20 Unique Charitable Team Building Ideas

September 28th, 10:31 am

20 Unique Charitable Team Building Ideas

Nothing comes close to the fulfilment derived from doing charitable work after a mountain of office work. Pair this feeling with team building and collaboration, and you’ll have the antidote for employee turnover.

Companies that want to build their team and pay attention to social causes or environmental initiaves have many ways to achieve team building and corporate social responsibility. These charity team-building activities help your team members bond and give them the sweet reward of a sense of fulfilment.

There are several charity events you can set up to boost the morale of your team members. Your organization can also use some virtual volunteer ideas for your groups to not leave your remote workforce out of the bonding.

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List of Team Building Activities for a Cause

1. Breakfast Brigade

Charity Team Building

Not every child can access a healthy breakfast every day, and the breakfast brigade does not only promise to enhance team building among your members, but your organization also gets to feed a good number of malnourished children.

Split your team into smaller teams, and give each team ingredients to prepare healthy breakfasts. The team that prepares the highest number of servings wins and the meals can be given to children who need them.

2. Dress ‘Em Up

It is not uncommon to find homeless children and even adults dressed in rags and non-protective clothing in the US. Dress ‘em up is one fun and interactive way you and your team c

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an clothe these people and find fulfillment doing so.

To perform this activity, each team receives materials to craft different clothing and accessories. The team with the most creative outcomes wins, and every piece of clothing is donated to those in need. This event is best hosted in public venues such as a busy street or park.

3. No Hunger

Set up exciting challenges for your team members so that each winner gets rewarded with canned foods. You can donate all the foods to a reputable and pre-agreed charity or simply have your team members distribute them to the less privileged in the community.

4. Show More Kindness

Your team can have loads of fun while showing kindness to just anybody within a specified time. Create a timeline, and anyone who can do as many good deeds to random people as possible wins the challenge. To make this activity more fun, you can set up a range of activities (or amounts of money) that are eligible to qualify for a good deed.

5. Be My Eyes

Charity Team Building

How about having your team members lend their eyes to a handful of visually challenged individuals for some time? This virtual volunteer idea for groups employs a nonprofit app, BeMyEyes, to help challenged individuals complete tasks such as touring a new neighbourhood, reading dates and instructions and checking emails.

Remote teams can also benefit from this activity as a video call is all they need to reach and help beneficiaries.

6. Build a Bike

Bikes, as insignificant as they may seem, make up an essential part of childhood. They help children escape the harsh conditions of walking to and from school every day, especially when they cannot join the bus.

By building a bike, your teams get to assemble bikes to be donated to children in your community. Each unit must complete challenges to win themselves bike parts for the assembly.

7. Red Wagon Squad

Toys play a vital role in the different stages of a child’s development. But most children in orphanages and shelters do not have access to good toys. Your organization can assist these children by doing the red wagon squad.

Each team gets to complete different tasks to earn materials for building a wagon, and they also earn toys to decorate their wagons. The team with the best wagon design wins, and the toys are supplied to shelters and orphanages.

8. Kiddies Snack Sacks

Charity Team Building

This charity team-building activity brings out the creativity in your team, improves their collaboration, and helps them relax. Best of all, you get to provide less-privileged kids with healthy snacks in beautiful sacks.

Each team will participate by fashioning canvas bags into attractive snack bags for kids. They also get to complete tasks to earn different healthy snacks for each bag. The team with the most attractive bag designs wins, and kids in the community receive the bags.

9. Volunteer with Soldiers’ Angels

Soldiers’ Angels is a virtual platform that enables volunteers to render support to servicemen and women and their families. Your team can sign up with them and throw a virtual birthday party for service people, spouses, or children. You can also send gifts, cards, or art crafts to these militia families.

10. Women Empowerment

As a team, you can give back to your community and build collaboration by empowering the women in your community. Your team members can teach the women vocational skills or educate them on crucial subjects like gender-based violence and self-care. You can also donate funds to support their small businesses and venture.

Find some Social Impact Activities.

11. Smart with Books

An investment in knowledge, they say, pays the best interest. You can achieve team building and invest in the education of the people in your community through the Smart with Books activities. Drop clues and tips for completing challenges all-around your event venue.

Then teams get to earn books upon discovering each clue and consequently completing each challenge. The team with the highest number of completed tasks wins, and all the books are donated to a literacy foundation or to school children from poor homes.

12. Pet Project

How well will your team members run in the animal relay or show their singing talent in the animal singing challenge to support a pet shelter in your community? Whatever points they win earns them animal shelter supplies which you can donate to these shelters. 13. Spelling Bee

Charity Team Building

Engage your team members in fun but challenging spelling contest. Every correctly spelled word earns participants a book. The participant with the highest number of correctly spelled words wins, and the books can be donated to the local library or a literary club in the community.

14. ArCANtecture

You must not run a construction business to engage your team members in this rewarding team-building game. Every participant receives the same number of food cans with which they will express their creativity and building skills by erecting structures. The most astounding design gets the prize, and all the cans are donated to a food drive or a local charity in your community.

15. Sustainable Goal Challenge

You can engage, educate, and build your team with the sustainable goal challenge. Team members get to scale through different challenges to see the nonprofit organizations that can receive your donations for a given sustainable development goal.

This activity is ideal for both hybrid and remote teams.

16. Test and Give

Charity Team Building

Here, your team gets to try out new sporting and recreational equipment before donating them to a charity, nursing home or shelter. You can spice things up by inviting the beneficiaries to help their teams win the relays.

17. Disaster Relief

Build your team’s camaraderie and lend a hand to victims of natural disasters with this game. On several sheets of paper, write out different relief items that can be donated to disaster victims around you. Then blindfold each team member, and have them pick from the bunch. The person who picks the item with the highest monetary value wins, and you donate the items picked as relief items to those in need.

18. Music in a Shelter

Put a smile on the faces of home shelter residents by making music in a shelter. Split your team into smaller teams, and let each team compose and perform (with their instruments) a song before the residents. The most impressive performance wins, and the kids get to keep the instruments.

19. Kids Hospital Art

Charity Team Building

Let each member of your team cheer up children in hospital wards with artistic items. Each participant gets to paint, draw, or craft a handmade item for the children’s ward in a nearby hospital.

20. Cook a Meal

Wouldn’t it be fun to know how many members of your teams are kitchen enthusiasts? Let each small group prepare lunch on the street within a specified time. The team that prepares the most delicious meal in record time wins, and the food will be donated to homeless people in the community. You can also invite the homeless folks to cheer on their favorite teams.

To Sum Up

Although new to some organizations, charity events are a fun trend that can help product managers in any organization utilize their available time and give back again into the community. With this advice we've offered, you can organize your next charity event quickly. It's important to maintain things professional but educational.


Why Opt-in for a Charity Team Building Activity?

There are several reasons you should do a charity team-building activity. First, most millennials and the upcoming Generation Z prefer to work in a socially responsible organization. The fulfillment and a sense of purpose that comes with charity team-building events ensure that team members find rewards greater than paychecks in the workplace. Consequently, these activities are a sure way to reduce employee turnover.

Charity team-building activities are also fun ways through which organizations give back to their communities. These events leave lasting impacts and can foster a good neighborhood with the community. And as a bonus, they can also promote the trust consumers have in your products and services. A 2002 Harvard Business Review clearly explains that charity team-building activities can effectively boost an organization’s competitive advantage.

How to Choose the Ideal Charity Team Building Activity for Your Group

Selecting an ideal charity team building activity is not as challenging as it may sound. There are certain factors you should consider:
  • What goals have your organization set for charity? You need to consider your policies, budget, and business goals to choose the ideal team building activity. An example of a budget-based charity team building activity is the $7 million program Pepsico launched in 2020 to help communities most affected by Covid-19.
  • In what ways does your community need help? What are your team members most passionate about? This will ensure that each member team enjoys the activity and performs it passionately.

Why Are Charitable Team Building Events Popular?

Charity team-building events are popular because they make organizations stand out in their business processes. Who doesn’t want to get noticed for doing their community some good? Employees also see these events to express themselves and do the things they have always wanted to do – but were probably limited by finances or access.

How to Organize a Charitable Team Building Activity

Have you decided to host a charity team-building activity with your team, and you’re at a loss about how to go about it? Here’s a concise list to help you organize your noble event and make it as successful as possible.
  • Carefully choose the charity team-building activity that is best suited for your group.
  • Select the group of people that will benefit from your activity. This group can be the homeless people in your community, school children, or the physically disabled.
  • Choose your location. You can decide to host a virtual volunteer activity or take your cause to a physical location.
  • Send out invites to the people who will benefit from your event. Your team members should also stay abreast of the entire plan.
  • Get help in getting things in order. You may need to contact a developer (if your event is virtual) or event planners for some help.

Where to Do Charity Team Building

You can choose to carry out your charity team building even from any location, provided your beneficiaries can access the area. Your team members (onsite and remote) should also be able to access your chosen venue.
  • Online. If you choose to do a virtual charity team, social media, video streaming platforms, and customized applications can very well serve as suitable platforms.
  • Outdoors. For outdoor charity team building activities, streets, parks, recreation centers make for ideal locations.
  • Indoors. You can also use your office space, rent a private hall, or pay to use conference rooms for your event.

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