Creative Ideas for Office Events and Holidays

October 4th, 9:58 am

Creative Ideas for Office Events and Holidays

Every employee loves the holidays. Not just because they'll be away from work, but because holidays are excellent times to cool off and have some creative fun – even as a team. When your team members can relax and express their creativity, you enhance productivity and team building.

Some creative holiday ideas you can add to your monthly workplace events calendar are listed below. Feel free to use the ones that are compatible with your workplace.


  • New Year's Celebration

You may not exactly be at your workplace on January 1st, but you can schedule a fun virtual office event on that day. As a tip, you can have each employee announce their silly new year's resolutions.

  • Compliment Day.

On January 24th, you can have your team members complement one another's dressing, efforts and speech. Make it fun by including humorous compliments to the list.

  • Keep Your Desk Clean Day

This office event idea slated for January 14th will keep your employees on their toes. The member whose desk is the cleanest gets a price, and the most unkempt one gets to carry a tag for a week!

  • Puzzle Day

If your office is full of intelligent, fast-thinking people, mark your workplace events calendar for National Puzzle Day on January 29th. You can enjoy puzzle games such as crosswords, Sudoku, and jigsaws at break time.

  • Croissant Day

How about you serve your team members a sumptuous croissant breakfast on January 30th.

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  • Chinese New Year

You may not be in China, but you can choose to celebrate this Asian country's new year on February 5th – especially if you have Chinese employees among your workforce.

Discover Asian Heritage Activities now.

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  • Clear Your Computer Day

    On February 11th, you can celebrate Clear Your Computer Day by having your employees clear their cache and delete unnecessary files from the computers. You can also delegate some members to create a fun awareness during lunch hours.
  • Valentine's Day

Mark up your office calendar to accommodate a corporate display of love and gratitude among your team members on February 14th. You can also have everyone wear a touch of red to give your workplace the look of Valentine.

  • Random Acts of Kindness

The world needs kind acts every day, but you can set out February 17th for a corporate display of kindness. Have each member of your team show some service to random strangers, and each act applauded by the entire team.

  • Tortilla Chip Day

How about you all relax to a big bowl of tortilla chips and roasted red pepper dip in the conference room during lunch every February 24th?

Discover Hispanic Heritage Activities for the day.


  • National Disabilities Month

You may not have a disabled person in your team, but National Disabilities Month is an excellent reason to reach out to those in your community. You can organize a charity event where you and your team supply aiding equipment to these people.

  • Employee Appreciation Day

Seize every March 1st to appreciate your employees, and let them know their efforts are recognized.

Discover Employee Appreciation Activities for the day.

  • Beginning of Spring

Mark the end of chilly winter months by introducing a green, leafy or flowery scene in your workplace. You can also have your employees gift one another fresh flowers or plants.

  • Pi Day

Office Events

On March 14th, at precisely 3:14 pm, you have your food-loving staff treat the entire office to delicious dishes of pie.

  • Puppy Day

You can open your office doors to puppies every March 23rd to animate your workplace. Employees can tag along with their puppies, or you can have a shelter bring some adorable ones over.


  • April Fool's Day

Your team can enjoy an exhilarating workday on April 1st by playing some office pranks on one another. Oops! Don't forget to check with your office policies beforehand.

  • Financial Literacy Month

You can mark several hours or weekends in this Financial Literacy Month to educate your members on financial matters. Seminars, workshops and even financial games will do just fine.

  • Stress Awareness Month

The health of your employees determines their contributions at work. So, please take out the month of April to keep them informed on stress management. Discover Mental Health Activities for the day.

  • National Volunteer Month

Throughout April, you and your team can choose to volunteer in your local community or with international bodies like the UN, Red Cross and other charity organizations.

  • Look-Alike Day

On April 20th, you can engage your employees by having them dress, speak and imitate any of their colleagues.


  • National Nurses Day

Even if you do not run a medical organization, you can collectively appreciate the nurses in your community hospitals on May 6th every year.

  • National Bike Month

Your team can build and gift bikes to school children in your community to commemorate National Bike Month.

  • Receptionist Day

Have you got a courteous receptionist handling your front desk? Appreciate them on National Receptionist Day on the second Wednesday of May.

  • Pizza Day

On May 17th, you and your team can feast on the largest pizza you can find to celebrate Pizza Day.

Discover Cooking and Baking activities for the day.

  • Mental Health Awareness Month

Office Events

Throughout May, you can mark up your workplace events calendar for educating your employees or community on mental health.


  • National Safety Month

To mark National Safety Month, you can tighten your office safety measures and create awareness of workplace safety. Both your team members and neighbouring communities can benefit from this awareness.

  • World Environment Day

To mark World Environment Day on June 5th, you can collaborate with your team members to clean up the streets and your office area. You can also sensitize your community on protecting the environment.

Read more about Earth Day.

  • The Birth of Baseball

Baseball was invented on June 12th, 1839. To mark this day, you can take your team to a baseball court and get down with some fun competition among yourselves. If you'd instead not leave the office, help yourselves to some baseball-themed snacks at lunchtime.

  • International Picnic Day

If baseball is not enough reason to take you and your team outdoors, then International Picnic Day should. Spend time munching some delicious meals together in the open air.

  • Juneteenth

Office Events

Mark June 19th – a phenomenal day in the United States – with the U.S. flag themes and a good lunch for all.

  • Pride Month

Nobody should be discriminated against or fired simply because their sexual orientation and gender identity. In the not-too-distant past, coming out of the closet was often cause for termination and blacklisting. Despite progressive anti-discrimination laws and a growing mainstream acceptance of the LGBTQ+ rights movement, there are many places in the United States and abroad where individuals are pressured to keep their identities secret on or face professional consequences.

Discover fun and insightful activities for the Pride Month in June.


  • International Joke Day

Ease some work tension on July 1st by throwing jokes around the office. Let the funniest jokes win fun prizes.

  • Independence Day

You can still mark July 4th after the holiday or by organizing a virtual independence event for your team.

  • Ice Cream Day

Sure enough, the summer heat will prompt you to cool off with yummy-flavored ice cream in celebration of Ice Cream Day on July 21st. Your team can scoop from a single bucket to make the event more enjoyable.

  • System Administration Appreciation Day

Mark the System Administration Appreciation Day (created by Ted Ketakos in 1999) every July 26th by appreciating your admins. Send them gifts or present an appreciation speech to them.

  • International Friendship Day

Celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30th by appreciating your work pals. You can even bring your best friend to work if your policies permit such.


  • Ice Cream and Sandwich Day

In your workplace events calendar, mark up August 2nd for some ice cream and sandwich lunch with your team. It's the Ice Cream and Sandwich Day!

  • Dollar Day

Office Events

Commemorate the day the first dollar bill was printed in the U.S. (August 8th). You can hide dollar bills around the office, and those who find them get to keep them. You can also decorate your office with dollar-themed items.

  • International Left-Handers Day

Appreciate the left-handers in your team, and challenge the right-handers on August 13th by daring everyone to write with their left for one hour.

  • Wizard of Oz

Treat yourself to a few scenes of the Wizard of Oz during lunchtime to mark the day the movie premiered.

  • Eat Outdoors Day

Enjoy a healthy amount of fresh air and vitamin D with your team to celebrate Eat Outside Day on the last day of August.


  • National Payroll Week

From the 3rd to September 7th, you can celebrate National Payroll Week by intimating your team members on essential payroll matters.

  • Labor Day

Celebrate the relevance of work in society by hosting an in-house parade or picnic in your office on September 3rd. You can also invite school kids to make the parade more intriguing.

  • Read a Book

Mark Read a Book Day in grand style by having your team bring their best literary piece to work on September 6th. You can also supply a local library or charity with some books.

  • Working Parents Day

Office Events

Celebrate the Working Parents Day on September 16th by showing your colleagues who are parents some extra TLC!

  • Imitate a Pirate Day

On September 19th, your team members, especially the customer support department, can mark the Imitate a Pirate Day by speaking like pirates.


  • International Coffee Day

Add some extra jugs of espresso in your office dining area to celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1st. Better still, your team can spend lunchtime in a Starbucks near you. What's even better why don't you check a Virtual Coffee Tasting Experience?

  • National Denim Day

The fashion world would not be incomplete without denim. You and your team can celebrate National Denim Day by rocking corporate denim attire on October 16th without interrupting your work schedule.

  • National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Seize this commemoration to beef up your cyberspace security and enlighten your team on cyber security.

  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Educate your team and the street on disability employment awareness throughout the month, or volunteer to help the disabled around you. Be My Eyes is an excellent place to start.

  • National Boss Day

Even bosses deserve to receive some accolades at the workplace. Seize the opportunity presented by National Boss Day on October 16th to appreciate your boss in grand style.

  • Halloween

By the end of October, celebrate the scariest day of the year with your team. We've curated a selection of activities for the week.


  • Veterans Day

Office Events

Show love to the people who have made sacrifices for the nation's security on this special Veterans Day. Let your team have a picnic with a veteran's family every November 11th, or send veterans birthday surprises each year.

  • America Recycles Day

Paint America a greener place every November 15th by creating recycling awareness in your community.

  • International Accountant Day

Appreciate your accountants in grand style on November 10th for holding the finances of your organization together.

  • World Kindness Day

Be particular about showing kindness to your colleague on November 13th, World Kindness Day, or do some charitable teambuilding activity together.

  • Thanksgiving

Just before everyone drives home to celebrate with their families, hold a Thanksgiving picnic with your team. Enjoy some barbecue, and be grateful for the progress in your organization.

Discover Thanksgiving in a different way with your team.


  • Make a Gift Day

Everyone deserves a gift. Make and present a gift to every team member on December 3rd to mark the Make a Gift Day.

Celebrate the December joy with some Holiday Activities for your team.

  • International Volunteer Day

Celebrate International Volunteer Day with your team on December 5th by volunteering for charitable activities in your community.

  • National Cocoa Day

Office Events

Introduce a variety of cocoa products into breakfast and lunch at the office every December 13th. Let everyone enjoy the nourishment of this natural goodness on National Cocoa Day.

  • National Thank You Day

To celebrate National Thank You Day on December 26th, reward the team member who renders the most 'thank you.' You and your colleagues can also leave random appreciation notes for one another.

  • New Year's Eve

Have some thinking and planning retreat with your team on the last day of the year. Afterward, enjoy some crazy timeout at the beach.


What are Some Themes for Work?

Depending on the holiday or special occasion you're observing, you can touch up your office space with some furry, animal theme, food images and edible items. You can also create a backdrop of the national flag (or other national flags) or handwritten notes and handcrafted items.

What are the Common Office Activities?

Since this article is focused on creativity and fun, some common office events ideas, apart from your business/organizational activities, are fun games, group volunteering, charitable teambuilding, mini-contests, and picnics.

What are Some Fun Work Activities?

Fun activities in the workplace foster teambuilding and help team members relax and express their creativity (which can boost productivity). Fun activities you can do at work are truth and lie, puzzles, pseudo presentations and pitches, and scavenger hunts.

What are the Various Types of Corporate Events?

There are different types of corporate events companies host to bring their teams together, educate them or inform the public about their processes or services. These events include office parties, seminars, workshops, conferences, executive retreats, charitable team building events, and board meetings.

What Do You Do In an Office Party

Typically, an office party is meant to provide employers and employees some fun time together – away from work stress. Hence, the things you do at an office party should be fun and not require so much effort (physical and mental) to be completed. Examples of these activities are games, contests, fun conversation, and dancing.

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