Why online team building activities are here to stay

November 6th, 6:43 pm

2020 has been an insane year for all. The biggest challenge for employees and businesses all over has been to be forced to go offsite. While the benefits are many, it also leads teams to face unprecedented issues.

COVID-19 has changed the way we interact and many companies are adapting, for example with flexible timetables and providing equipment to work from home. The top team leaders are looking into how to keep and improve the bonds among team members in a digital environment. A need for virtual team building activities emerges in this new era. Onsite.fun has come to bring human connection beyond individual workspaces.

What is a virtual team building?

Team building turns a group of individuals into more than the sum of its parts. It builds trust, cohesion and collaboration between team members to meet clients' needs and accomplish a company's goal.

What are the benefits of virtual team building?

The sole purpose of these activities is to create strong bonds among team members. Helping members to get to know each other in-depth -common interests, understanding each others differences, etc.- paths a way into building a company's culture.

As companies realize how critical is to keep team engagement, office activities are now reinvented to adapt to an virtual setup. Being non-location constrained allows interaction across the board from entry-levels employees, to C-suite executives. Possibilities don't stop here:

What kind of team building activities are out there?

Online team building includes a variety of options. From daily catchups with employees, working together with accountability buddies, to weekly happy hours, monthly meetups, quarterly team reviews or even annual company trips. Another interesting possibility out there would be putting together some fun cards and company swag to land at their doorsteps with activities that employees, clients, and community fans can do on their own time. You name it, the creativity of teams and its members sets the activities.

Organizing these sessions is the most important part for a successful outcome. Appropriately planning the activities means having an individual in the company or team to lead and structure the time based on the team preferences and type of activity. This task is often complex and time-consuming to organize. External facilitation by an experienced entity can bring your team fresh air and give a boost. Onsite.fun helps and acts as an event planner to facilitate the organization.

What format follow these online activities?

Each team building activity has its own requirements and, while some would ask you to bring ingredients or drawing materials, other hosts will ask you to just bring your best smile and spirit. The one must-bring that all these online activities share is the need for an internet connection with bandwidth.

Final notes

  • Team building is the process of strengthening bonds between members of a group for the purpose of building trust, being happier at work and ultimately work for a common goal.

  • Successful teams are dynamic and more productive, expand your team mindset with continuous change and learnings. Mind your colleagues and care about them!

  • Activities that promote team building can be as spontaneous and casual as a shared meal, or prepared and structured as a session led by an external prepared host.

  • Virtual team building is set to stay and provide numerous benefits to global remote teams whose managers and team leaders care about not being drifted away.

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