Meet our host: Paul the virtuous online magician

December 2nd, 12:42 pm

1- What inspired you to become a magician? Do you have any famous magician as a reference?

The first person who showed a magic trick was my elder brother. I thought it was marvellous. And it was the desire to give the same sensation to people that inspired me to become a magician. It's a way of reminding people that life can be full of happiness and surprises!

The three magicians who have most inspired and influenced me are Dominique Duvivier, David Stone and most of all David Williamson.

2- The greatest payoff for an entertainer is generally not financial. Can you describe the most rewarding aspect of performing before audiences?

Yeah, the money will never be an incentive enough for any magician to devote his life to it. There are plenty of jobs out there that could payout much better. The greatest reward of performing for an audience is to amuse them. See their faces of surprise and trying to figure out how have you done it, is the best gratification after having practised a trick for weeks.

3- The current situation has forced many jobs to adapt, including the magic shows. How did you get used to having the audience virtually and engaging with them?

The first online show I did, I was a bit unnerved by the format, but quickly adapted to the situation and became familiarized with the concept. So I had to innovate and come up with some ingenious solutions to enable people to participate with me so we are not so aware of the computer screen. And today I feel it's almost as if people were there. I interact with them a lot, the internet has allowed me to reach more people and bring happiness all around. I really like this new format.

4- Have you ever used magic tricks to get something you wanted? It could be a job interview, a date,... surprise us!

Yes! That’s a hilarious question. Magic is a nice way to easily enter in contact with people. I obviously used magic as a means to an end, the best example is with my girlfriend. That's how I seduced her ;)

5- As a magician, what kinds of audiences have you found to be the most difficult and easiest to entertain?

In general, magic doesn’t understand ages or geographies. I believe the toughest audience of all are children. While any trick that has not been shown to them is a home run, they are very curious and creative. Your chow needs to be dynamic and at the same time engaging enough to catch their attention the time! It is probably the best training audience in order to mature some tricks.

6- What advantages does a virtual platform like bring you?

The platform allows me to continue to perform my shows for business and corporate audiences despite the difficult situation many are suffering. And not only locally but all around the planet!

7- What would you like your attendees to take home?

The most important part is that they have had a great time! Moreover, I am always sharing the newest tricks in town. The audience will be able to reproduce some tricks in front of their beloved ones and friends and start their own career in magic!

8- What are the advantages of doing this activity in groups as opposed to doing it individually?

Making activities for teams also makes the whole experience more amusing because people can relate with one another and have fun laughing together. What's great about a group is that you have lots of commonalities and shared history, which you can talk about at any given time during the activity. It is very dynamic, and people enjoy doing it together!

Find Paul’s activity here:Magic Show with a Professional Magician

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