How Streamloots Organized an Awesome Company Culture Day

February 20th, 2:16 pm

How Streamloots Organized an Awesome Company Culture Day

Streamloots’ mission is to help creators monetize their audience and skills by engageing their audience.





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“I had a lot of fun with the activities, also learning new skills is super helpful. I love how I can manage the activities my teams do.”

People specialist

Hortensia Espiritu,

About Streamloots:

Streamloots’ mission is to help creators monetize their audience and skills. Today more than 50K streamers use Streamloots, to engage their audience, creating creative interactions, and unique experiences between streamers and viewers. Founded in 2018, they continue to grow rapidly with their entire employee base working remotely from 5 countries, with more than 10 nationalities.

Hortensia Espiritu, People Specialist, maintains all the Streamloot’s people happy and is responsible for bringing in the latest and initiatives to the team. She is helping the company grow from 5 to over 30 in just two years and played an integral role in building the team culture program.

Challenge: Create a great culture around their remote workforce

  • Streamloots is growing as a remote-first company.

Their processes, culture and workforce are well-averse to the distributed dynamics but in the past six months, the level of meeting fatigue and disconnection was increasing drastically. Bringing their team together and strengthening bonds among teammates has been a priority for the management team since.

  • Remote challenges for teams

The communication between co-workers, the feeling of team belonging and alignment with the rest of coworkers plays an important part in team culture and employee well-being. As companies are combating to maintain a thriving culture, prioritizing culture-building is at the top of everyone’s head.

  • Organising is a logistical nightmare.

Having used a platform like, the People teams have avoided spending time organizing for the events, searching and contacting an infinite amount of suppliers and the back-and-forth communication that comes with it. Imagine that when you are trying to synchronize around a geographically-distributed workforce.

Solution: A 'Super-Day' to boost the camaraderie design by Streamloots

  • Finding the right team bonding dynamics.

With a solid variety of experiences to choose from, Streamloots selected as an event provider for their culture day. 'I liked that there were a variety of options to choose from which allows the team to go for things that match them, for example, cooking vs creating cocktails,' says Per.

Streamloots needed a provider to be heavily focused on their team bonding requirements and professionalism. Our hosts provided virtual team-building experiences to bring their employees together.

  • Developing a program for different geographies and time zones.

Through an intuitive platform, the client was able to browse and confidently select virtual event providers who were certified to meet’s standards of excellence.

Giving the freedom for the different employees to join the activity that they feel like was a total success, it doesn’t force the team to connect and it genuinely creates a human connection in a ‘less working’ atmosphere. 'Sharing unofficial' time with teammates is indeed an excellent way to know how they are, how they communicate, etc.' says Victor.

  • Agility and efficiency to book.

They also saved time through streamlined logistics and access to all their information - such as calendar, billing, employee feedback and the activities success metrics - all in the same platform.

Result: A more connected team that trusts each other.

  • A better opportunity to meet your teammates.

'Demotivation and feeling alone are feelings that can appear very often. These activities are essentials to keep the team strong and closer than ever.' says Ignacio. Even some members decided to prolong the call and share some more team insights, 'we were few and we small talked about the activity right after it'.

  • Build strong relationships and develop trust.

The coworkers are more positive emotions, foster cooperative relationships and ultimately they feel safer around their digital workplace. 'The main purpose of the activity is to bond more naturally as a team and the feedback is crucial to prepare the next sessions,' says Hortensia. The Streamloots team is well-aware of this virtuous circle and these activities help them speak human to human and speak their mind in conversations of feedback.

  • Clear metrics and positive outcomes.

At the end of the day, the teams want to make sure that the company culture and performance are reflected in the daily tasks and interactions of their colleagues. Encouraging teams to engage with other co-workers has driven performance and curiosity on their tasks leads to better outcomes.

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