15 Fun Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas for work in 2023

January 26th, 1:06 pm

15 Fun Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas for work in 2023

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, there’s no reason why your virtual team can’t enjoy the day and share the love with one another. The pressure for organizing engaging and fun team building activities through a screen can be a strenuous task and the Monday blues of this Valentine's Day definitely intensifies that. Don’t worry we are here to help.

Brainstorm and land on the perfect online Valentine's Day activities with our list of top 15 virtual event ideas. Seize this day of love and friendship to boost employee morale and workplace rapport.

Our guide covers:

  • Virtual Valentines Day Team Ideas and Activities
  • Fun team building activities for Valentine's Day
  • Zoom Valentine's Day event ideas

List of 15 Virtual Valentine's Day Team Building Ideas

Start off your year on the right track and connect with your colleagues through engaging virtual team building activities to make this Valentine's Day a memorable one.

Virtual Valentine's Day Party Events

Looking for fun remote Valentine’s party ideas? Celebrate this day of love and friendship with your colleagues with some exciting party ideas.

Valentine’s Party

Is a Valentine's Day event even complete without a fun office party? A virtual party is an exciting social event that will boost employee morale and provide them with a great medium to connect with each other.

There are countless themes and ideas you can include in Valentine's Day party:

  • Create a rom com movie theme. All the participants can dress up as their favorite romantic character and the rest of the team will take turns guessing the character.
  • You can incorporate an online talent competition in the party where the participants can sing, dance, act, or present other fun talents to win an exciting prize. The prizes can include a day off, a restaurant gift card, or an Amazon voucher.
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  • A drinking event is definitely a hit activity for Valentine's Day party. You can deliver wines or supplies for cocktails beforehand to facilitate this activity.

A Valentine’s party without a fun and romantic playlist is incomplete. So, remember to set up a celebratory playlist by asking your employees to send in music suggestions.

Secret Gift Exchange Party

Gift exchange is a great community bonding activity which shouldn’t just be limited to Christmas festivities. And yes it can be done virtually! Organize a fun gift reveal event where participants get to guess and find out their secret gifter’s identity.

You can generate employee pairings using an open source Secret Santa Generator. This open source page will also allow you to keep your employee emails private while generating employee matches. Don’t forget to send out a workplace gifting guide to your employees to ensure a smooth party that matches your professional decorum.

A Rom Com Movie Session

A cozy evening with a rom com movie is another great event idea for Valentine's Day celebrations and you can watch movies remotely as a group with Watch2Gether. Along with a synchronized movie setting, this website also offers an integrated chat room needed for a successful virtual group watch party. All you need to do is create a room and send invitation links to everyone.

Since this is a group streaming, you can do a poll with top romantic comedy movies. Some popular rom com movie ideas are Bridget Jones's Diary, The Proposal, Love Actually, and Crazy Stupid Love.

Secret Admirer Event

Valentines day at work

A Valentine's Day celebration without a secret admirer event seems incomplete. Set up an anonymous page a few weeks before February 14th, where employees can submit positive messages and compliments for their teammates. Then have a Zoom meeting on Valentine's Day to read out the positive messages. This event will create a positive culture in your remote team.

Virtual Game Events

Spend a thrilling Valentine's Day with these exciting game event ideas.

Collaborative Talent Show Competition

A collaborative talent show is a fun icebreaker for remote teams, and Zoom breakout rooms are a great way to orchestrate them virtually. You can divide your employees into groups based on their departments or via random pairings. To make this activity more exciting you can make this an impromptu competition and offer a limited time for preparation.

This event will offer your employees the opportunity to showcase their unique and entertaining talents. Add exciting prizes for winning teams to further pizzazz to the event.

Friendship Trivia

Valentines day at work

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity for a get to know your team and what better way to facilitate that than a trivia session. A virtual team trivia challenge can include questions related to fun job position anecdotes, personality matches, and likes and dislikes. Be sure to factor in trivia time limits, preparation durations, and fun prizes for an exciting event.

Some fun friendship and valentine’s trivia questions to include in this event are:

  • What is your friend’s favorite drink?
  • What is your friend’s love language?
  • Name their first pet?
  • What is your friend's most embarrassing moment?
  • Name the one thing that makes your friend really happy?

There are plenty of online websites to host a live virtual Trivia session.

Virtual Charades

If you want to celebrate the day with entertainment and acting, then a thrilling virtual charade is the perfect event for it. You can devise a fun charade word list with a romantic theme to complement the day or simply use an online word generator with a charade word list to play this game.

If you have a big team, then dividing participants by departments into Zoom breakout groups is the best way to organize this event.

Online Pictionary

A classic group game like pictionary is a great bonding event that will highlight your talented teammates and their drawing skills. Similar to virtual charades you can use Word Generator for an online pictionary game. A random team generator website will help you divide teams. Keep up the spirits of love and follow a theme of love and friendship for this event.

Games Night

Valentines day at work

A virtual games night with a Valentine’s theme is an exciting and competitive event for your team. You can combine multiple game activities and offer exciting prizes to the winning participants. Some popular Valentine's Day games ideas are:

  • Card games
  • Valentine's Day trivia
  • Love themed word scramble
  • Guess the romantic song its artist

Read our virtual games and shows ideas to get inspired before booking a game.

Virtual Food and Drinks Activities

Enjoy this Valentine’s Monday with good food, drinks, and great company.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Imagine spending a Monday tasting delicious wine and cheese while socializing with your work besties. Sounds amazing right! Setting up a virtual food and drinks event at the end of the day is a great way to commemorate the spirits of Valentine's Day.

However, this event requires advanced preparation. To organize this event you will need to set a budget, ask your employees to fill out a preference form, and ship their choice of products along with a cheese and wine tasting kit. You can also incorporate other virtual activities to make this more exciting. Although a tad bit tedious and expensive this event will definitely be a major hit.

Virtual Team Lunch

A virtual team lunch event idea is another great way to spend Valentine’s afternoon full of laughter and good food with your colleagues. There are many ways to facilitate this event. If you want a virtual potluck you can send out grocery store gift cards to all participants along with a menu list commemorating Valentine’s spirit.

Some fun Valentine's Day lunch menu ideas are:

  • Crab cakes
  • Lemon chicken piccata
  • Grilled salmon
  • Spaghetti carbonara
  • Steak and potatoes
  • Vegan chickpea curry
  • Chocolate cake
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Cupcakes

If you want a lunch event that does not involve cooking, then a gift card from a popular restaurant is also fun for a virtual lunch event. You can create a poll with top restaurant lists and menu ideas for a delightful experience.

Cooking Class

Valentines day at work

On par with the food and drinks events, an online cooking class is another exciting team event for Valentine's Day. There are tons of kits available for a virtual food and drinks event. To execute this event you need to set up a Zoom call and hire a professional chef to lead the class. Here are some menu ideas for a cooking class:

  • Cupcakes
  • Sushi
  • Pasta from scratch
  • Cheesecake
  • Thai chicken curry
  • Pizza
  • Carrot cakes
  • Beef tacos

You can make this cooking session even more interesting by allowing two to three amateur cooks from your office to volunteer and lead this class. Give them time to prepare their recipes and send out a list of the required ingredients. You can then give grocery store gift cards or have the ingredients shipped to your participants.

Virtual Artsy Events

Explore your drawing skills and other creative talents with these online arts and crafts activities.

Valentine’s Card Making

If you want to channel the inner artists of your teammates then this card making event is a fantastic remote activity. A handmade card on Valentine's Day will also induce nostalgia and bring back fond memories of professing one's love for their childhood crushes. To make this even better ask your participants to dedicate their Valentine’s card for a fellow colleague and you can later arrange for a courier.

Don’t forget to send out art and craft supplies in advance. You can arrange this virtual event over a Zoom session.

Paint and Sip

Valentines day at work

Imagine spending a fun day discovering your artistic skills while drinking your favorite beverage. Spending a Monday afternoon at a **painting party is an exciting event that your employees are guaranteed to love. Allow the participants to choose from a list of alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages and deliver the drinks along with a canvas and art supplies.

You can choose to hire a professional artist to lead this event or simply have a group painting session where the participants can paint of their free will. To commemorate this event and the unique art pieces you can attribute an office wall to the paintings.

DIY Gift Making

A DIY gift-making session is certainly a fitting activity for a virtual office Valentine's Day event. Make sure to deliver art, DIY, and craft items to the participants weeks in advance to give them enough time to brainstorm a fun DIY gift idea. You can integrate the essence of Valentine's Day into the event by asking the participants to DIY a gift for an assigned colleague.

Use a random pairing generator for partner assignments. At the end of the gift making session, each participant can display their gift and present it to their colleague with a short positive speech.

Embrace the Love and Spirit of Valentine’s Day

Organizing fun team building activities for Valentine’s Day can be stressful and arranging them for a virtual platform can make it more challenging. We hope that our list of top 15 virtual Valentine’s Day ideas for work will aid your brainstorming sessions and help you orchestrate the perfect event for your coworkers.


How do you celebrate Valentine's Day virtually with coworkers?

Celebrating Valentine's Day virtually with coworkers is easier than ever thanks to Zoom calls, and other online games and events organizing websites. Pick from our top 15 Virtual Valentine's Day ideas for work to get started.

What are some good virtual Valentine's Day ideas?

There are plenty of good virtual Valentine's Day ideas to choose from that include friendship trivia session, paint and sip, secret admirer event, Valentine’s party, cooking class, DIY gift making session, and wine and cheese tasting event. But you should choose the online Valentine’s Day activities that are best suited for your team rapports.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day apart?

Online Valentine’s Day activities and events are the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day apart. Zoom Video Communications, Microsoft teams, and other virtual communication platforms are great mediums for online celebrations. Virtual game websites and online activity kits will also help you celebrate Valentine’s Day while being away from each other.

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