Virtual Murder Mystery Games

Virtual Murder Mystery Games

Discover a selection of 5 Virtual Murder Mystery Games team building activities that are perfect for your team. team building activities have the best hosts for hanging out with the people that you interact with every day. Prices start at $16 per person, and escape rooms and mixology workshops are popular options for team building activities. Either way, you'll find an activity for everyone's needs.
Discover a selection of 5 Virtual Murder Mystery G...

Top-rated Virtual Murder Mystery Games

Discover Korea with Squid Game
Discover Korea with Squid Game
I designed it to make you feel immersed in Korea in the most fun way. It will bring lots of laughs and connect to each other! It is fully interactive, with loads of Fun Games including True vs False, Scavenger hunts, Trivia & so much more. All personality types is welcomed. You will have lots of laugh and learn fun stories and secrets and It's gonna be unforgettable experience!


The Murder Mansion Mystery Game
The Murder Mansion Mystery Game
Enter the mansion of the mysterious British Lord Samuel Plommer and dive into a clever and hilarious murder mystery. Who killed the Lord? Was it the disgruntled housekeeper? The envious brother? The Israeli cabinet minister with a secret in his past? In "Murder Mansion" you are both the detectives and the suspects. Play it with a group of friends, your family or with your co-workers.


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What are virtual murder mystery games?

Virtual murder mystery games revolve around detectives and their role as crime-solvers. These games are often played via Zoom or Skype or other platforms and there are many options available, from books to downloadable scripts to fully hosted events. The actors/players follow the story's script where they have to answer specific questions asked by the game master, usually a moderator who helps keep the action moving along smoothly while still being able to play some small part in the overall plot of the game.

How do you play virtual murder mystery games?

Virtual murder mystery games are like films that play out using a combination of characters and screenwriters in real time over the internet. Often they involve some form of dramatic script, although sometimes they are improvised. There are several options for these kinds of online live theater performances, from books to downloaded scripts (usually PDFs), hosted by providers that have servers set up specifically for this purpose or via Jam-type apps.

What are some free virtual murder mystery games?

There are of course a number of murder mystery games that focus on a theme, for example Agatha Christie’s classic And then there were none or the new release by Her Interactive; Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy. But one of our current favorites is called Butler Kicks the Bucket, which is based on an “old school” idea, where all the party guests are characters in a play and when they die, well… you get the picture!

What are good virtual murder mystery themes?

While some murder mysteries revolve around popular themes such as Prohibition and the roaring 20s, many of our consultants have a solid grasp on virtual murder mystery writing and can create concepts based on your product or service using an amusing yet engaging storyline that will entertain and pique the interest of your guests. You’ll be surprised to learn that just about any niche can provide a rich background for a unique virtual murder mystery.

What are some good online murder mystery ideas?

The best idea for hosting murder mystery parties is to enlist the help of a host who's willing and able to gather a number of people together (ranging from 15 - 30 guests) who would fit in well with your chosen theme. A great party host should be capable of keeping their guests engaged both in-character and out over the course of several hours without falling into character themselves. It's also nice if the person leading the murder mystery pertains to some sort of expertise you require, like supporting technology or simply a natural talent at seeing that games move along rapidly with few hiccups.

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