Virtual Magic Shows

Virtual Magic Shows

Discover a selection of 5 Virtual Magic Shows team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 5 Virtual Magic Shows team...

Top-rated Virtual Magic Shows

Virtual Magic Show by a French Magician
Virtual Magic Show by a French Magician
Hit the reset button with your colleagues and experience how magic doesn't understand of boundaries. Add some surprise fun to a weekly team meeting or reward your group at the end of a long week. Interacting with Paul, together with your team, he will show you the best magic tricks that are design specially to be amazing virtually! Having magical 45 minutes where you and your teamates will stay connected and learn side by side with some highly surprising magic tricks that you will be able to trplicate in fornt of your friends and family.


Magic of the Mind
Magic of the Mind is an interactive, fast-paced show that interweaves suggestion, influence, and mind-control. Using a combination of misdirection, theatrical trickery, and keen observation Dan creates the illusion of telepathy and mind-reading. Dan can reveal your innermost thoughts and other secrets no one else could know like the name you are considering for your unborn child or your birthday. He will even perform a signature effect that reveals a prediction not only on your own cell phone but on every phone in the audience. Dan’s goal is to provide a sophisticated and thought-provoking show that captivates even the most skeptical audience. Magic of the Mind includes Dan’s signature finale, ” The Ultimate Prediction “, where an envelope hung in plain view, or a time-stamped email sent prior to the start of the show, details every decision that happened throughout the evening.


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What are the most popular Virtual Magic Shows?

Magic shows come in all sorts and types, depending on how it’s being presented. Here are some of the most popular magic shows:
  • Virtual Magic Show Birthday Party
  • Virtual Comedy magic shows
  • Virtual Stage magic shows
  • Virtual Mentalism and Prediction magic shows
  • Virtual Escapism magic shows

What's a Virtual Magic Show?

Using a video-conferencing platform like Zoom, magicians perform sets of magic tricks divided into several acts. The magician entertains the audience using mentalism, hand-magic tricks, or performances often accompanied by equipment or other people. Although, magic tricks put together make up the entirety of the show, the magician groups these tricks for a beginning act, middle act, and final act to create a story.

How to do a Virtual MAgic Show on Zoom?

Corporate organizations can hire a professional magician or illusionist to put on a magic show virtually. You can set a magic show as a standalone event but you can also insert it into your team building or social parties. Some organizations include magic shows at their Year-End parties as one of the parts employees can look forward to.

What are the benefits of doing a Magic Show online with my team?

Doing magic shows online with your team is one of the ways to make your team members more connected. They get to share a unique and fun experience. This is also a break from them being active participants in your activities and just be entertained all the way. Interactive magic shows where audiences get to be part of the act are also another way to engage your employees.

Why are Virtual Magic Shows for adults so popular?

There isn’t really real magic happening but we are still entranced by those mental tricks. Every time the magician pulls the trick together, we gasp in astonishment. Magic shows create anticipation within adults to know the next thing that will happen. We love the surprise and the way a person challenges the conventions of reality. It’s this lingering question in our heads that makes us love the magic show so much – “How did they do it?”

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