15 Virtual Earth Day Activities

March 30th, 8:24 am

15 Virtual Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is just around the corner - Sunday, April 22nd, and you might be wondering what you can do to celebrate. This year, we looked up some Earth Day activities and found some that we can do right in our living room or without much group contact. We’ve got 15 activities that are perfect for celebrating Earth Day.

In this list you will find ideas that include:

  • Earth Day games

  • Earth Day event ideas

  • Earth Day activities for adults

  • Earth Day employee engagement ideas

  • Environment activities for kids

  • Environment Day activity ideas

Let's into it and see some initiatives:

1. Create an Earth Day Photo Album

Grab a few pieces of paper and a printer, and use them to create an Earth Day photo album. You can print out images from your computer or even go out into the world and take pictures of something green in your community. Find some cool scrapbooking materials at any local craft store, like stickers, ribbon, beads and more. Then get creative with how you want to decorate the pages - glue everything down or tie it up with ribbons!

We love the inspiration picture that National Geographic put together.

2. Downsize your Footprint

Have you ever stopped for a second and analyze your daily footprint? It’s time to do that. Try to think about what you use and how much of it is used in a day. How many cups of water, paper towels, disposable dishes? Make sure you are only buying items if they will be used on an ongoing basis or could be easily recycled. Remember not to buy things just because they have a nice package!

3. Create an Environmental Poster

Brainstorm with a group of friends or your team about how you want to save the planet. Make a list of ideas and choose the ones that you think are most achievable for your group. Once your team has settled on an idea, make a poster about it! For example, maybe someone wants to get their company inv

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olved in recycling or someone else wants to create less plastic packaging in grocery stores by having shoppers bring their own containers when they buy food. Look up ways others have created posters with slogans or beautiful illustrations.

4. Terrarium workshop

Terrariums are mini gardens that can be planted with all sorts of greenery. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors indoors! Terrarium building is one of the funnier ways to celebrate Earth Day remotely. Buy the supplies yourself or get your own virtual kit and enjoy a practice that illustrates a lesson on habitats.

5. Make Reusable Earth Day Shirts

What is Earth Day without a shirt to show your support? Create shirts that reflect what you're passionate about and use them as reminders. You can make one for yourself or try and get the whole office involved in creating one together. It shouldn’t be too complex and you will have extra points if you are making on with an old shirt.

6. Earth Day Trivia

It’s been over 40 years since the day we established Earth Day and many people seem to think that it doesn’t have a lot of significance anymore. Test with colleagues how much do you know about the earth and sustainability. You can create as much question as you would like by digging into curiosities that people might find interesting. An example: What is the second-largest rainforest in the world? or What’s a group of parrots called?

Assign people in different breakout rooms to simplify the team formation process. Answer the questions with a time limit and find out who is the most eco-savvy.

7. Make a No-Waste Lunch

One of the most important ways to celebrate Earth Day is by being mindful of our actions. Consider bringing your lunch with you this week, instead of relying on take-out and fast food, and see how much trash that saves. We can recommend cook something with your team while trying to produce as little to no trash. You can also try bringing a reusable water bottle with you in order to reduce the waste generated from plastic bottles. (Expert tip: Get a bottle with some swag or general branding for your team)

8. Online Nature Tours

Earth Day is a great time to explore the natural world. Explore nature preserves, zoos, parks, gardens, forests, and environmental wonders without leaving home. nature. There are amazing resources that can be self-led (async) or others lead by expert guides via Zoom.

9. Nature Hike Scavenger Hunt

Pick a time and place to explore your community. You can try to make it a nature hike or a scavenger hunt. The only thing you need to do is go outside and see what's around you. Take photos of your discoveries, and upload them to a website like Facebook, or just post them on social media. Some great inspiration

10. Plant a Tree

Get involved in the cause - it's not just about planting trees, but also about getting people involved in the eco-system. Planting trees can provide food, oxygen, housing and shelter for us and our future generations. Feel free to support smaller and more-locally based environmental philanthropies. You could either ask staff to donate to or bring a hand and help on the plantation in-situ.

11. Create a Green Living Wall

When vertical gardens are used on the interiors of buildings, they can help improve air quality and act as a three-dimensional, living piece of artwork, providing an aesthetic component as well as a health element. Make your own vertical plant walls: Use silk plants as a decoration, succulents and cacti as a decoration, making an artistic interpretation of leaves and berries using moss. Using floating plants with deep green colour while making a mobile out of plants or use your fireplace to show off the pattern of floating plants. Let your creativity fly!

12. Join a volunteering cause

For many, the best thing to do on Earth Day is to help others. You can make a difference in the world and help other people. Sign up for your local chapter of Tread Lightly, volunteer for Earth Day at an environmental organization, or join a community service club to lend a hand to others in your community.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Clean up litter

  • Plant trees

  • Tend to a community garden

  • Collect compostable materials

  • Run a pop-up farmers market

  • Install low-energy lightbulbs

13. Help spruce up your neighbourhood

For those who live in a place with less help than others, you can plant trees and clean up your community on Saturday. Many communities host cleanup efforts, which can be simply a simple walk and flag-waving exercise or a full-on party where you can explore the community, as well as plants trees, watch birds and learn about the environment.

14. Reduce Waste with composting classes

How are you making sure you reduce waste this Earth Day? Do you have a composting bin? Do you keep an extra bag in your car so you can reuse it? Do you know how to get rid of food waste? There are so many ways that you can make a difference. You don’t have to go out and do tons of extra work just to be more eco-friendly, and Earth Day is the perfect time to start or add to your everyday habits. Make Earth Day a great way to make a difference!

15. Animal Visits

Whether in-person or virtual, animal visits give audiences up-close access to a wide variety of local or exotic animals and a chance to learn about animal habits and habitats. This day of the year will probably be very packed so we will recommend you to schedule a visit to zoos, farms or animal sanctuaries.

Did you know that you could also make symbolic animal adoptions? You could contribute meaningfully to this cause by adopting an animal and helping with animal conservation. Some of the organizations are:

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