Virtual Black History Month Activities for 2023

January 30th, 5:28 pm

Virtual Black History Month Activities for 2023

Celebrating diversity in the workplace form the crux of a safe and inclusive professional environment. The month of February offers the opportunity to practice inclusivity by commemorating Black History Month.

Simply limiting events and dialogues pertaining to Black History Month to just one month in a year is inexcusable. Nonetheless, dedicating celebratory and educative team events to empower Black history is a great initiative.

So, let us help you put together a month of Black History commemoration with the top 15 virtual Black History Month event ideas. Whether you are an employee, human resource officer, or team manager, use our tips for celebrating Black History Month in remote offices to establish and promote an inclusive work culture for your fellow colleagues.

In this guide we will cover:

  • Virtual Black History Month event ideas
  • Virtual Black History Month activities for adults
  • Workshops to promote workplace diversity
  • Remote art and cultural bonding activities

List of Top 15 Commemorative Virtual Black History Month Event Ideas For Your WorkPlace

Workshops and team activities that go a step beyond just promoting surface-level diversity and inclusivity are essential for any professional setting. In this upcoming Black History Month, learn how bias can impact diversity, memorialize prominent civil rights activists, and facilitate important dialogues about the current issues impacting the black community.

Below are the **virtual diversity workshops(( in honour of Black History Month.

Virtual Didactic Black History Month Event Ideas

Martin Luther King Jr. once famously said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. Informed dialogues, narrative stories, and shared experiences are one way to help harbour a safe environment for people of colour in a workplace setting.

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Below are the team building activities that promote virtual workplace diversity and provide educative experiences about the past and present stories relaying African American and Black struggle and perseverance.

Invite Inspirational Black Keynote Speakers

One great way to celebrate Black History Month is to organize motivational and informative events throughout the month. To do this you will need to invite three to four prominent African American motivational speakers to share their perspective and outlook on par with the month’s sentiment.

This event can be organized via a Zoom group call where all your coworkers will dedicate one hour each Friday evening in February. You can consult with the speakers and also organize a question and answer session after their speech.

Some influential African American Speakers you can invite are:

  • Isabel Wilkerson
  • Bryan Stevenson -Brittney Cooper
  • Mellody Hobson
  • Ruby Sales

Support your Black colleagues by listening to their experiences

There is no better way to celebrate Black History Month than providing your Black co-workers a platform to share their experiences. To do this event you can reach out to your Black teammates and inquire if they want to share stories, experiences, and speeches pertaining to the month.

You can then organize an evening or an afternoon virtual group call where the volunteers can share their stories. Remember to emphasize that this is a supportive and informative event that is entirely dedicated to making your colleagues feel heard in a safe space.

Monthly Homage to Civil Rights Activists

Black History Month Ideas

Learning about the Civil Rights Movement and the heroes who fought for equality for the African American population is an integral event for this month. To organize this event you can invite Civil Rights History experts or invite your coworkers to present an in-depth profile of their chosen activist.

You can organize a Zoom presentation or have employees share interesting facts or information about activists and the movement on a group message platform throughout the entire month.

Microaggression Workshop

Microaggressions in a professional environment create a discriminatory, unsafe, and unwelcoming environment for employees belonging to marginal groups. It is vital to have meaningful dialogues and informative sessions to challenge implicit bias and microaggressive behaviours. Don’t just limit this virtual workshop to Black History Month, but make it a recurring event.

It is essential to invite race and race discrimination experts with a human resources background to lead this workshop. For a successful workshop be sure to incorporate educational and participatory activities into this virtual employee training workshop.

Virtual Arts and Literature Black History Month Events

Black History Month Ideas

Celebrating African American History also entails cherishing its contribution to the world of literature and arts and below are some great ways to celebrate them remotely.

Start a Book Club

Imagine going home to snuggle up to a good book for an entire month and then having an appreciative group to discuss your feelings about the book. Sounds amazing right! This virtual event is an entertainment feast for all the book lovers in your office. You can start a suggestion poll to brainstorm and pick the top choices.

Choosing two to three books will be apt for the entirety of the month. You can then schedule an hourly book club meeting every Friday where all the participants will come together to share their perspectives on the book.

Some best selling Black and African American Literature are:

  • Kindred by Octavia E. Butler
  • The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley and Malcolm X
  • Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
  • The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Poetry Reading

Poetries are powerful agencies that invoke in-depth creative and appreciative feelings amongst their listeners and what better way to celebrate Black Literature and Art than a virtual poetry event. Take a poll and curate a list of famous poetry pieces by Black poets. You can also encourage employees to read any original poems resonating with the month. You can dedicate a weekend evening to this poetry reading session.

Paint and Learn About Black and African American Art

Black History Month Ideas

This online painting event requires pre-preparation where you will need to deliver canvases and art supplies to the participants. Invite teachers specializing in African American and Black art to lead this class. This event will incorporate art lessons and information about Black art history and the present.

Read our virtual arts and crafts activities for more ideas about remote painting events.

Virtual Black History Month Philanthropy Idea

Integrating virtual charity team building events into Black History Month remote activities is a great way to encourage kindness and boost morale at your company. Below is an idea for you to incorporate goodness into this month’s events.

Donate to Four Nonprofits that Support and Empower Black Communities

Elevating marginalized communities through unique charitable team building ideas is a great source of motivation for your coworkers to do good. This Black History Month, support Black-Led charities by allocating and donating company funds. Have an online discussion and create a poll to choose four nonprofits.

You can get in touch with the NGO representative to find further information about their community work. Once the NGOs are finalized donate company money and encourage your teammates to also donate. At the end of the month host a Zoom event to discuss the work of the NGOs.

Virtual Black History Month Game and Entertainment Events

Black History Month Ideas

Commemorating Black History Month with engaging entertainment and informative activities is an excellent way to celebrate the month.

Movie Night

Hosting a virtual group movie night is an easy task today thanks to the tons of group viewing websites. To facilitate this night you will need to take an employee poll and choose a movie that resonates with the spirits of this month.

Some top Black History Month movie picks are:

  • Selma
  • Just Mercy
  • Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
  • Hidden Figures
  • The United States Vs. Billie Holiday
  • Fences
  • The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

Black History Trivia

There are plenty of virtual games and shows that help teams bond. A virtual trivia challenge is an apt way to celebrate Black History Month that will be engaging and educational. This event requires you to research and create a trivia questionnaire. You can generate random team pairings and give a fun prize to the winning group.

Netflix Weekends

This Black History Month you can organize Netflix series weekend marathon sessions with Teleparty. You will need a Netflix account or simply ask if anyone is interested in volunteering their account and a chosen TV series. To land on the chosen TV show, it is essential to conduct a poll.

Some of the popular Netflix shows to binge for Black History Month are:

  • When They See Us
  • Black Earth Rising
  • Colin in Black and White

Black Owned Businesses Merchandise Reveal Party

Supporting black owned businesses is essential to closing racial wealth gaps and aiding the economical and social advancement of the African American and Black communities. This event is a great addition to commemorate this month. To organize this event you will need to send online Visa gift cards to all the participants.

You can then dedicate a Zoom group call where your coworkers get together to reveal their purchases from black owned businesses. You can also post the products and their links to market the business on social media platforms.

Virtual Black History Month Food and Drinks Events

Black History Month Ideas

Food and drink events serve as a great avenue to understanding diversities in communities and cultures. This Black History Month why not organize virtual food and drinks events to understand and celebrate African American and Black communities.

Cooking class

Organizing a virtual cooking class is possible thanks to team conferencing platforms and online cooking kits. Hot Bread Kitchen is offering tons of cooking classes to celebrate Black History Month. The website is offering classes with Chef Bintou of Nafi’s, Claude and Craig of CornBread26, and Chef Galdys of Sambuxa NYC.

You can also invite your choice of professional chefs to lead this class or vote on food menus and let a volunteer teammate teach this class.

Lunch Party with Gift Cards From Black-Owned Restaurants

Having team lunches increases employee bonding and celebrating it with delicious food from black-owned restaurants is a great idea. To execute this event, you will need to vote for two to three black-owned restaurants and deliver gift cards to your teammates. During lunch, participants can reveal the food they bought and can pair it with drinks to have a fun and lively event.

Alcohol Tasting Event with Black Owned Drink Businesses

Spending an evening or a weekend tasting wine and making cocktails is a fun way to bond with your teammates. In honour of Black History Month, you can organize this virtual event to support black-owned drink businesses. Look up black drink businesses near you and get in touch with them to deliver drinks to the participants. You can also merge virtual games to make the event more exciting.

Celebrate Black History Month with Informative and Reflective Events

Commemorating Black History Month through virtual events is crucial for addressing workplace microaggressions, educating employees, and creating a safe and inclusive work environment. It is important to practice sensitivity and respect your employees' experiences. Use our Top virtual Black History Month team building event ideas to organize thoughtful virtual activities to observe this month and promote diversity at the workplace.


What is Black History Month?

Black History Month is a celebration and observance month that commemorates African American and Black History, achievements, and contributions. This month is observed from February 1st till March 1st every year.

Why should you celebrate Black History Month at work?

Celebrating Black History Month at work is crucial to creating thoughtful dialogues and promoting inclusivity in a professional setting. Having informative and reflective virtual activities are essential for avoiding microaggressions at work. Being educated about African American and Black History and contributions collectively will also help further multiculturalism and diversity at work and in general society.

What are some good virtual Black History Month ideas for work?

There are several good virtual Black History Month ideas for work that provoke real dialogue necessary for reshaping workplace inclusivity. Some top inclusive virtual Black History Month event ideas are Educative events, discussion sessions, book clubs, Black History trivia, and team movie night.

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