Meet your host: Virtual Drag Queen Bingo by Roxy Wood

April 8th, 1:57 pm

1- You have an incredible career! Tell us a bit more about yourself! What is your next challenge?

Before Covid, I was hosting live shows/bingo in West Hollywood for about 10 years as well as did a bunch of tv/movies. I'm now hosting 'Roxy's Got Balls!' virtually and absolutely love it! My ultimate goal is to become a TV game show host.

2- Bingo shows have always been in-person. How are you adapting to make virtual shows? What benefits bring versus conventional events?

I honestly love hosting 'Roxy's Got Balls!' virtually much more than in person. My shows are all about interaction/back and forth banter which is much easier to do online... I can see/hear everyone better which makes for a better show, more engaging and personalized to everyone.

3- When did you decide to start hosting Drag Queen Bingo Shows? What sparked your interest?

I started hosting bingo about 10 years ago at Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood. I’ve always been a great fan of games and shows. Having an interactive public is so much fun and entertaining, it drives my show and experience to another level.

4- The greatest payoff for an entertainer is generally not financial. Can you describe the most rewarding aspect of performing before audiences?

I truly enjoy and love what I do. What's most rewarding to me is hearing how much fun people have and that they're able to escape their troubles if only for an hour.

5- As a Bingo host, what kinds of groups have you found to be the most difficult to entertain? And easiest?

There are no difficult or easy groups, people who hop on in a Drag Queen Bingo are expecting great energy and amusing times, so the best groups are those that are looking to have a great time and enjoy interacting.

6- What advantages does a virtual platform like bring you?

Having 'Roxy's Got Balls!' on is great because it introduces the show to new audiences. It is very time-consuming to focus on marketing and creating and outreaching people, this way I can focus on what I love the most!

7- What would you like your attendees to take home?

I honestly want people to disconnect and enjoy a time together. Everyone who attends 'Roxy's Got Balls!' will have an amazing experience and why not, come back for more.

8- What are the advantages of doing this activity in groups as opposed to doing it with independent individuals?

'Roxy's Got Balls!' is very competitive and way more fun in a group setting. In general, co-workers and teams know each other better, and the competition drives people to be more active and aware. This creates positive memories and bonds people beyond the virtual scene.

9- What is Drag Queen Bingo? The essence of the game is simple: you play bingo, and the numbers are called out by a drag queen. The game merges the live performance of the art of drag and cabaret with the traditional game. Drag queens will perform for their audience and then encourage them to participate in their game. Drag queens' shows are often filled with jokes and comedy, which just adds to the entertainment value of the event.

Find Roxy’s activity here: Virtual Drag Queen Bingo

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