Team Building Questionnaire to Engage in 2023

April 4th, 12:31 pm

Team Building Questionnaire to Engage in 2023

Team Building exercises are indispensable activities that are vital to forming a positive office environment. A fitting team building questionnaire offers excellent communication avenues to form that atmosphere. Use our top ten team building questionnaire for employees to harbor a communal spirit at your office. You will find a list of fun questions for team building purposes.

Do not let a remote work environment stop your team from engaging in meaningful dialogues and connection activities. Our guide is apt for managers and human resources team members looking to find the best team building multiple choice questions.

Use our guide to plan successful team building activities through fun team building questionnaires. We will cover:

  • Team building questionnaire
  • Engaging and fun team building multiple choice questions
  • Team building questionnaire for an engaging work environment
  • Ideas for team building questionnaires

Strengthen Personal and Professional Relationships at Your Office with the Top Ten Team Building Questionnaires

Team Building Questionnaire

Be it onsite or virtual activities organizing team building events is crucial for promoting workplace diversity and communal bonding. A set of engaging gets to know you questionnaires is a great way to achieve inclusion and liven workplace spirits.

Simple and fun 5-minute team building activities are also great for getting to know your colleagues better. An engaging team building questionnaire is great for increasing workplace productivity.

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Below are the top ten team building questionnaire ideas you can integrate into your professional bonding activities.

Get Acquainted with Your Colleagues with IceBreaker Questionnaire

Icebreaker activities are great for getting acquainted with your teammates and breaking that initial layer of unfamiliarity. Adding an icebreaker questionnaire to your new hiring cycles is vital to creating a welcoming environment at your office. You can opt for a genre of icebreaker questions to match the office event vibe of your choice.

There are tons of icebreaker ideas for remote teams and non-remote office spaces. You can choose from storytelling, Q&A, games, or other communal activities to form your icebreaker questionnaire. Below are some questions you can add to your team building icebreaker questionnaire.

  • Introduce yourself, your background, current position, and tell us one interesting thing about yourself?
  • Where did you grow up and what is your fondest memory of growing up?
  • Share one cool thing about your educational institution.
  • What is your favorite movie or tv series?
  • Share a hidden talent of - yours?
  • What is your favorite travel destination?

Connect with Your Teammates with Fun Game Questionnaires

Team Building Questionnaire

Fun and engaging group game activities make for a casual yet remarkable bonding experience. They allow you to connect with your colleagues while enhancing your sense of team spirit. Whether it is an online or in-person game questionnaires and activities are very easy to implement and reward a high success rate.

Depending on your choice of question themes, you can get to know your teammates with questionnaires following the themes of virtual games, employee trivia, or pick the correct answer questions. Find the best fun game questionnaires for an engaging team building session for your office.

  • Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself, and let the rest of your teammates pick the correct answers.
  • Give us a multiple choice question and answer about your hidden talents and allow us to identify your talent.
  • Give us a hint about your favorite dessert by stating its place of origin and its famous identifiers.
  • Choose a Zoom background that showcases your favorite place and let us make the correct guess.

Straightforward Yay or Nay Questionnaires

If you want to get to know the tastes, interests, or likings of your coworkers without creating an extensive questionnaire, then Yay or Nay questions are for you. This theme of the questionnaire allows you to keep the team building events engaging and fun. Be sure to customize the questions to meet your office vibes and themes.

  • Beach or mountains.
  • Ice cream or hot chocolate.
  • Coffee or tea.
  • Cats or dogs.
  • Tv series binge or weekly episodes.
  • Marvel or DC.
  • City or countryside.
  • Emails or Zoom calls.

Connect with Your Remote - Teammates via Zoom

Team Building Questionnaire

Organizing virtual team celebration and engaging activities are easier than ever thanks to group calling apps such as Zoom. Do not allow the distance and a computer screen to hinder you from executing thoughtful team building questionnaires.

Zoom calls don’t have to be limited to work discussions and team meetings, they can also help you bond with your colleagues. Create an engaging work from home questionnaire to find out more about your teammates routines.

  • What does your morning routine look like?
  • Show us your office desk or workplace?
  • What breakfast and morning beverage energizes you for a day full of productivity?
  • Share one of your success mantras to ensure success while working from home?
  • Do you have pets, if so how do you keep them entertained while working?
  • What is your favorite aspect about working from home?
  • What remote team building office activity has been your favorite so far?

Expand your Team Building Bonding Sessions with Would - You Rather Questionnaires

Team Building Questionnaire

If you love the Yay or Nay questionnaire category, then would you rather questions will be right up your alley. Adding choice based questions can help you gain an in-depth perception of your coworkers’ interests, goals, likes or dislikes, and personalities. What better way to conduct engaging team building questions and answers sessions, than with choice-based questionnaires.

  • Would you rather brainstorm alone or in a group?
  • Would you rather prefer a frontend or a backend role?
  • Would you rather eat the same lunch or the same breakfast every day?
  • Would you rather learn or - lead?
  • Would you rather lose your singing or dancing skills?
  • Would you rather live in your dream house with no internet or live in a house you don’t like with full internet access?

Harbor an Environment of Trust and Bonding with Trust Building Questionnaires

Team Building Questionnaire

Trust and connectivity forms the foundations of success in any team-based workplace. Your team building questionnaire can venture way beyond surface level fun questions. You can add thought provoking and other in-depth questions that invoke a stronger sense of community. There are countless trust building activities for work that can be your source of inspiration.

You can choose this questionnaire light-hearted and fun or deep and meaningful. Read on to find the various questionnaire options to cater to these themes.

  • What is your guilty pleasure tv show?
  • Tell us about the most recent incident that made your day?
  • What feedback method do you prefer most during your appraisal session?
  • Share your ideas on how to further integrate communication channels at our workplace?
  • Tell us about any risks you have undertaken to perform better at work?
  • Why did you choose to work at our office?
  • What led you to apply for your current position?

Enjoy a Hearty Meal and a Fun Drink Along with Engaging Food and Drinks Questionnaire

Team Building Questionnaire

A group event full of delicious meals, fun drinks, and exciting questions can never go wrong. Bond with your teammates by getting to know their favorite cuisines, cooking skills, and go-to drinks. There are ample ways to organize this questionnaire session. Be it via virtual wine tasting or virtual artisan cheese tasting sessions. Any food, dessert, or drink based activity can create a welcoming atmosphere for your team building questionnaires.

Identify the massive foodies, cooking conscious, wine experts or coffee lovers with your food and drinks questionnaire.

  • State your preferred choice of hot beverage and tell us why you prefer them?
  • Describe your first experience with an alcoholic beverage?
  • Share a dish that you believe you have mastered?
  • What continent and country does your favorite food belong from?
  • Tell us about a profound experience with food or drink? What is your go-to meal?
  • Tell us about a traditional family recipe?
  • If you could bring one lunch to the office for a year, what food would you choose?
  • What is your favorite dessert?

Discover the Dreams, Goals, and Inspirations of your Teammates with an Aspirational Questionnaire

Team Building Questionnaire

A true bonding session with your fellow colleagues must involve an aspirational questionnaire. Getting to your teammates’ dreams, career goals, and life inspirations can help you further bond and get to know them on a deeper level. Team building is all about connecting and getting to know one another. There are tons of tips to build a strong team and among them is taking an initiative to better acquaint yourself with your colleagues.

You can opt for deep and thoughtful questions that will provide you with a strong sense of who your teammate is. However, you must practice sensitivity and maintain boundaries to prepare a questionnaire that still echoes an appropriate workplace boundary. Below are some of the questions you can use as inspirations to form your aspirational questionnaire.

  • What inspired you to pursue your major at your university?
  • What do you aim to achieve professionally in the next ten years?
  • How would you describe yourself as a person, list a few sources that helped you become the person you are today?
  • If not your current position, what other alternative career do you picture yourself thriving at?
  • Describe your dream work setting?
  • What is one cause that is close to your heart that you would like to educate the rest of us about?

Invoke your Inner Movie Fan and Find Interesting Cinema Suggestions with Entertainment, Movies and Tv Shows Questionnaires

Team Building Questionnaire

Picture a day discussing your favorite movies, musicians, and TV stars. Sounds exhilarating right! You can incorporate this feeling through a fun entertainment, movies, and TV shows questionnaire. Find out the favorites of your teammates to expand your watch list. Organizing an entertainment based question and answer activity can be amalgamated with a movie viewing session.

You can use popular group viewing websites such as Teleparty to orchestrate this team building activity. Below are some of the top music, shows, and cinema based questions that will help you create a fun entertainment questionnaire.

  • Who is your go to musician when you feel melancholy?
  • What is your all time favorite movie?
  • List your top five movie and tv shows genres?
  • Which TV show character inspires you the most?
  • If you could be part of any movie or TV show, which one would you choose and why?
  • List your top three songs apt for any mood or occasion?
  • Whose concert would you love to attend?
  • Pick one movie to suggest for our office viewing?

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle with a Health and Wellness Questionnaire

Incorporating mental and physical fitness into your workspace creates a positive team and individual work environment. Staying fit will increase your coworkers’ energy levels, desire to participate, and work productively. A well formed health and wellness questionnaire can help you attain this at your workplace. You can also use this questionnaire to create a space of bonding and initiative amongst your colleagues.

You can organize an Immunity Now Workshop or an Un-Desk Workshop to echo the sentiments of this wellness questionnaire.

  • What is your favorite exercise routine?
  • Please share your mantra for harboring positive mental wellbeing?
  • If you could choose one form of health and fitness exercise, which one would you choose and why?
  • What do you do every day to keep fit both mentally and physically?

We hope our top ten genres of team building questionnaires can help you create a workspace full of bonding, engagement, and harmony.


What are good team building questions?

Good team building questions are questions that are created to evoke a sense of community, productivity, engagement, and bonding amongst your teammates.

What do you discuss in team building?

The discussion topics in your team building sessions must reflect the bonding areas that your office needs most. If your office lacks diversity celebrations, then it must discuss inclusivity topics in team building. Similarly, if your office lacks motivation, then you should discuss health and wellness, team bonding, and workplace feedback topics.

Who is most likely to questions for teammates?

Your office manager, team leader, or human resource management team members are most likely to ask questions for teammates.

Are there fun team building questions for work?

There are numerous fun team building questions for work that fall under games, entertainment, food and drinks tasting, icebreakers, and other get to know you categories.

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