How Leadfeeder used to boost human interaction

January 12th, 11:41 am

How Leadfeeder used to boost human interaction

Leadfeeder is a website visitor analytics software that shows you the companies visiting your website, how they got there, and what pages they clicked.


Lead Generation Software


Helsinki, Finland

β€œThe team events from Onsitefun allow us to spend time with colleagues in different contexts, where everyone can relax and reveal new aspects of themselves.”

Head of People


Introduction on the company – your customer and goals

Leadfeeder is a remote-first SaaS scale-up, headquartered in Helsinki with an international team based throughout 25+ countries and more than +100 people.

We are a B2B intent data platform that identifies website visitors and tracks onsite activity so you can see which leads are ready to buy.

We recently passed the $10mill ARR mark and have big plans to continue growing and expanding.


What did they do before to analyze/pinpoint the problem

Because we began remote-first, bringing the team together has always been a challenge. Our talent loves the freedom and flexibility that comes with remote work, but they seek human interaction and treasure every opportunity to meet their colleagues.

To address this need, we"ve relied on bi-annual company retreats, where we fly everyone from around the world to the same location and we spend one week together. This trip ensures company alignment while enjoying plenty of free time for fun together, check out our last Teamweek in Barcelona.

When COVID-19 started, we had to turn our Team Weeks into virtual events. We did our best to use this space to bring people together, but it was just not the same. It's very hard to replicate the spontaneous 1on1 conversations and small group interactions that you enjoy when you are physically in the same place.

What initiatives did you pursue? How did Onsitefun help?


That's when we started thinking about organizing more team building activities on a regular basis. was a great solution for this need.

When we’re doing their team building activities we're still interacting online, but we get to do it in small groups, with an experienced host that guides the experience.

The activities allow us to spend time with colleagues in different contexts, where everyone can relax and reveal new aspects of themselves.

For around one year now, we"ve been offering these activities as a perk. We give each team a budget per quarter, and they go on the platform to book their preferred activities.

HR simply approves their requests and makes the payments. This dynamic goes very well with our company culture, where teams are highly autonomous and foster their own subcultures. We"ve heard nothing but positive feedback from the teams β€” we're always looking forward to the next Onsitefun experience!

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