Amazing Company Retreat Ideas

March 29th, 9:16 pm

Amazing Company Retreat Ideas

If your team has worked for a while without taking that refreshing break to bond and remodel your execution structure, planning a company retreat at the moment wouldn’t be out of place. Also, while a company retreat is a great platform to improve collaboration among team members, it is a means to reinstate company culture for better implementation. But this doesn’t also mean that company retreats should be boring events employees are compelled to attend and participate in, far from it.

Given that a company retreat is a larger scale event than mini team-building activities, your choice of activities must be inclusive. In essence, your company retreat should factor in the conditions and needs of your remote and physical teams. It should also accommodate unique groups of people within your team, such as people with disabilities and people of color.

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Company Reatreat Ideas

Try Hiking

Whether you want your team to walk around the icy landscape of the Norwegian Fjords, or you want them to relive hours of trekking around the stunning Tour de Monte Rosa mountain, hiking is an excellent activity for company retreats in Europe. After this activity, you may want to arrange for some bottles because these distances will surely leave your team knackered and thirsty.

Discover in-person outdoor experiences.

Explore a Tourism Location

Your company retreat in Europe will not be complete without an exciting tour around some of the continent’s finest tourist spots. You can try out Italy’s historical locations or enjoy a breathtaking view of Athens from the city’s Acropolis.

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Your team can also visit French museums or discuss hot topics around Germany’s unrivalled architectural structures.

Each city has its own charm, discover unique ideas like the Espardenyes Experience.

Brainstorm Over Delicious Delicacies

Company Reatreat Ideas

If you decide to host your company retreat in Europe, you can be fully assured that you’ll never run out of delicious meals. Let your team indulge in mouthwatering meals at your choice restaurant or outdoor space while discussing relevant business matters. When you include drinks, consider everyone’s preferences, you’d be surprised at the insights your company can enjoy from this activity.

Food tasting is also a worthwhile activity to add to your retreat itinerary. From Paris's rich list of age-old cuisines, to a mix of multicultural delicacies in the London Metropolis, your team can never run out of delicacies to indulge in. To spice up this activity, you can also have professional chefs take your team through different stages of cooking classes and contests. You'd be sure to love a recipe or two from this adventure.

Discover in-person food and drink experiences.

Try Group Sports

Company Reatreat Ideas

Group sports are an effective way to build team spirit while improving each member’s physical fitness. Sports also integrate healthy competition that keeps your team active and alert. So, why not group your workforce into small teams, and have them battle one another on the field. You can make customized jerseys and shorts to add more color to this activity.

A little contest on a kayak boat or basketball field would make a great addition to your company retreat activities. Ideally, each team should be diverse and include team members who do not interact often.

To take the fun in this activity a notch higher, you can include attractive prizes for the winning team. And do not forget to switch things up as each sport progresses.

Engage into Scavenger Hunts

If you have a large group, it’s best to consider things that can be split off into smaller teams to do, like scavenger hunts for example. This is fun and has the added benefit of encouraging your team to explore the surrounding neighbourhood or city. You can find out more online in our platform.

Discover in-person games and shows experiences.

Indulge In Crafting Events

Company Reatreat Ideas

Get your crafting on with some DIY action. Master a new skill or polish an existing one with these team arts and crafts events. Register for local craftings, book it with us online and get busy developing skills that will stick with you for years to come.

Discover in-person arts and craft experiences.

Ready, Set.. Paintball!

For a more competitively exciting activity, consider paintball. With indoor and outdoor venues available, you and up to 20 others can enjoy this novel sport - a new experience for most! The crux of the game is easy: players are split into teams and tasked with eliminating opponents by hitting them with capsules that splatter paint upon impact.

Find out adventurous open-door games.

Solve an Escape room

Company Reatreat Ideas

Escape rooms are rejuvenating and exciting events that allow people to get together, bond, and accomplish something they might not have been able to do if they were to go through each room without any help. We've seen a lot of how powerful these events can be in our own lives. Because who doesn't love having team-building exercises involving the use of their brains? But it's not just about team-building: at the same time, these escape room experiences are exhilarating and addicting!

Discover Escape Rooms around your destination.

Singing Contest

Singing out loud may not be allowed at work, but who says you can’t host your team to a thrilling karaoke night or a singing contest? If you’re hosting your company retreat in Berlin, London, or Paris, you won’t have a tough time finding a suitable karaoke bar for your activity.

Unwind at Any European Beach

What better way to end a day-long retreat than to enjoy a sun bath on one of Europe's exquisite beaches. You can also include sand games or slight surfing (with the help of a qualified instructor please), or enjoy some company history time with the orange backdrop of the setting sun. Don't forget to have your team come prepared with the right clothing.

Discover in-person wellness experiences.

Do Some Wine Tasting

Company Reatreat Ideas

Wine tasting should definitely make it to the list of your retreat activities if you are around Bordeaux in France or Italy’s Tuscany. Let your team take a tour of centuries-old wine cellars and taste several cocktails and their unique history. If you have a few more hundred to spare, you could also include some wine-making and mixing classes in your retreat activities.

Team "Masterclasses"

Team members volunteer to give talks about subjects that are of interest to them or about their areas of expertise. Sometimes, these talks can even be unrelated to work as we're all interested in different things.


What are Corporate Retreats?

Corporate retreats are activities organized by companies or organizations to bring their workforce together for a specific purpose. These retreats could last anywhere from an entire day to a few days or a week. They can have the aim of incorporating rest and renewal, interpersonal communication, or a better understanding of working cultures.

What are the Benefits of Company Retreats?

The benefits of company retreats do not simply end in giving your team members a break from work. Company retreats are also suitable for team-building and collaboration since they enhance understanding and effective communication among team members. Employers and supervisors can also seize company retreats as a medium to communicate and further strengthen company culture and ethics.

What Activities Do You Do At a Team-Building Retreat?

There is are countless activities you can do during a team-building retreat. These activities can vary from mini-workshops or conferences, games, friendly contests, and charity events. Whatever activity you choose should help you achieve team-building, awareness, rest and renewal, and any other reason for which you organized the retreat.

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