Meet our host: Nick the awarded Escape Room Master

January 21st, 9:15 am

1- Can you describe your first encounter with escape rooms and how it managed to grab a hold of you?

My first encounter with escape rooms took place in 2014 and was actually bittersweet! While I’ve enjoyed interacting with the escape room and my teammates, unfortunately, I’ve found the puzzles to be somewhat lacklustre, so it was kind of a rough start. However, after trying some more escape rooms, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with them.

2- Explain to us what challenges you encounter when designing and preparing new online escape rooms each month.

I want to make sure that each new room feels fresh and distinctly different from the previous ones. Coming up with new ideas can be challenging, but so far I am proud to say that no 2 rooms feel similar, this is how I developed a series of rooms!

3- People might be used to do escape rooms in physic spaces. How are you planning this activity online to ensure full interaction?

This game was designed with the online-play in mind. The players can interact with any object they see, as well as several files, such as images, videos, mini-games and interactive websites. This way they are able to engage with any puzzle or object simultaneously and enjoy full interaction.

4- As an escape room master, what kinds of audiences have you found to be the most difficult and easiest to guide?

It’s difficult to guide groups that communicate in their native language since I usually have no idea whether they’re on the right track. Conversely, it’s much easier to guide teams that are verbally sharing their thoughts and ideas.

5- It's not every day that a person encounters an escape room master. What's the first thing people ask you (or ask you to do) once they find out about your profession?

Pre-quarantine: “Nick, that sounds fun! We’d love to try it out... Does next Saturday work for you? During quarantine: “Nick, that sounds fun! We’d love to try it out... NOW.” I’ve recently have been awarded as the Gamemaster of 2020 by Escape the Roomers

6- What advantages does a virtual platform like bring you? carefully contemplates which creators and entertainers to include in their platform, in order for companies and groups to go ahead and book an activity without risk, thus providing credibility. By being a creator in the platform, I am given the chance to connect with teams I wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

7- What would you like your attendees to take home?

Online escape rooms can be just as amazing and fun as normal escape rooms. Chances are that if a team tries an online escape room, they’ll come back for more!

8- What are the advantages of doing this activity in groups as opposed to doing it individually?

The communication, cooperation and interaction needed to solve a puzzle, is guaranteed to be more fun compared to doing it individually and also provides a great team-building opportunity.

Different player's skills shine at different times throughout the game. Some puzzles may test your logic skills, others your ability to notice hidden things, while others might challenge your outside of the box thinking. By doing this activity in a group, players can complement each other's skills. Everyone will get their time to shine!

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