Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Discover a selection of 4 Virtual Scavenger Hunt team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 4 Virtual Scavenger Hunt t...

Top-rated Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Street Art Adventure around Lisbon
Don't let the travel restrictions put you away from traveling and let’s discover Lisbon through its Street Art in a Unique Virtual Experience! This is an amazing interactive Street Art Adventure, where you will see some of the highlights of our Street Art with their Powerful Messages at the same time that you are learning about our History and Culture of Lisbon in an Artistic way. Introducing to you the Psychology and Street Codes of this culture for you to be able to decode the messages in your own city!Be surprised by the challenges, the secrest spots and fun you will have with Igor! You will see works created by Vhils, Bordalo II, Shepard Fairey, Utopia, and a lot more! You will see how big is the Art scene here and how important it is for us! Prepare your drinks, food, and your creativity!


The Secrets and Scandal of art at the Borghese
Through painting, sculpture and architecture we are able to understand the politics of past times captured through these mediums to bring the stories of the past to life in our present day. The experience I provide for the Borghese has received hundreds of five-star reviews since I started guiding tours at the gallery in 2014. Consistently it is my passion that is noted, which is a result of my goal to always do the men justice who created such astounding marvels. This experience is always a joy as I am constantly reminded od humankind's excellence when I explain this medium.


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What are Virtual Scavenger Hunt?

Remember those spy movies where you get to decipher clues and find items on your way? A scavenger hunt is like that. “But what if we’re working remotely and can’t be together?”, you ask. Then, a virtual scavenger hunt may work for you.
Much like its physical counterpart, doing this game virtually is an experience for players to look for items within their living spaces, perform tasks, and share them with the rest of the team. At times, players don’t have to leave their desks at all! Some ideas include a scavenger hunt while on a virtual street tour, or discovering hidden secrets in art! The possible ways to do a virtual scavenger hunt are endless.

Why are Virtual Scavenger Hunt good for adults?

Scavenger hunts are a favorite in employee engagement activities and for a good reason. Aside from the fact that it’s energetic and super fun, it’s an enjoyable way of developing your team’s soft skills.
The benefits of including this game in your next team-building activity include developing communication, hone leadership skills, and increase team bonding. Above all, it’s challenging yet fun in the same way and you get to do some exploring wherever you are.

How to host a Virtual Scavenger Hunts for remote employees?

Aside from being a great team-building activity, a virtual scavenger hunt gets your teams out of their comfort zones. They get to accomplish tasks that they may not have encountered before, which is a familiar situation that everyone encounters in the workplace. The host can compile these photos or videos at the end of the game into a fun memory because virtual scavenger hunts comprise photo or video submissions.

How to do a Virtual Scavenger Hunt?

Organizing a virtual scavenger hunt is quite easy once you prepare all the necessary things beforehand. Here is a quick guide so you can make one on your own:
  • Determine how much time your activity is going to take.
  • List down your scavenger hunt items and designs the flow of your activities.
  • Choose your platform: Zoom, Teams, Skype, among others.
  • Send an invite to your participants.
  • Facilitate your game on the day according to plan.
Lastly, celebrate with your team for a job well done.

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