40 Powerful Software Solutions for the Modern Workplace

March 30th, 9:41 am

The modern workplace is changing. From CRM software to project management, employees are expected to produce at maximum capacity, and to do so with limited resources. Luckily, there are some powerful software solutions and tools that can help. In this blog post, we’ll review 40 powerful software solutions that can help you manage a distributed workforce.

Documentation Tools

When it comes to teamwork, teams often struggle to remain productive because there are too many processes and tools to get through. That’s why software solutions like GSuite or Notion help teams stay in contact, make changes, and collaborate in real-time. Collaboration software creates a virtual environment in which employees are able to communicate and interact in real-time. With these software solutions, teams can accomplish more in less time, and they can collaborate to improve work processes.

Team Communication Tools

Not much to say in the communication tools apart from the main difference between synchronous and asynchronous communication. You can even set up chat channels where employees can communicate with one another. Why would you use email internally when you can just use chat, voice or video?

Project Management Tools

In the modern workplace, managing projects is essential for success. Using project management software, employees can collaborate in real time while ensuring project deadlines and deliverables are met. Below are some of the best project management tools: Softwares that allow users to track tasks and progress, generate reports, and easily add members to teams are on the rise.

Bookkeeping and Account management tools

As an office manager, you might need a tool that can manage billing, transactions, invoicing and taxes in one application. The most important part of this set of tools is the integrations between platforms, as making reconciliation of accounts or invoicing could go wrong if there are some missing parts. Dealing with contracts, proposals or hourly billing is also something these softwares can help you with.

Task and To-Do List Tools

To-Do apps help you capture the items you need to do during the day. When you complete the task, you’ll be able to either check it off and mark it complete or move it to your to-do list for future action. If you need a little extra motivation to complete your task, you can use incentives to ensure completion.

Office Management

Office management is an important aspect of management within a company's office and is vital to the day to day functioning of the office. Office manager duties and responsibilities include scheduling meetings and appointments, making office supplies arrangements, greeting visitors and providing general administrative support to our employees. Therefore, only with the best tools workplace managers would be able to admin all these diverse tasks in one day.

Travel and Expense software

Teams are always moving around and there are always great expenses that can be managed from one single centralized space. Expense allows users to keep track of flights, hotels, and rental cars. Additionally, it’s important that it can integrate with a variety of other cloud services, including accounting software, HR, and financials.

Email management tools

Email tools are crucial to email success. Unfortunately, email volume continues to skyrocket. As a small business, email tools can make a tremendous difference in productivity. When you work with a large volume of email, you may struggle to keep up with replies and tasks.

Event planning tools

If you want to host meetings and conferences or attend conferences, there are plenty of tools you can use. A key to the success of the event will be great planning – the organisers want to make sure that the location, time and people in attendance are all in order. The newest trend though is focusing on internal team organization given the rise of remote work. Teams are focusing on employee engagement tools and company retreats and for this, a new set of tools is emerging.

Video conferencing tools for remote work

With any new tech, there are tons of ways to use it. However, the key to making the most of it is to get the right mix of software. Video conferencing tools are often essential tools for a distributed workforce, allowing people from remote locations to talk in real time with others who may be physically present in the same room. The great thing about video conferencing tools is that they’re fairly versatile.

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