Fun Games to Play on Zoom Meetings for 2023

June 3rd, 8:01 pm

Fun Games to Play on Zoom Meetings for 2023

It’s easy, free, and has lots of options for you to play around with. Zoom has everything you need for your online meetings, such as messaging, breakout rooms, personal meeting IDs, screen, and content sharing. It’s still one of the best video-conferencing platforms for remote teams.

So, it’s no question that when you want to keep your teams interested, Zoom is the best way to go. With the platform’s easy-to-use features, you can do fun ideas for zoom meetings with coworkers. We’ll explore some of these ideas in this list and see how you can apply each one.

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List of Fun Games to Play on Zoom Meeting

1. Themed Meetings

Zoom Theme Meeting

If you’ve already tried the zoom background and many zoom meeting games, a thematic meeting might be something you’d want to try next. It’s simple and easy to do. You and your team must decide on a theme and dress accordingly. You can also set up zoom backgrounds to suit the occasion.

Here are some suggestions:

  • High school Theme
  • TV Show Characters
  • Childhood Dream Job
  • 90’s Fashion
  • Countries Around the World

Find out ideal activities to celebrate team milestones with them.

2. Cocktail-mixing class

Pina Colada, Margarita, Old-Fashioned. Cocktails over zoom? Yes, please. You can sign up your team for a hands-on session with a professional bartender that will teach you the basics of the cocktail crafting process.

Each of the participants will receive a box containing needed tools and drink, or you can buy them at the nearest store.

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The good thing about this is that when finished with the class, you’ll have fun and a drink of your own.

Discover more virtual cocktail-making activities.

3. MTV Cribs

For a more quirky getting-to-know activity, let’s draw inspiration from the famous documentary show. In this version, pick one member at every gathering to give your team a tour of his house. These can include areas from his workstation down to the contents of his fridge!

It’s like an exclusive house tour for your group’s eyes only. Family members can join in the video if they like but ask consent first.

4. Painting Night

Team Meetings

Unleash the artist in each of your teams. And what better activity to do than painting. Choose one artwork that you’d like to inspire the rest of the group to paint.

Or you can provide a theme like a favorite place or a favorite time of the day and give them the freedom to paint it however they want to. After the session, do a quick sharing with the rest of the group.

Get inspired and find out more crafting games.

5. Virtual Tour

Going out in new places with your team creates intense experiences. When you can’t travel physically, don’t fret. There’s a vast virtual space to explore. In this time when most public places have closed their doors to visitors and have ventured instead on a digital alternative, why not take advantage of the opportunity?

We’re talking about museums, tourist spots, and famous theme parks.

Here are some suggestions:

6. Read My Lips

Here’s an icebreaker that you can play with your team. You can have this either at the start of your team-building or even in the middle. A speaker is set on mute and mouths a word or phrase while the rest of the team guess. Speakers are not allowed to act out the words, so they have to carefully mouth each word and enunciate properly. The first to guess from the group gets a designated point.

Why should you play this game? It’s easy, inexpensive, and needs minimal preparation. It will also draw in a lot of fun and intense observation from the rest of the group. You can make it more interesting by choosing a theme for the game, such as common Zoom meeting phrases like “Can you see my screen?” or “Can you hear me?”.

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7. Most Likely To

Fun ideas

Test how much you know your team with this fun and interactive getting-to-know game. With a prepared list of questions starting with the statement “Most Likely To…”. Examples are, “Who is most likely to wear a crazy hairstyle for the rest of the year?” or “Who is most likely to obsess over a celebrity?”.

A player reads aloud one question each and writes a name on a piece of paper, and the rest of the group does the same. The name should be a person within the team. When done, everyone holds their papers up towards the screen and whoever has the same answer as the player who read the question gets the point.

8. Whose Office Is It?

To play this game, ask each of your team members to take a picture of their home office and submit it to a moderator. The moderator then shuffles these photos and invites everyone to guess whose home office it is. The person who answers correctly gets the point.

For a more challenging take on the game, ask your members to take photos of the minute things in their workspaces, such as coffee mugs, window view, post-it-notes that they keep.

If you don't want to prepare and host an activity yourself you can always rely on some Improv Games.

9. Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Sounds familiar? You may have played this game in grade school, but there’s no stopping you from replicating it in your next team huddle. A thinking and word association game will surely ask you to scour information at the back of your head. A player starts by choosing any random letter in the alphabet, and everyone lists down words that begin in that letter into different categories such as names, places, animals, things. You can even add more like countries, plants, colors.

10. Musical Chairs

Fun Zoom Ideas

A popular parlour game, especially on birthdays and Christmas parties, musical chairs is something you can play virtually, too, with a twist. Ask someone to play music and the rest to dance to the chosen beat. When the music stops, everyone freezes and the last person to be seen moving gets eliminated until someone wins. Make sure everyone turns their audio and video on for this game.

11. Charades

A favorite go-to for every huddle, Charades is a party staple. And when your meeting has turned to monotony, charades is there to the rescue. To play this game, the player acts out a word or a phrase non-verbally while the rest of the team guesses what the player is trying to portray.

The first person to think correctly gets the point. Another alternative is the Reverse Charades, where you play opposite roles.

12. Heads-up

Fun Ideas

The first player launches the game on their phone, selects a deck, and places his phone on his forehead towards the screen so everyone can see. Ensure the player places his phone down while placing it on his forehead so he cannot see the screen. It’s also best if the player chooses the ‘Hide Self View’ option in Zoom.

Once done, the rest of the team will have to give the player cues about the word displayed on the phone screen without saying the actual word. From the clues, the player then guesses what the word is. The player is given a time limit and can guess as many words as he can. He can also choose to pass when a word is too difficult to answer.

Every correct guess leads to one point. The player who guessed the most number of words correctly wins.

13. Spot the Difference

You will need a lot of effort for this game, but it will be a unique experience for everyone. Ask each player to prepare two photos of the same scene, with one photo as the original and the other depicting some changes.

The players show the images one by one, putting in an ample amount of screen time for each photo, and the rest of the team guess what the changes are on the second photo—the first one to guess all the changes get a point.

You can also do a live version where players show themselves and their backgrounds first, then turn off their videos, turn it back on, and the audience spots the difference from the first appearance.

Try a facilitated game with one of our hosted instructors.

14. Jeopardy

Fun Ideas

A game show activity such as Jeopardy turns the competition up in every zoom team-building. In a game-board, players choose a tile that contains a question and a corresponding number of points for every correct answer. The person who has the most points gets to advance to the next round. The level of difficulty in each round gets higher as the game progresses until one wins.

You can make a DIY Jeopardy template using Powerpoint, Google Slides or even Figma.

For more dynamics on jeopardy, games check the Virtual Game Shows.

15. Logo Quiz

It’s a simple trivia game where a brand logo shows on the screen, and the first person to guess the brand name wins. Make sure to gray out the parts of the logo where the brand name is displayed. Alternatively, you can download a web-based version and share your screen with the rest of the group.

You can check out our posts on icebreaker ideas for remote teams and zoom games to play with coworkers for more ideas.

In Summary

We may have reached a point where we’ve all been dependent on Zoom for our team meetings and lose ourselves on the screen. We can make online meetings as exciting and engaging as in-person huddles. With a few creative tricks and a positive work environment, we can make Zoom meetings less monotonous and more fun!


How do you make Zoom meetings fun?

We’ve all had the Zoom fatigue from countless hours of on-screen engagement. To get your team members still excited about zoom meetings, make it fun by adding virtual games like Bring Me, Two Truths and a Lie, Waffles Vs. Pancakes, Murder Mysteries, many more. Your team will surely love this variation and will look forward to your next huddle.

What are some fun things to do over Zoom?

Aside from online games, many other happy hour activities can maximize your Zoom screen. You can do food-based activities such as cooking and baking classes, wine tasting, and cocktail-making. Fitness and wellness activities such as yoga, workouts, and dance lessons are also interactive ideas. For the artsy group, you can do arts and crafts activities such as painting or candle-making.

How do you make a Zoom meeting more interactive?

Try to find a way to establish a connection with your team before the actual meeting. You may send in polls, teasers, or reading materials ahead of time, so it becomes more of a feedback and sharing session than a one-way street when the meeting happens.

A 2020 survey conducted by Gallup reveals that those working in remote environments tend to experience more stress and worry than working at a physical office. With this in mind, it’s essential to keep our employees engaged in meetings, especially since remote environments are more prone to distractions.

While lectures may be inevitable, set a time in the forum with an open floor for suggestions, questions, or free conversation. If the meeting is long, get in some icebreakers to keep the momentum going.

At the end of each session, do a follow-through by asking feedback or opening the chat room for any additional questions.

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