Meet our Hosts: The Bucket List with Nini Fritz

December 10th, 6:16 pm

Meet our Hosts: The Bucket List with Nini Fritz

New year, new goals! It’s time to put your daily to-do lists aside and focus on your Bucket List. Meet our Certified Bucket List Coach Nini from the beaches of Bali and learn how to Bucket-List-Up your life from the inside out:

How did you end up being a Bucket List Coach?

When I handed in my master thesis, I took a gap year, called it “the Bucket List year” and gave myself 365 days to tick off as many things as I could before I’d be ready for the corporate world.

After doing a bunch of exciting things like touching hands with the Dalai Lama, hitchhiking Nicaragua in a toilet paper truck and learning a breakdance freeze, I quickly realised that: Nothing was ever too big to be ticked off my list. All it requires is taking action. So, I felt like everyone should at least once experience this feeling of “I can’t believe I actually did that”.

Eventually, I swapped my Bucket List year for a Bucket List life and joined a global tribe of Certified Bucket List Coaches in 22 countries around the world. Together we have helped thousands of individuals and Fortune 500 companies like PWC, Adidas, and HubSpot live their best Bucket List lives.

Why do people need a Bucket List Coach?

I believe that everyone has goals and dreams in their lives. Yet, when we get older, we are so busy being busy that we never take time out of our lives to work on our lives. In the end, we regret all the things we didn’t do.

My mission is therefore to re-awaken that “desire for more” in life and help people not only dream their lives but live their dreams. And hence, feel more fulfilled from the inside out. The holistic 12- steps blueprint serves as a bulletproof guideline to get clearer on their goals, break them down into tangible action bites and actually get things done.

How does a Bucket List workshop look like?

In the first half of our Bucket List workshop, we dig into the “Bucketlistology”. You will learn how to set ‘SMART’ goals, how to get more time out of your day and how a

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Bucket List mindset can help you thrive in every area of your life.

In the second half, we unfold the globally proven 12-steps M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint. Based on 12 different categories for a holistically fulfilled life (T = taking lessons) with 50 suggestions each, every the team member will create their unique tangible action plan for a purpose-driven 2022.

Best of all: We take action on the spot! At the end of the workshop, we set a countdown and take a first step of action to come one step closer to one of their Bucket List goals.

Doesn’t encourage my team to live their Bucket List make them lose focus on work?

The simple answer: NO. By creating a Bucket List culture within your organization, you act as a springboard, not a barrier to help your team live their best lives - inside & outside the workplace. It’s like an uplifting spiral: When employees feel like their leaders care about their personal interests, they are more likely to take their organization's interests to heart.

How can a company benefit from their employees’ living their Bucket List?

It’s statistically proven that when employees become more engaged with their lives, they will be more engaged with their jobs. Their personal growth makes them more energized and intrinsically fulfilled. In turn, they feel more positive about themselves, their brain is free to think, be more creative and better at solving problems. This can lead up to a spike in productivity to up to 20%.

How can a Bucket List mindset help to shift goal setting for my company?

Linking their professional goals to their personal goals is an absolute game-changer in terms of motivation and productivity (for example: When you close x amount of deals this month, we’ll cover your helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon). Emotional value is significantly more powerful than financial incentives.

Furthermore, implementing a Bucket List mindset is powerful, yet, positive tool to teach your employees how to achieve goals and get things done. After all, it’s happy employees who create happy profits and not vice versa.

What are the benefits of helping my employees achieve personal goals while at work?

The magic bullet to keeping highly skilled employees is tied to creating a healthy and happy working environment. Having a proactive team building program that emphasizes the importance of your employees’ individual goals is a subtle way of saying: We see the human in you & we care about you being successful in every area of your life.

It, therefore, enables the creation of a positive corporate culture that serves as a strategic advantage in remaining top talent. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to work for “the Bucket List company” ;)

Creating a Bucket List is a very personal and individual activity, so why should they create it in a team-building session?

Encouraging your employees to dream together is a powerful way to engage staff and create stronger teams. This workshop allows team members to really get to know each other outside of work, team up for mutual (online) Bucket List activities and support each other in achieving their goals. It’s a powerful super glue to build long lasting and much more profound relationships within a team.

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