Meet your host: The Espadrille Experience made in Barcelona

April 8th, 1:45 pm

Meet your host: The Espadrille Experience made in Barcelona

1- What motivated you to propose this activity? What do espadrilles mean to you?

We started purely out of necessity, which is the mother of invention, and then it became our DNA, our signature, with more than 1,000 sessions in 9 months of Covid. Espadrilles are a tradition, a way of expression, and a very cool summer shoe. We wanted to reshape the concept, copying the classic, transforming it into something trending and combine it with new technologies.

2- Craftsman tends to begin as a passion before becoming a job. If you weren't an artisan, how would you be earning a living?

We would be probably doing something similar in terms of creativity and entrepreneurship. We can´t imagine ourselves working for others, we like to pursue our dreams, work hard and succeed. Nothing better than that feeling.

3- Espadrilles are mostly found in the south of Europe and South America. In the near future, do you think we will find them more often in North America or Asia?

Definitely, they are becoming a trend in all luxury brands. You can find espadrilles now in Fendi, Gucci, Dior, etc. Something that was created by poor people in the fields of Catalonia now becoming a worldwide hit, what a fun story!

4- What are the advantages of wearing espadrilles compared with other types of shoes?

Your feet can breathe! They are comfy, natural, vegan, trendy, and authentic. It doesn´t get better!

5- What are the reactions of your attendees and groups who have received your espadrilles after attending the activity?

In the beginning, they think it’s just about the experience of connecting and creating their own espadrille, which they loved, but don’t realise they will be wearing them a lot! When they get the pair and use it, boom, it is like reliving the experience every day. :)

6- What advantages does a virtual platform like bring you?

Our workshop can entice many different types of public. Bringing great teams to cooperate for

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a fun, local and authentic experience is the best. We have also seen that making an introduction call with other clients via an experience is a better way to start a professional relationship.

7- What would you like your attendees to take home?

The story, these shoes are a story, a connection among the guests. But also a connection for the guests with Catalonia, its traditions and its past. In the 50s the painter, Dali, began using a traditional and old shoe usually worn by peasants and poor people.

8- What are the advantages of doing this activity in groups as opposed to doing it individually?

It is fun to see your colleagues challenged when designing, and also getting to see each other´s creations afterwards. Imagine going to work all going to the office or retreat with the espadrilles on your shoes! These espadrilles are definitely a statement of each personality.

Find Luis’s activity here: Create Your Own Espadrilles Workshop

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