Beyond happy hours: Create serendipity around the internet with your team

January 31st, 11:05 pm

Beyond happy hours: Create serendipity around the internet with your team

If your team is mostly remote, then it can be difficult for everyone to meet up and perform team-building activities. You need to find methods you can use in order to still connect with your team, while offering them a variety of ideas and solutions. Thankfully, there are a plethora of team-building opportunities you can try out, based on your needs.

Why you need serendipity with your team

Serendipity is a magical concept that has a direct relationship with the internet. When you connect with someone, their brains pick up on your context and subconsciously pulls out the relatedness of what you are discussing. They even know the right way to respond to your question. The power of serendipity can be harnessed by designating a post on the employee bulletin board, rather than an email, for when a person joins the company. Try doing a similar bulletin board for clients, and you can expose them to great service and encourage your team to work with them. My favorite way to make serendipity a part of your workflow is through team-buildings, which can really put your employees in touch with each other, giving them the chance to reach out to each other, too.

Why are dynamic team bonding events a great idea?

The truth is that your team is working very hard to bring your vision to life and reach success in the long run. They need some bonding activities that will help them relax and unwind. Making sure you focus on the best team bonding events can help immensely, and it will surely bring in front astonishing benefits. The great thing about dynamic team bonding events is that they are enjoyable and very interesting.

How to create serendipity with your team

If you’re looking for something creative that will require little to no effort, you could go with an online design challenge. These types of programs will lead to the creation of a unique team-building experience, though, you’ll still need to find a way to collaborate and communicate with your team. Build

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connections with your team: It’s important for your team to build relationships with one another, so have everyone participate in these types of activities. They’ll be able to work together to gain a new understanding of one another, which will be extremely valuable in the long run. Set a monthly meeting: This isn’t your traditional team-building exercise, but it could be beneficial. Set up a meeting that will allow for a community-building activity.

What kind of dynamic team bonding events should you go for?

It’s always a good idea to find the best team building activities for adults that are also bringing in plenty of excitement. It can be difficult to achieve that from the start, but results can be great if you have enough patience. You can try things like online escape room challenges, Jackbox trivia night, virtual cooking classes, virtual board game nights, even a Netflix party with the entire team can be very exciting.

You can even push the limits and create all kinds of challenges specific to your team. Doing this can help a lot since you can personalize the virtual team building activities the way you want. You can also study the type of dynamic team bonding events you can find online and personalize as you see fit. Doing that brings in better results than you would expect. Thinking outside the box can indeed make a huge difference.

How can you choose the best dynamic team bonding events?

It’s important to work closely with your team, talk about the pros and cons of every idea and see which suits the entire team. Having multiple activities is always important since you want everyone to enjoy their time and the activities prepared here. Make sure that the activities are immersive, interesting and they help each other connect and enjoy their time for a change.

Find challenging activities for your team

You should always try to motivate your team and keep it happy. Thankfully, you can easily do that by creating a variety of activities that take place online. It’s more engaging to perform online activities when compared to following a YouTube video or a normal class. You still get the team-building opportunities you need, while also avoiding staleness or any issues that might arise. That alone can be well worth the effort, and you will be incredibly impressed with the overall efficiency and value.

The benefits of serendipity

Having a workplace that provides a great environment for people to come together and connect over a common goal or vision can help to create a lot of positive energy, especially if there is a strong desire to have fun while doing it. It can even inspire a more creative environment where people can grow in their capabilities and the areas they work on. ”Building and maintaining a strong sense of serendipity in your workplace is a big part of any effective team, and can help foster creativity and innovation”. As such, you can consider including serendipity in your company's culture by finding ways to help your employees become more productive.


You should always focus on bringing in great activities for your team. The truth is that team bonding activities can be a great way for team members to express themselves. You want to bring in activities that everyone likes and which bring in a sense of happiness and excitement. Once you have that, your remote team will be happy, more productive and they will trust each team member a lot more. These virtual team building activities are extraordinary, and they can indeed make a huge difference for your business and remote team in particular!

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