Virtual Talent Shows

Virtual Talent Shows

Discover a selection of 12 Virtual Talent Shows team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 12 Virtual Talent Shows te...

Top-rated Virtual Talent Shows

Improvised Concert of Your Stories
What if your team's life story can be told through music? Be it an email, a photo, a letter or a short note, I will turn your team story, a moment in your life into an original piece and combine the stories of all the participants into one soundtrack/film score. In these challenging times, let us discover life again through connection, sharing our memories, life experiences and journeys in this intimate, moving online music performance.


Street Art Adventure around Lisbon
Don't let the travel restrictions put you away from traveling and let’s discover Lisbon through its Street Art in a Unique Virtual Experience! This is an amazing interactive Street Art Adventure, where you will see some of the highlights of our Street Art with their Powerful Messages at the same time that you are learning about our History and Culture of Lisbon in an Artistic way. Introducing to you the Psychology and Street Codes of this culture for you to be able to decode the messages in your own city!Be surprised by the challenges, the secrest spots and fun you will have with Igor! You will see works created by Vhils, Bordalo II, Shepard Fairey, Utopia, and a lot more! You will see how big is the Art scene here and how important it is for us! Prepare your drinks, food, and your creativity!


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What are Virtual Talent Shows?

Your organization is not just a bunch of people working together but a community of talented individuals. You can provide them with a venue to show off their natural gifts by organizing virtual talent shows. This is a happy hour event hosted over Zoom or other video-conferencing platforms where your teams gather and watch together performances like singing, dancing, or playing musical instruments among others. In most cases, it is set as a competition open to anybody in the team.

How do you host a Virtual Talent Show?

Hosting a virtual talent show may be a big responsibility to take in, but just like any event, you can break it down into small, achievable steps like these listed below:
  • Plan your program (what type of talent show, who'll be the host, who can join etc.)
  • Determine your date and time
  • Choose your virtual platform (ex. Zoom, Teams, Google Meet)
  • Create a committee and delegate tasks and responsibilities (Remember, you can’t do it all alone.)
  • Create a program flow (how will the talent show start, when will each participant come in, how will the show end)
  • Determine who will be your judges and set a criteria
  • Send you invites and teasers
  • Run the show. Have fun
  • Do a post-evaluation and feedback survey

What are some good Virtual Talent Show ideas?

Talent shows are not just limited to singing and dancing acts. The best virtual talent show ideas energize the crowd and hold the audience’s attention. Here are some talent show ideas that may be worth a shot:
  • Community Drumming Sessions
  • Singing Techniques to Master Your Voice
  • Digital Caricature Party
  • Private Virtual Concerts
  • Virtual Battle of the Bands

What are the benefits of Virtual Talent Shows for Adults?

Aside from being a fun virtual happy hour idea, virtual talent shows celebrate your team’s diversity. It’s a recreational activity that helps boost your employees’ pride and self-confidence. It’s also one of the opportunities for them to show a difference in themselves outside of work. Organizations who support talent shows in their circle see this as a stress reliever for their employees and another great way to build a social connection.

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