Employee Training in Berlin

Employee Training in Berlin

Discover a selection of 1 Employee Training in Berlin team building activities that are perfect for your team. Onsite.fun team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 1 Employee Training in Ber...

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Building Emotional Intelligence
Building Emotional Intelligence
**Emotional intelligence is not just a 'plus' in a team - it’s a key to organically driving trust, resilience and performance.** In this workshop we will start the process and start getting your team closer to those results. You don't need the basics, you need a way forward, something that will take you to the next level, and this course will take you there. The outcomes? Research shows that once you establish this level of trust you can reasonably expect 50% more productivity, 106% more energy, 73% less stress, 13% less sick days… and all coming from an ethical, positive way of working. It's not about understanding emotional intelligence in theory, it's about breaking it down in practical, applicable, step-by-step lessons to improve your skills and bringing them actively into your leadership style. You will use these skills to: - Understand and control your emotional state. - Recognize group dynamics and sense conflicts before they arrive. Drive performance, inspire your team, create a resilient unit. - Enable people around you to grow, and be a reference for your team and other leaders. - Communicate at a higher level, collaborate better and enable others to do better whenever they are around you. *And of course, I’ll customize this session to address what your team wants and needs.*


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What is Employee Learning and Development?

You often hear about learning and development when there are talks about training or skills. But what is its meaning? First, we define the individual words that comprise it. Learning refers to the act of acquiring knowledge, attitudes, and skills, while development is concerned with expanding that knowledge on a long-term basis in alignment with one’s development goals. Learning and development is a process aimed primarily at improving a person by using systems in place to increase and hone knowledge and skills.

Why Employee Training is important?

Too often, the skills and knowledge of team members do not necessarily meet the needed requirements of the organization. That is the gap that learning and development must bridge. They do so by identifying what these skill gaps are. Once identified, strategies are employed to develop and train employees so that the gap is closed. When the employees’ goals are aligned to that of the organization, teams feel more fulfilled, career progression is seamless, and the organization’s performance is defined.

Like team building, learning in groups provides the opportunity to develop or better yet reinforce skills that are relevant to both individuals and teams. Ultimately, the goal of learning in a group setting is to work on building the team’s collaboration skills. In the workplace, most, if not all, of our work is interdependent. We find ourselves always reaching out to others in basically everything from solving a crisis to launching a new project.

What are the types of Employee Learning and Development?

There is no one way to train and develop employees. Each person is unique and not many have the same skill set. Here are some of the different types of learning and development strategies to engage your employees:
  • Technical training (or Technology training): training employees on the technological facets of the job (software, CRM, etc.).
  • Soft Skills Training: training employees on communication, teamwork, leadership, and other skills that enable them to relate to their work.
  • Team training: similar to soft skills training but is done with a group to improve collaboration, team relationships, and productivity
  • Professional development training: training employees to help them improve their quality of life in areas like stress management, resiliency at work, building confidence, and many others.

How to Improve Employee Training?

To improve employee training, managers and supervisors should periodically evaluate the needs of their employees, take the necessary steps to provide training that is relevant, and make sure that employees are actively participating in the training process. Employees can improve their own training by taking advantage of every opportunity to learn, as well as by seeking additional training when necessary.
  1. Provide employees with opportunities for continuous learning.
  2. Encourage employees to pursue professional development opportunities.
  3. Provide employees with opportunities to train others.
  4. Provide employees with tools and opportunities to improve their own performance.
  5. Encourage employees to participate in collaborative learning projects.

What is Remote Employee Training?

Remote employee training (RET) is a training program offered online to employees to educate them, improve job performance, or promote a company’s culture. Employees who require training can access their lessons on-demand. RET also minimizes downtime for employees.

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