improve connections with colleagues, be more emphatic and productive. Happy teams are happy companies.

Who are we?

We believe team culture to be the fundamental pillar of any successful company and an improvement in employee happiness directly impacts wellness and productivity. If we can help remote teams come together and bond digitally, it will in turn allow them to have a more healthy setting and improve the work environment exponentially.

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