Team Building activities in Berlin

Team Building activities in Berlin

Discover a selection of 4 Team Building activities in Berlin team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 4 Team Building activities...

Top-rated Team Building activities in Berlin

Building Emotional Intelligence
Building Emotional Intelligence
**Emotional intelligence is not just a 'plus' in a team - it’s a key to organically driving trust, resilience and performance.** In this workshop we will start the process and start getting your team closer to those results. You don't need the basics, you need a way forward, something that will take you to the next level, and this course will take you there. The outcomes? Research shows that once you establish this level of trust you can reasonably expect 50% more productivity, 106% more energy, 73% less stress, 13% less sick days… and all coming from an ethical, positive way of working. It's not about understanding emotional intelligence in theory, it's about breaking it down in practical, applicable, step-by-step lessons to improve your skills and bringing them actively into your leadership style. You will use these skills to: - Understand and control your emotional state. - Recognize group dynamics and sense conflicts before they arrive. Drive performance, inspire your team, create a resilient unit. - Enable people around you to grow, and be a reference for your team and other leaders. - Communicate at a higher level, collaborate better and enable others to do better whenever they are around you. *And of course, I’ll customize this session to address what your team wants and needs.*


Create a Natural Perfume in Berlin
Create a Natural Perfume in Berlin
Join us at our Atelier to learn how to create your own perfume in our professional perfume lab! You will learn what goes into a perfume, how to work with ingredients, and how to evaluate ingredients. Then we'll go into the lab and you'll use our wide library of 100% natural perfuming ingredients to construct a basenote, heart note and top note, then blend the notes together into your own perfume. Our perfumers will be with you to guide and advise you every step along the way. The evening will be relaxed, fun and informative. You will leave with your own bottle of perfume, and a much deeper understanding of the art of perfumery.

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Team Building In Berlin

Berlin is one of the most exciting artistic cities in Europe, dotted by lakes and natural parks. Your team can never run out of fun, energetic, and morale-building activities in this phenomenal city. There's quite so much to choose from, from art classes to gameshows, workshops, and professional events in this beautiful German capital.

Explore Berlin Waters

Have your team declutter a truckload of work stress as they tour the beautiful waters of Lake Tegel or the Muggelsee. You can choose from canoes, kayaks, or boats and have a trained and experienced professional dish out safety tips before each cruise.

Treetop Adventures

Have your team savor the beauty of nature while they test their strengths and brevity on treetops. Each climber is secured to a steel cable clamped on the zip wire. You'd also find a lineup of dishes at a nearby café to help your team cool down unsettled adrenaline from the rigorous climbing. They could even get to exchange a word or two over the biggest fears they experienced while they were a few feet above the ground.


Not from a 30,000 feet high plane, but from a 17m high prototype of the sky. This glazed chamber allows your team to collectively enjoy an experience similar to what diving from the sky really feels like. They'll never forget to bond over the experience.

Italian Pizza Making

An Italian dish in Germany? Not out of place at all. In fact, your team members will derive so much pleasure unleashing the chef in themselves during this course. Italian chefs with proven pizza-making expertise will run your team through this course using practical step-by-step methods to make yummy pizza. None of your employees would want to be caught without their aprons during this session.

Shooting at the Archery Range

If only you'd let your team members bond by firing 23-pound arrows at moving and static objects, you'll be able to find attention-loving individuals among them. Berlin is home to over a dozen archery ranges where your team can enjoy this experience. Each participant would be instructed by archery experts on proper positioning for pinpoint shots. They'd never be able to get over the excitement.

Ceramics Painting

Have you got a handful of creatives in your team? Then a sizzling session of ceramics painting would make for a perfect team-building activity in Berlin. In-person, one-on-one instructions will be provided for team members who are not art inclined. Each person or group gets to paint patterns on ceramics vessels of their choice. The most interesting part is they get to keep each item they paint, and it would serve as a constant conversation starter for them.


Berlin has more than enough morale-building activities your team can engage in, irrespective of their size. So whether you manage a team of 10 people or a team of 400 people, we've got something great for everyone. Simply reach out to us the moment you're ready to incorporate trust, interpersonal communication, and fun into your team.

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