10 Team-Building Activities That Will Improve Your Business

March 22nd, 7:03 pm

You know that business team-building is important, but you don’t know what to do. One of the easiest ways is to have regular team-building activities.

Team-building activities are a great way to build camaraderie, get to know each person on your team better and work on skills that are relevant to your day-to-day operations.

Don’t sweat it - here’s a list of 10 team-building activities that will improve your business.

1. Complete a Puzzle Together

There are all sorts of puzzles out there. Get a bunch of people together to put together a jigsaw for example. It can be a beautiful, interesting, or weird puzzle. Just like you, your team has a wide range of talents. You could make it a competition – to see who can get the most pieces in the box or find the best solution for the puzzle. Just make sure that the challenge is fun and not stressful. Having people panic and forget their puzzle pieces is just not fun.

2. Go on a walkathon

Team-building activities don’t have to be physical, it can be as simple as a walk. The average work walk is 27 minutes long, and an 8.8-mile round-trip walk is a great way to burn calories and to get to know each other outside of the office. Make a point to leave work and get off the clock for a bit. Work-related physical activity is good for mental health. Getting your team outside for an hour to do some workout together is a great way to bond and build trust. Expert Tip: If you are looking to connect with your team for casual 5 to 10 minutes you should check some ideas here.

3. Make a Time Capsule

One of the most memorable team building activities I ever did was when I did a time capsule. The goal was to write one sentence each on a piece of paper and tape it in a box. The next day, we opened the box and read our life stories. We didn’t say much in the capsule other than the one sentence, but the process of thinking about what we want to accomplish in the future gave us a clear picture of our goals.

Expert tip: Some ways to start the dynamic and get it going .

4. Play tug of war

Tug of war is one of the best team-building activities because it's a physical activity that requires the team to work together and figure out their strengths and weaknesses as a team. In our experience, teams are usually as competitive as they are cohesive, and if you use this activity to encourage teamwork, it'll come through very clearly. But don't have any expectations that they will be singing a carol or a folk song around the campfire afterwards - you'll just end up with a bunch of people who spent an hour discussing how to reduce wear and tear on the tug of war rope.

5. Create a Talent Show

This is something that’s often done at team-building events, but don’t let that put you off - talent shows have been shown to work well for both individuals and businesses. The Talent Show works because it gives people the chance to show off the skills and talents they have, whether they be technical or creative skill.

For example, a Yoga coach would show off their fitness and their yoga routines to the team, and a brilliant graphic designer would show off drawing talent. In addition, putting the spotlight on people who are passionate about their work, can make you a more competitive team. Are you into design? Then show off your skills.

Expert tip: Enable the audiences to instantly vote for winners of virtual talent competitions using tools like Kahoot!.

6. Design and Build Something Together

Whether you’re designing a website or designing an Ikea-like furniture assembly, or building an eco-friendly gas-free water heater that uses recycled plastic and ceramic, everyone has a part to play. Find a way to get everyone involved and design and build something together. Give your team a great sense of accomplishment and build team-building skills.

For example, design and play a board game. There’s something so simple and exciting about playing a board game - and it’s a great way to make people laugh, to get to know each other better, and to build team-building skills. Make it interactive and think about your own team – find out if they are aggressive, clever, artistic, or curious.

7. Create a Visual History of the Company

One of the best ways to take your company to the next level is to create a legacy of how you have made it so successful. According to Inc., many companies do this, but few make it an annual event. Creating an oral history of your company helps you remember the things that make your business stand out from the rest of the competition.

Find the Stories Behind the Numbers: Have you ever stopped to think about why you work on certain projects? And why does this project or that project really matter? Think about those questions and your goals. Those answers will lead you to the stories that matter most. Think about it this way - it is the story behind the numbers that drive your organization forward.

Expert tip: Gather with your team and discover your history and relationships via visual thinking

8. Have a dress down day at work

One of the easiest ways to make the work environment less intense is to have a team-building day where the dress code is more relaxed. This will allow people to relax their attitudes, and that will spill over to the team and become more productive. It is also a great opportunity to get to know each person a little bit better. They’ll be more inclined to do their best when they feel like you are supporting them as an individual.

9. Share some food with your team

A recent study found that employees that ate meals together had significantly better performance at work than their peers who preferred to eat alone. Eating together is a more intimate act than looking over an Excel spreadsheet together. Eating lunch together at a table gives people a break from their computer. Having an excellent chef signifies the importance of good food for employees and of your employees. Having good coffee is something of a staple of the modern workplace, but it needs to be used with caution.

Mardi Gras is the last day before Lent begins in the lead up to Easter. Here at onsite.fun, we love any excuse to get together at lunchtime and enjoy some good food. Eating food together is a great way to relax and an opportunity to talk about the good and bad of the day. Eating together can encourage people to try new foods, share recipes and enjoy food for the pleasure that it is - rather than scoffing down a packet sandwich. It can be difficult for your staff to bond with you - or each other - in a high pressure working environment .

Expert tip: See how you can organize your food seamlessly to your team.

10. Have an office Olympics

An office Olympics is a good way to exercise your creativity and build your sportsmanship. Gather your team and compete in team-building events based on your core business. It’s better to keep it as simple as possible as you will have more time to plan out and execute your events if you choose the simplest events.

A great example would be playing Holo-Tennis. You can recreate the game of tennis using materials from around your office. It’s perfect for grabbing everyone’s attention and getting everyone involved in a fun activity.

Expert tip: Have quarterly ‘Get-together’ day where teams are reunited and compete via a diverse set of ideas.

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