Virtual Games and Shows

Virtual Games and Shows

Discover a selection of 15 Virtual Games and Shows team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $17 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 15 Virtual Games and Shows...

Top-rated Virtual Games and Shows

Online Escape Room: Magnum Opus
As the activities are moving more and more online, so does one of our favorite activities for teams, Escape Rooms! In this intriguing session, Nick the Gamemaster that has been awarded for **Gamemaster of 2020** and **Best Puzzle Design of 2020** will host and set the scene, provide hints, and interact with your team. For groups with more than 12 players, you'll be split into 2 teams to ensure quality and competition at equal levels. Your objective is to solve all the puzzles by combining what you see on camera together with additional clues like images, videos and mini-games. For this experience, your team will work together through strategy, brains and spirit. Expect to leave this event feeling refreshed and excited to take on new challenges after working side-by-side with other members of your team in a new way! Chances are, you'll be eager for more games, as Nick has prepared 6 unique escape rooms for your team. Can you escape them all?


Team Trivia Challenge
🤘 *We customize Trivia Mashups based on the month and dynamic you want to bring on, let us know!* Are you trying to figure out how to host the best virtual team event or a virtual personal celebration? We’ve got you covered! Every Bar None Trivia game runs 60 minutes long and includes a music round, picture round, and double point creative question round to keep fun levels high! Our team-based trivia event is great for virtual trivia nights for groups of all kinds. The events are perfect for virtual team building activities, virtual baby showers, virtual fundraisers, virtual birthday parties, and more! With our trivia bank of 200+ different trivia themes, our game is guaranteed to have something for everyone in your group. When you book your game, we’ll ask you for some information about your group: the age range, the geographical make-up, preferred difficulty level, and areas of interest.


Popular Virtual Games and Shows

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What are the Best Remote Games?

The best group games encourage collaboration, creativity, improve your team’s weaknesses but leverage their strengths. These online games that you can play with your team and at the same time engage with them. Some examples are virtual escape rooms, virtual scavenger hunts, and virtual murder mystery games.

What Games can you play with your coworkers?

Games that bring out a laugh or two to your team are always a good choice in breaking the monotony of everyday work. Playing virtual games is always a good way to start a meeting or a serious discussion. Here are some fun group games that you can try:
  • Virtual bingo
  • Virtual Singing Bee
  • This or That Fast Talk
  • Grab and Show

Why you should play with your coworkers?

One of the ways to maintain a positive work culture is to insert fun in the workplace. People are people and we sometimes do experience burnout so setting a time to loosen up is important. When we are refreshed and reinvigorated, we can work more effectively. Some of the fun activities that you can do at work are having Happy Hours like a Virtual Game Night, organizing e-sports tournaments, playing Slack games, and having virtual Coffee Breaks once in a while.

What are some ice breaker questions?

Ice breaker questions are used to get people talking. They're conversation openers. They can help get you started with meeting new people and getting to know them. Here are some ice breaker questions: What's your favorite sports team?, What's your favorite movie?, What's your favorite book?, What's your favorite food?, What's your favorite song right now? and so on.

How to play Games Remotely?

Work games are benefits of working with your company. Work games can be played during working hours at the office or remotely. Most work games are played remotely. The benefit of remote play is that you can play from work, home, or the park. Other work games are played during lunch breaks, after work, or during breaks. Moreover, playing work games during lunch helps you build rapport with your colleagues..

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