Team Building activities in London

Team Building activities in London

Discover a selection of 15 Team Building activities in London team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 15 Team Building activitie...

Top-rated Team Building activities in London

Aromatherapy Candle Making Workshop
Aromatherapy Candle Making Workshop
Creating candles is a sensory experience that relaxes the mind by getting you in the flow and allowing you to focus only on the material and the scent. Learn to make your own beautiful candle at this lovely London craft class and learn about the calming effects of aromatherapy oils. Guided by your supportive teacher, you'll begin your candle making class by learning about the different benefits and healing therapies of a range of essential oils. You'll soon get lost in the calming scents around you and pick up lots of tips for creating natural fragrances. You will learn about fragrance families and what top, heart, and base notes are. You will then use a combination of essential oils to blend into your own soy wax candle. You will start by heating the wax, adding the essential oil blend, setting up the wick, and finish by pouring your own 170ml candle. All raw materials you'll use to make your candle are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and 100% natural. This eco-friendly candle making experience will leave you feeling good without any concerns about your impact on our precious planet. By the end of your relaxing candle making experience, you'll have your own aromatherapy candle to take home with you.
Botanical Blueprint with Cyanotype
Botanical Blueprint with Cyanotype
Learn to create your own blueprints from plants and explore the history of one of the earliest photographic processes from the comfort of your home! You will be equipped with a cyanotype mini set that will be sent to you over the post. This interactive workshop will introduce you to the basics of the cyanotype printmaking process using watercolour paper, cyanotype paint and sunlight to create your own botanical images. The cyanotype process allows one to create beautiful floral Prussian blueprints -Join me and learn about its history and chemistry. Join with your family or kids to experience a fun and creative time in the comfort of your home. Come to experience an enjoyable creative craft and learn new skills. By the end of the session, you'll have a new appreciation for printmaking and you'll go away with the basic knowledge of this crafting process, allowing you to continue cyanotype printmaking on your own. You'll also have some great botanical images to keep or share with loved ones!

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Team Building In London

Do you feel it is high time your team experienced something more thrilling than corporate conference meetings and workshops? Are you also looking to give their morale a boost in a diverse and multi-cultural environment? Then London should make a great location for you. London is home to many different cultures and diverse artistic expressions. So it surely does have a lot of exciting activities your team can partake in. Here’s a list we’ve created for you. All of the activities in this list have proven to enhance team spirit and get team members prepped to better work together.

Escape Rooms

Let your team members work hand-in-hand to solve puzzles in different rooms. You’ll need to split the team into smaller groups and have them brainstorm through different stages of the game. To enhance team building, team up employees who barely see or interact with one another at work. You can also team up with colleagues and their immediate superiors to improve rapport.


Do you wish to knock up the competitive nature of your team without pitting them against one another? Then the adventurous Bingo halls in London might be a great place to start. You can host your team in any of the popular Bingo halls in London and have them battle one another in a bean-counting tussle. Your team can also explore one another’s musical prowess by serving their cards with a popular song.

The London Shuffle Club

Get your team overflowing with adrenaline by taking them to the London Shuffle Club. You can book either the outdoor or indoor lanes or the tabletop sessions for a more exciting experience.

Scavenger Hunting

If you’ve got an adventure-hungry team, you can send them on an endless augmented reality scavenger hunt. There are hundreds of scavenger hunting games you can choose from. You can also customize an exciting game peculiar to your team to have them fully engaged.

Axe Throwing

Sharpen your team members’ accuracy and precision, and have them bond simultaneously in any of London’s axe throwing venues. This game requires that they’re split into groups of six, and the winner goes home with a pre-agreed prize. Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing and Bad Axe Throwing are spectacular places from which you can begin your search.

Sail the Regent Canal

Take your team on a boisterous sail across the Regent Canal in a canal boat, and your business would thank you. Team members can enjoy lively chatters as they savour the breathtaking view of the two-century-old Islington Tunnel and the King’s cross.

London Art Workshop

Let your team share some creativity at any of the art workshops in the heart of London. They can either show off their painting skills at Paint Jam or enjoy some muddy experience at the Craft Hen. At the end of their artistic sessions, let them unwind with a few glasses of soda or fruit juice as they relive their experiences in glorious chatters.


These are only a few ways London allows your team to bond like never before. Let us know which activity you prefer, and we can tailor them to meet your unique needs.

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