Celebrate Virtual St Patrick's Day at Work in 2023

March 11th, 1:41 pm

Celebrate Virtual St Patrick's Day at Work in 2023

The commemoration and observation of St Patrick’s Day every March 17th, has evolved into a joyous occasion of food, drinks, and parades. Integrating the celebrations of Irish culture and observing the death of the patron saint of Ireland in your office space is vital for achieving inclusivity and respect.

Do not let the virtual office space limit your interactions and celebratory events for this occasion. Let us guide you on ideas for St Patrick’s Day staff appreciation. Create a safe and welcoming space for your teammates who observe this day with our top ten St Patrick’s Day office ideas.

This guide is for team leaders, human resources managers, or volunteers looking to integrate virtual workplace diversity based events and celebrate their Irish co-workers.

This St Patrick’s Day office events idea guide will cover:

  • St Patrick’s Day themes
  • St Patrick’s Day virtual events
  • St Patrick’s Day fun at work
  • Ideas to commemorate St Patrick’s Day at work

Celebrate the Culture and Foundational Beliefs of your Irish American Teammates this St Patrick’s Day

St Patrics Day at work

Integrating green clothing and green accessories to commemorate the spirits of the Emerald Isle and Irish Americans into your workspace is a great initiative that displays inclusivity. If you are looking to incorporate the pompous and festive atmosphere from the streets of America to your office on St Patrick’s Day, then these office events are for you.

Whether you are searching for virtual happy hour ideas, food tasting events, or in-person office workshops, we have got you cove

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This March 17th, use our office event ideas to observe St Patrick’s Day with respect, commemoration, and festivities.

Embrace the Festivities of St Patrick’s Day Virtually or at Your Office with Irish Food and Drinks

Let the bite of creamy mashed potatoes and a sip of crisp cold beer, warm your tummy and soothe your throat this 17th. Observing a day with food and drink events is an ultimate bonding experience in a workplace setting. It creates an informal and welcoming environment for your co-workers to get to know each other.

This St Patrick’s Day host ample fun food and drink events to educate and celebrate Irish food culture. Let us help you plan successful team building activities and unburden you from the added stress with our ideas below.

Party and Bond with Famous Irish Cocktails, Beers, and Drinks

Organizing a virtual food and drink event is easier than ever, thanks to group call platforms and virtual event kits. This event is also great for an in-person office party. Celebrating St Patrick’s Day without Irish cocktails and beers is almost incomplete. This event requires ample preparation, but we got you covered.

If you are orchestrating a drinks event remotely, then you should deliver cocktail chasers and spirits or beers to the participants' houses. If it is an in-person event then you should pre-order the drinks.

Some famous Irish cocktails and beers are:

  • Lime sherbet punch
  • Guinness
  • Hot toddy
  • Classic Mint Julep
  • Spicy Jalapeño Margarita

For participants who opt for a non-alcoholic beverage, a virgin mint mocktail, green smoothies, and virgin margaritas are great options.

Enjoy Delicious Irish Food while Learning about Irish Culture

Spending a Thursday afternoon with hearty delicious meals while learning more about St Patrick’s Day and Irish culture sounds exhilarating! To organize this event you will need to scout the best Irish restaurants near your office space. Once your participants have picked the top three restaurants you can give them a VISA gift card for their orders.

You can host this event virtually via Zoom events or in-person.

Learn to Bake with St Patrick’s Day Dessert Making Class

St Patrics Day at work

Virtual food and drinks events have become the norm for team building events. If your teammates have a sweet tooth and love baking, then this event is a sure way to win their hearts. You can invite a guest Irish baker or ask an Irish American colleague to volunteer. Remember to pre-order baking ingredients by deciding on your dessert menu.

Some popular Irish desserts are:

  • Irish Apple Cake
  • Carrageen Moss Pudding
  • Guinness Chocolate Mousse
  • Irish Plum Pudding

Get Energized and Have Fun with Irish Coffee Recipes

The need for a coffee rush is a well-known feeling across all workplaces. So, why not embrace that desire this St Patrick’s Day and spend a day with Irish coffee. Organize a coffee brewing workshop and lookup at Irish coffee recipes and enjoy your hard work.

You will need to deliver Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and fresh cream to the participants for this event. You can amp up the festivities by adding Irish cream liqueurs.

Learn the Tricks and Techniques for a Perfect Session of Whisky Tasting

Who doesn’t want to be an Irish whiskey connoisseur! This St Patrick’s Day is the perfect occasion that will allow your coworkers to learn and embrace their inner whiskey lover. Discover the Whisky tasting experience by learning drinking etiquettes, brewing process, and drinking tips.

This is a great in-person St Patrick’s Day office event idea where your colleagues can pair up to learn and enjoy the whisky tasting process. Some famous Irish whiskeys you can order include Jameson, Dead Rabbit, Bushmills Original, and Tullamore D.E.W. Original.

Learn and Explore Irish Stories and Facts this St Patrick’s Day with Didactic and Educational Team Building Events

St Patrics Day at work

The path to inclusivity and diversity comes through education and what better way to commemorate St Patrick’s Day than learning about it. You can orchestrate these events both in-person and remotely depending on your office setting. Remember to first approach your coworkers with Irish heritage to discuss the contents of these events.

There is no better heritage than some beer tasting at home.

Commemorate Irish Stories Through an Irish Movie Watch Party

Imagine waking up to the excitement of a Friday after spending a Thursday night watching beautiful stories. This St Patrick’s Day you can do just that and spend the evening bonding with your coworkers while appreciating Irish cinema. You can use Watch2Gether and create a room for the perfect virtual movie viewing experience.

For those with an in-person office order popcorns, pillows, and blankets for your teammates to have a cosy movie evening experience. You can conduct a poll to choose your movie showing.

Some Irish movies you can choose from are:

  • The Wind that Shakes the Barley
  • Brooklyn
  • Black 47
  • Wolfwalkers
  • Sing Street
  • The Siege of Jadotville

Get Competitive with Virtual Trivia About St Patrick’s Day

Channel the inner competitors of your co-workers and get them learning through a virtual trivia challenge event. A trivia challenge is a great way to incorporate an educational experience whilst creating a fun environment. This is also a great team bonding event that allows the participants to get to know each other.

The organization of this competition requires you to do your homework. You will need to assemble a team of volunteers to prepare the trivia questions. This process demands in-depth research time. Remember to generate multiple questions that will match the number of participants.

You will need to provide the participants with preparation time by informing them about an upcoming St Patrick’s Day themed virtual trivia event. You can either generate random pairings or pair teammates manually to get this event started. Lastly, don’t forget to add fun prizes for the trivia winners.

Discover the History and Significance of St Patrick’s Day

St Patrics Day at work

The occasion of St Patrick’s Day brings forth a celebration of Irish American nationalities and beliefs along with a day full of drinking and partying. It is crucial to learn about the significance of St Patrick’s Day to commemorate this occasion with your fellow Irish teammates.

This event is a great virtual team building activity that activates memorization and learning spirit. To host this event invite an Irish and St Patrick’s Day history expert who can organize a workshop with interesting facts and question and answer sessions. You can also ask your Irish teammates to volunteer to lead this workshop.

Exciting In-Person St Patrick’s Day Office Activities

In-person offices are slowly coming back into our professional lives and that opens up space for ample festivities this St Patrick’s Day. It is still extremely vital to practice safe social distancing while enjoying these events.

Restaurants and bars have opened up to offer their regular services and amalgamating St Patrick’s Day office events with these places is a fun idea. Below are two exciting office event ideas on par with the joyous festivities of St. Patrick’s Day.

Host a Green St Patrick’s Day Party

St Patrics Day at work

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day themes at your office parties is a great way to observe and commemorate the day with high spirits. The office party celebration scale can be upscaled or downscaled depending on your events budget. To host this party you must first send out invites specifying St Patrick’s Day green themes. Remember to give your attendees time to prepare their outfits.

Once the invites are sent it’s time to get down to the party planning session. You can ask your teammates to volunteer for a party planning committee. You will need Irish whiskeys, Irish cream liqueurs, Irish cocktails, and Irish beers to organize this party. You will also need to purchase non-alcoholic Irish mocktails ingredients to cater to your non-drinking teammates.

You can also order popular Irish snacks on Amazon that include Tayto Crisps, Jacob’s Cream Crackers, Hunky Dory Crisps, and Jam Mallows Biscuits. You can also send out community guidelines for this party event to maintain proper workplace decorum.

Go Bar Crawling with Your Co-Workers

St Patrick’s Day celebrations without bar crawling are incomplete. Why not organize an evening of bar-hopping activity to bond with your team members. This is an outdoor event that requires proper budget planning and distribution. You can allocate a funding limit per person to maintain your budget.

You can also combine drinking games, icebreakers, and other fun get to know you activities at each bar for a fun bonding experience. You can also organize parade watching while bar crawling for further cheer and festivities. Remind your colleagues to wear or accessorize in green while celebrating this cultural event.

Spend a Day Filled With Learning and Celebration of the Stories and Culture of St Patrick’s Day

St Patrics Day at work

Be it a virtual team building activity or an in-person celebratory event, organizing bonding and educational events at your office this St Patrick’s Day is a great way to observe Irish history and culture. Incorporate respectful and didactic workshops to showcase St Patrick’s Day staff appreciation gestures.

This St Patrick’s Day celebrate the diversity in your workplace and learn the cultural stories your Irish American and Irish colleagues have to share. We hope our top ten fun team bonding ideas allow for an exciting St Patrick’s Day of fun at work.


What are virtual St. Patrick's Day parties?

Virtual St. Patrick’s Day parties are team bonding events that commemorate and celebrate the spirits of this Irish holiday. St. Patrick’s Day virtual party ideas can be orchestrated on Zoom events. You can include drinking Irish beers and cocktails while connecting with your coworkers, Irish whiskey virtual tasting party, and Green clothing and accessories themed virtual office party.

Why should you throw a virtual St. Patrick's Day party?

You should throw a virtual St. Patrick’s Day party to create a space of inclusion and diversity celebrations. By hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party you observe and celebrate the histories and cultures of your Irish American and Irish coworkers. This virtual party is also a great team bonding experience.

How do you respectfully celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Whilst the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day has evolved into a day of drinking, partying, and having fun. It is also vital to observe the significance of the day along with the festivities. You can respectfully celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at your office by incorporating didactic and educational events into your day.

What should I bring to work on St. Patrick's Day?

The items you will bring to work on St. Patrick’s Day should be on par with the day’s upcoming events. You can bring green accessories including green beads, headbands, and Shamrock glasses. You can also come dressed in green to celebrate the occasion.

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