Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

Discover a selection of 15 Virtual Happy Hour Ideas team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 15 Virtual Happy Hour Idea...

Top-rated Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

Escape the Framed
**Framed:** Your friend has been convicted of brutally murdering his girlfriend. He was sentenced to Execution by Gas Chamber. In his final hour, he still maintains that he has been framed for the murder but no one will believe him. You and his closest friends are his last chance at survival. Do you have what it takes to diffuse the bomb, find a way to break into prison and disable the gas chamber before it activates? You are his last hope! Good Luck. We offer a selection of different games that are fully immersive and as close to a real-life escape room experience as it gets. You are put into an actual escape room and able to control the environment as if you were moving around and interacting with the props. You can input codes, activate secret hidden doors and solve the puzzles and try to beat the clock. The best part about these games is that we can accommodate any group size at the same time! Every player will be able to interact in the environment at the same time. It's a unique gameplay that gets everyone involved. Go beyond with exercises that stimulate creative thought, synergy, and efficiency. Through a myriad of puzzles, hidden clues and mind games, teams will be encouraged to rely on each others’ individual strengths to succeed.


Cocktail Workshop and Masterclass
In this interactive online experience you will learn how to make world class drinks at home using readily available ingredients. A rare opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Cocktail making with the best bartender in the UK in 2013. Cocktails are all about mixing great ingredients with passion, balance and present them in an outstanding way, they are also a celebration drink and a reason to bring people together and have fun. We will start with an introduction to the basics and do’s and dont’s when mixing drinks together, shortly after we will understand the importance of classic cocktails and the main families of classic cocktails. We will then prepare a refreshing classic cocktail together followed by a Journey over the most recent years and discuss the evolution of classic cocktails into the Neo Classic era and prepare a Neo Classic cocktail together. We will finish with one of my signature cocktails, with which I was crowned the best bartender in the UK in 2013. We will be making a Cosmopolitan, a Moscow Mule and one of my signature cocktails. This is a fun and playful Masterclass aimed at cocktail lovers of all levels and skills and no prior experience is require


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What are the most popular Happy Hours for Team Building?

Escape rooms, scavenger hunts, virtual bingo, trivia night, are some of the popular happy hours for team building. Each activity has its way of boosting employee engagement. Some activities aren’t game-centered but offer another team bonding experience for you and your team. These include comedy shows, cooking competitions, and wine tasting among others.

What are the benefits of doing happy hours with my team?

Happy hours are all about team bonding and positive relationships. It’s an opportunity for your employees to interact with one another, share stories, and create healthy relationships outside work. It’s also one of those avenues where your team can unwind, almost like a reward for doing a good job out of a hard day’s work. Happy hours turn out to be great improvers of positive work culture and environment.

How to Organise a Great Happy Hour time?

A happy hour seems like a fun idea but there a few things that you need to consider for it to be successful. The first step is to pick a time and schedule for it. Ideally, you want to set your happy hour at that time and day of the week where the workload is low like on Friday afternoons or towards the evening when almost everyone has finished their tasks. Next is to choose the type of happy hour activity that you’d like to choose be it a virtual wine tasting, a virtual bingo game, or a full-blown game show. Third, send your invites ahead of time so your teams can prepare and have something to look forward to.

What is a virtual happy hour?

Having fun and building relationships are the simplest definition of what a virtual happy hour is. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype among others make it possible to host one virtually, anywhere your team may be. There’s no one defining activity for a happy hour but it all centers on providing a venue for your team to have fun and be with each other outside of work.

What are virtual happy hour ideas?

There are a plethora of happy hour activities that you can choose from depending on the size and preferences of your team. Here are some happy hour activities worthy of your attention: Magic and Mentalism Shows, Comedy Shows, Talent Shows, Virtual Icebreakers, Virtual Game Shows, Culinary Classes and more.

How can you increase engagement in a virtual happy hour?

It’s easy to send a meeting invite for a team gathering and call it a “happy hour”. However, for it to truly engage your employees and serve its purpose, go back to what you intend to achieve with this initiative. Being specific and deliberate about your happy hour goal is essential for your activity to not just be another added time to your team’s already full day.
Use breakout rooms for large groups so that no one gets to be missed out. Utilize video and audio to bring more human touch. Play around being casual and formal at the same time. It’s still best to have a structured happy hour outline but deviate from it once in a while to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

What are some good Zoom drinking games?

Drinking games are one of the earliest forms of entertainment that you can easily adapt to a virtual setting. The great thing about drinking games is that you can easily change the theme of the games to the kind of event you are looking to hold. By making a few changes, you can turn any office tradition, even magic tricks, into a drinking game.

How do you play Zoom drinking games?

You’ll be holding a Zoom virtual happy hour for your team. Your team are scattered all over the world and are in different timezones. Your usual Friday night fun is ruined just because you are not all in the same location. What do you do? Well, not anymore. With our help, you can have everyone get together for this fun and relaxed night of fun and excitement! You just need to know how to play Zoom drinking games.

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