Virtual Company Culture

Virtual Company Culture

Discover a selection of 11 Virtual Company Culture team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 11 Virtual Company Culture...

Top-rated Virtual Company Culture

The Bingo Challenge Show
The Bingo Challenge Show
The Bingo Challenge Show is Bingo - but not as you know it! It’s a new and exciting themed game- show, hosted live and featuring specially selected tv, music, film and video clips from around the world. The aim is to match up the key words on your bingo card to the corresponding words or objects shown in the clips. You’ll need to be all eyes and ears to reach a Bingo! Just to keep everyone on their toes, your host will set a fun team challenge activity against the clock. Best performances are rewarded by having their ‘FREE’ square activated on their bingo cards to help them reach that all important Bingo! You can choose from a range of themes including: Wildlife, Comedy, Food and Drink. We’ll even bespoke your own Bingo Challenge show if you ask us nicely ☺ The Bingo Challenge Show is entertaining, inclusive and a brilliant way to bring family, friends and work colleagues together for any type of celebration, special occasion or team bonding experience. Colourful team attire is encouraged!


Digital Detox Workshop: Build Connection
Digital Detox Workshop: Build Connection
When touchscreens cause us to lose our sense of touch, it's time to build stronger connections than wifi! Learn how to actively disengage from technology and reconnect with the people who work behind the screen. You'll get an engaging lecture with informative exercises about the effects of our omnipresent technology and the downsides of digital distraction in our remote work life in the first half of our Digital Detox workshop - and how you can 'own it' rather than be owned by it. We employ a gamified team-building strategy based on the card game ""iConnect - make stronger connections than wifi"" in the second half. We make water cooler moments when there is no water cooler, for everyone who values smiles over likes. With questions like “What is your favorite ice cream flavor?” and “Who would you swap lives with for a day?”, you skip the office small talk and spark entertaining yet meaningful conversations. They aid in the formation of stronger team relationships by allowing your team to get to know one another outside of work. The best part is that no one can lose in the game, yet everyone wins - a new work friend, a story, and a genuine human connection.


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What are the most popular types of Serious Games?

Serious games are either process-oriented or outcomes-focused, depending on what goal is being addressed. Simulation games, persuasion games, and educational games are some of the popular types of serious games. Discovery and decision-making games also top off the list. A tabletop role-playing game is also a popular serious game in the workplace, heavy on role-playing and characterization.

What are Serious Games?

Ever heard of Sim City or Minecraft? These are just some of the popular serious games that flew through to everyone, not because of their mere popularity but because of their unique proposition: you get to be in another world. You make the rules and you clean up the mess of your actions. In the middle of it all, you learn how to make things better.
Combining the techniques of video games and board games, serious games insert strategies in learning and gamification for players to achieve a specific skill. They have a precise objective to deliver: to reinforce team cohesion, solve conflicts, think critically, and mostly to collaborate and learn with your teams. This team-building activity lets your collaborators play an educational, interactive, and ludic video game or board game which will enable them to reach an objective that you will have defined beforehand.

How does Serious Games work?

Serious Games are video game-inspired computer applications. Unlike traditional learning, companies use them to train their employees and originally strengthen team cohesion. It is an interactive, collaborative, fun and educational game mode generally based on simulation and which allows participants to be immersed in a concrete situation related to different themes (health, education, ecology, politics...). A real training tool that will have an impact on the real-life of the players.

What are the benefits of doing Serious Games in my organization?

Organizing a Serious Game for team building has many advantages for the company. First of all, it allows your employees to learn new things, to get to know each other and to create a real team spirit by spending a convivial moment.
Professional training is more attractive and allows you to work on yourself by discovering your strong and weak points. It will develop the skills of each person, reinforce their motivation and their self-confidence.

Why are Serious Games good for your Business?

Picture this scene: you send your employees to a two-hour training session where they get to listen to a variety of speakers and sit in one place throughout the whole time. Aside from Zoom fatigue, your team may only just remember the first thing and the last thing that happened during the training.
More and more organizations are shifting to serious games all because of its biggest benefit: employees get to learn through practical application. Learning happens while they are in the middle of doing the game. In today’s learning and development space, simulation and role-playing games step up the way employees gain or train multiple skill sets. Think about it, if your employees have fun while learning, they’ll probably remember more of what they learned rather than just sitting through one lengthy session.

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