Team Building activities in Paris

Team Building activities in Paris

Discover a selection of 5 Team Building activities in Paris team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 5 Team Building activities...

Top-rated Team Building activities in Paris

Eclair Making in Paris
Eclair Making in Paris
French pastry is very well known the world over and there are many beautiful and delicious shops in France that only offer pastry. This experience will be based on the ""choux"" dough, from which the ""chouquettes"" are made. Did you know that behind the choux pastry hides the story of a very famous duchess? Did you know that the “mounted piece” wedding cake is also based on this famous dough? We will bake in a small group and have tea while enjoying the pastries! It's a wonderful luxury experience in Paris and a must-try French dessert! You will be immersed in the world of choux pastry; at the end of the workshop, the technique of making chouquettes will no longer hold any secrets for you !
Graffiti mural workshop in Paris
Graffiti mural workshop in Paris
The Street Art Paris graffiti mural workshop is taught by real, yes, real, Parisian graffiti artists. You’ll pick up the basic techniques of how to spray a can [press, hold, make sure not pointing in eyes] and design basic typography [initiation], but mainly, to conceive and then paint a large-scale graffiti mural as a group. How it works is that after getting over the novelty factor of using spraypaints [one minute spent writing name, drawing penis, etc] everyone works with pencil and paper to brainstorm ideas, which are gathered to form an overall concept and design.

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Team Building In Paris

Paris, one of the most elegant global locations, doubles as an excellent location for boundary-breaking fun with your team. Don't get worked up when you cannot make a quick choice because this French capital city is home to many awe-inspiring sites for team-building activities.

Top Chef Cooking Workshop

There definitely won't be any Paris without the exquisite cuisine prepared by professional chefs around this elegant city. You can take advantage of this feature to enhance your staff's working rapport and morale. With the help of an experienced chef, each of your team members will get to prepare a dish with organic ingredients. In the end, the chef or a connoisseur would taste each food to declare the winner and leave necessary feedback.

Film Making

Not only does Paris pride itself in its unlimited list of tasteful dishes, but it also boasts intriguing arts and entertainment. So, let your team create personalized entertainment by making their own film at the Ateliers du Métrage. This studio provides state-of-the-art equipment with which you can create any motion picture of your choice.

Cheese Tasting

There's absolutely no harm in tasting out French cheese with your team, except, of course, they are allergic to dairy products. But this activity is best for small teams and would have your employees quickly forming strong working ties over half a dozen farmstead cheese, bread, and wine. They also get to keep a cheese-tasting handbook and some other goodies.

Perfume Workshops

In which other parts of the world would you rather have your classic perfume produced? Perfume workshop will not only get your team communicating during the workshop. The exquisite fragrance of each perfume they make would always be there to remind them of this event and give them more reasons to bond.

Wine Tasting Workshops

Paris's unrivaled cuisine will make less sense if there aren't classic wines to go with them. So have your team take an adventurous visit to one of Paris's finest wine cellars. They can also get firsthand experience making wine from scratch if they're lucky.

Singing Contest

Paris also has elegant music studio owners who derive pleasure in prepping your team and helping them record songs. These studios also have skilled singers to analyze each group's song, pick out a winner, and hand them a trophy with your brand's details engraved on it.

Bubble Bump

You'd find no greater joy elsewhere than in watching and filming your team members, all bubbled up and combating one another in the spirit of sports. The Bubble bump game shares a few rules with soccer and can be played within small groups of 5 individuals.

Commando Training

Have your team let off steam in military-style by engaging them in some commando training in Paris. They'll be able to build resilience and interact with one another as they undergo the nocturnal orientation, the commando obstacle, and the close combat training.


The decision to build trust and an amicable atmosphere around your team members makes wise business decisions. And choosing Paris for this building is simply brilliant. So reach out to us to book the team-building activity most appropriate for your team.

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