20 Unusual Team Building Activities in 2023

April 6th, 8:21 am

20 Unusual Team Building Activities in 2023

Making a constant effort to organize meaningful team building activities is great for office morale and coworker engagements. However, the key to success in employee bonding lies in regular team building events. In that case running out of popular team activities is a real issue. We bring you 20 unusual team building activities virtual offices can implement.

Allow your coworkers to bond and get inquisitive with these top unusual remote team building activities. Thrive in a hybrid or fully remote office setting by creating a united, diverse, celebratory, and engaging work environment for all your teammates.

This ultimate guide for online team building activities will cover:

  • Unusual team building activities online offices will enjoy
  • Top 20 unusual team building activities for remote offices
  • Virtual team building activities covering food, art, DIY, and drinks topic areas

Top 20 Unusual Team Building Activity Ideas

Unusual Team Buildings

Be it cooking, DIY, games, workshops, or health and wellness activities, adding interesting online events to your monthly work roster will create a united front at your office. Incorporating unusual ideas into your team building events will spark curiosity and engagement amongst your colleagues. Expand your office dynamics to stem beyond professional Zoom calls and into an inclusive and welcoming work environment.

Master the Science of Sleeping as a Team to Ensure Collective Rest and Increase Work Productivity

Sleep holds the key to a well functioning employee. A virtual work setting has increased the burden of time management, attentiveness, and work life balance responsibilities on the employees

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It is the responsibility of the workplace to ensure their teammates are well rested and not feeling burnt out. A group sleeping workshop is a great initiative that can help you address this issue. Master the science of sleeping with a sound sleep workshop.

Decorate Your Home Office or Living Space with Moss Wall Art

Unusual Team Buildings

A collective creative session can yield tons of fruitful results and evoke the inner artists amongst the participants. So, why not organize an art group activity to bond with your teammates. Moss art frames brighten up your living spaces by adding a pop of green. Your teammates will partake in a live moss wall art instruction session to create an art piece of their own during this team building event.

Add Spice and Pizzaz to Your Homemade Sauce Collection

Who does not love an addition of spice and flavor in their sauce! This unusual team building event will bond your online teammates with their love of hot sauce. You will collectively join a homemade hot sauce making class to create your own flavorful sauce. You will also learn to ferment and preserve your prized sauce for long lasting enjoyment.

Organize a Thrilling and Fun Virtual Group Triathlon Game

Unusual Team Buildings

Whether it is St. Patrick’s Day or a Saturday evening, fun virtual games are the perfect way to connect and unite with your colleagues. This virtual team triathlon game idea incorporates your favorite family feud based survey questions, an exciting scavenger hunt, and a word puzzler. You can ensure fair and unbiased team pickings by using a random pair generator that will allow your entire office to integrate seamlessly.

Discover the World of Artisan Cheese with Your Coworkers

The world of cheese has plenty to offer and going on an artisan cheese tasting and board journey with your colleagues is one way to discover that world. This unusual team building event connects people with their love for cheese. Enhance your sensory experience and pick a beverage of your choice to get the most out of this cheese tasting experience.

Learn Interesting Things about Tokyo Ramen and Make Your Own Delicious Ramen

Unusual Team Buildings

Incorporating information about multicultural cuisine into your office spaces promotes workplace diversity and inclusivity. This event will create new Ramen fans and help the existing uncover interesting facts about their beloved comfort meal. This Tokyo Ramen Shop tour activity includes an engaging trivia on all things Ramen to help you learn about the dish. You will learn the proper etiquettes behind Ramen consumption and get tips on making gourmet and upgraded Ramen at home.

Perfect Your Cookie Decorating Skills to Enhance Your Dessert Making Abilities

It isn’t untrue that the presentation of a food impacts the way it’s taste is perceived. If you want to identify the talented food decorators amongst you, then this team activity is for you. This online cookie decorating class will help you steady your hands and present a cookie with beautiful decorations. You will receive pre-baked cookies to practice your icing, sprinkler addition, and food color incorporation skills.

Partake in Global Sustainability Efforts by Learning About Zero Waste and Sustainability

Unusual Team Buildings

The effort to reduce global waste and make our planet more sustainable falls under individuals as well as organizations. Learning about sustainable and zero waste efforts is a positive first step towards achieving that individual accountability. This group event encourages your DIY efforts by teaching you how to make your own toiletry products and zero waste kits. Participate in this event to encourage sustainability efforts across your workplace.

Spark Up Your Inner Artist with a Virtual Graffiti Workshop

Art and other creative means are great team bonding elements that allow the participants to explore their inner artists. This virtual graffiti workshop contains the creative drive and excitement needed for an activity to be a hit. You will get to practice your tagging skills while learning about New York and Philadelphia graffiti history.

Experience Collective Peace and Empowerment with Rock Balancing

Unusual Team Buildings

The effort to cater to your team’s mental health balance should be a never ending effort by the businesses. Happy and content employees will have an easier time connecting with their team members and ultimately yield better results. This unusual team building activity caters to that very sentiment. This rock balancing mediation workshop ventures into inner peace, empowerment, healing, and patience through the art of advanced rock balancing.

Enhance your Community Bonding Spirits with an Exciting Escape the Zoom Game Session

If you are in search of an exciting gaming session that is full of puzzles, curiosity, and team work, then this Escape the Zoom game is an apt activity. This game session offers a customized puzzle game that incorporates several exploration steps. It requires a team to collectively embark on exploring the hidden puzzle. This team building activity is a great bonding session where your cowrkers get together and brainstorm the potential results.

Internal Breathing Process and Wellness with The Breath Education Experience

Unusual Team Buildings

Breathing is a natural physiological process that most of us often put on the side burner. What if we were to tell you that a guided breathwork education can enhance your internal wellness! This unusual team building virtual activity covers the underpinnings of the importance of guided breathing. Connect with your coworkers in exploring how breathing impacts our energy efficiency, internal balance, stress and anxiety reduction, and overall confidence.

Learn to Bake Classic Desserts with a French Baking Class

Imagine perfecting the secrets to baking a French Eclair. Sounds tempting right. This French Baking Class will help you attain that skill. Master this classic dessert while bonding with your colleagues. You will learn to bake an Eclair Au Chocolat from scratch while learning about the history and significance of French classic desserts.

Discover the Power and Implementations of Visual Thinking

Unusual Team Buildings

Visual thinking is a lucrative skill to master especially for professionals involved in technical design, project management, or graphics profession. The power of visual thinking extends to clarity, efficiency, and productivity in a workplace. This Discover Visual Thinking workshop will help you acquire that skill while understanding its impact. You can train your team with this valuable communication skill to better understand each other’s ideas by organizing this team building workshop.

Find How to Maintain a Healthy and Positive Gut Health

Gut health issues continue to soar and impact numerous adults. This unusual team building activity is an informative and helpful aid to all your teammates. By attending this educational Gut Health workshop you provide your colleagues with the opportunity to better their physical health. This workshop will address the significance of a healthy gut, tips on how to maintain your gut health, and the gut-brain connection.

Learn to Make Your Own New York Bagels

Unusual Team Buildings

New York’s famous bagels are everyone’s favorite breakfast. This New York Bagels making class will teach you how to make your own classic bagels from scratch. Encouraging your teammates to explore their cooking and other talents through team building activities creates a positive work environment. This bagel-making class will foster an environment of casual bonding and communication between your teammates.

Stay Fit With the Un-Desk Workshop

Remote work settings have increased the time spent on desks and couches more than ever. This can lead to a multitude of back issues and posture problems. Address this communal work issue with this Undesk workshop. This is a universal issue that applies to all your desk-based team professions. Showcase your dedication toward their physical wellbeing through this unusual team building activity. This workshop will teach you posture correction and spine wellbeing through simple movements, exercises, and fitness tips.

Get Crafty with this Build a Mechanical Watch Workshop

Unusual Team Buildings

DIY and personal gifting is a great way to practice your creative skills. This mechanical watch workshop is a great team building activity where you can ask your teammates to build a watch for each other. You can randomly pair them. During the workshop you will learn to assemble a mechanical watch with a kit offered by Rotate Watches. Use this activity to gift beautiful and functioning watches to your teammate and bond with them.

Create a Casual and Groovy Tie Dye Shirt

If you are a fan of an array of colors and tie dye, then this creative and fun activity is a great idea. Learn to create your own tie-dye shirt with the ancient Japanese Shibori technique. Let the fun and festivities of this event engulf your team members. This creative and colorful activity is a great way to showcase your inner tie-dye talent. The coordinators will provide you with all the necessary supplies to ensure a smooth and fun event.

Make your Own Homemade Pickles to Jazz Up Your Home Meals

Unusual Team Buildings

Having condiments at your home can spruce up your everyday meals. This pickle making activity will allow the participants to make their own pickles and add a delicious condiment to their pantry. You will make a custom pickle jar with organic vegetables, flavorful spices, vinegar, and fresh herbs. Learn the preservation, fermentation, and creation process of pickles to continue making your own pickles for the rest of the time.

Team building is a necessary element of a professional workspace. It allows you to get to know your colleagues beyond a surface level. These bonding activities spruce up real connection, workplace harmony, and task efficiency. We hope our 20 unusual team building activities offer you with the ideas needed to orchestrate an engaging and interesting virtual office event.


What activities help groups bond together?

There are numerous activities that help groups bond together both virtually and in-person. You can choose from activities ranging from food tasting, online game sessions, educational workshops, health and wellness events, creative events, and other diadactic activities. Be sure to pick activites that echo your workplace goals and sentiments.

How do you bring your team closer together?

You can bring a team closer by organizing ample team building activities. You can use unusual team building activities to spark inquisitiveness and excitiment amongst your teammates. You should pick activities that stem beyond just surface level ice breakers and allow your team members to bond deeply.

How do you bond with team virtually?

Binding with your team virtually is easier than ever thanks to the nurmerous group workshops, calling, and activity websites. You can organize a Zoom group session, hire a virtual workshop provider, or purchase kits for online activities for your team to bond virtually.

How do you make a team call fun?

You can make a team call fun by incorporating customized and exciting team building events into them. You can include game sessions, trivias, creative activities, or food and drinks tasting events into them.

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