Celebrate Virtual Women’s History Month at Work in 2023

February 11th, 10:30 am

Celebrate Virtual Women’s History Month at Work in 2023

Dedicating observance and celebratory month for marginalized communities is imperative for achieving equity across professional and societal settings. This March, get together and celebrate Women’s History Month with informative and engaging virtual and in-person activities. In this guide, we will cover ideas for Women’s Day celebrations in the office, games for Women’s Day, and virtual Women’s Day celebration ideas that can be organized throughout the month.

So, brainstorm how to execute the perfect Women’s Day competition ideas with our list of top 15 events. This guide is great for team leaders, human resource managers, or employees who need help to celebrate Women’s History Month.

In this guide we will cover:

  • Women’s Day contest ideas
  • Virtual Women’s Day celebration ideas
  • Ideas for Women’s Day celebrations in the office
  • Ideas to celebrate Women’s History Month

Ideas to Celebrate Women’s History Month With Your Teammates

Planning successful team building activities for celebrating Women’s History Month can be a mammoth task and the current remote workspaces can make the execution a harder process. But you can seamlessly honor this month using our list of top 15 virtual Women’s Day celebration ideas.

Don’t worry we will also include in-person activities to commemorate Women’s History Month for those who have joined in-person offices.

Events That Spark Real Dialogue Around Women’s Rights

Womens history month at work

Inclusion and diversity are essential parameters that establish the foundation for gender and racial equality at workplac

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es and regular dialogues are real ways to achieve those parameters.
Below are the best virtual workplace diversity activities you can organize to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Conversational and Informative Discussion Session About Prominent Women’s Rights Activists

Being informed and educated regarding prominent global and national issues surrounding Women’s Rights is an essential element that brings us closer to achieving equity. A great way to orchestrate that is via discussion sessions about prominent Women’s rights activists and the issues they stand up for.

This event can be a month long session where you allocate one hour every Friday. To do this you will need to send out a Zoom meeting invite and create a list of Women’s Rights Activists for your discussion topics. You can ask your coworkers to volunteer for leading these sessions.

Some Global Women’s Rights Activists currently fighting for Women’s quality and freedom are:

  • Malala Yousafzai
  • Waris Dirie
  • Leymah Gbowee
  • Tawakkol Karman

Informative and Motivational Workshop with Women’s Rights Guest Speakers

Who does not want to listen to inspirational guest speakers and get motivated! The month of March provides you with the perfect opportunity to organize educational events that will help you learn how bias can impact diversity and Women’s issues. You will need to get in touch with guest speakers and invite them to host a virtual workshop. This workshop idea is apt for both in-person and virtual office settings.

Art and Literature Activities For Women’s History Month

Womens history month at work

Art and literature have been highly influential components for centuries now. Celebrating this Women’s History Month with thought-provoking and sentimental art elements is a great way to inspire and engage your co-workers. As Ellert Hubbard famously said, “Art is not a thing, it is a way”. So, why not incorporate art events to make way for Women’s equality as a way of life at your workplace.

Weekly Women’s History Book Club MeetUp

Celebrating Women’s History Month while discussing informative, engaging, and thought-provoking books is a great group activity idea. Depending on your office size you can divide these book clubs by genre or interests. To organize this meetup, you will need to first choose two to three books for the entire month.

Some popular books that will perfectly commemorate this month are:

  • Little Women
  • My Own Words
  • We Should All Be Feminists
  • She Persisted
  • Circe

Create a Song Playlist with Songs From the Top Women Artists

If you are looking for a festive event that can last an entire month and is perfect for a virtual setting, then this music event is a fantastic idea. Depending on your co-worker's choice of music streaming platform you can either use Spotify or Apple Music for this idea. Create a group playlist where your teammates can add their favorite songs by Women artists.

Whether it’s Rihanna, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, Adele, or Lizzo this group listening event will definitely be a hit at the office.

Women Rights Themed Creative Writing Competition

Womens history month at work

Who says you need to limit yourself to admiring other artists’ work! This month is also a great time to channel your inner creativity. This event is a fun workplace competition idea where you can either divide your co-workers into teams or keep it an individual competition. The theme of this creative writing competition will be based on Women’s rights and history.

Remember to allow the participants ample creative freedom so they can produce their best work. You should also allow them to present their writing in a creative form that best suits them which will lead to some introspective poetries, stories, articles, and literature.

Celebrate Renowned Women Artists

Looking at and discussing art pieces is a great way to get further insight into a movement or an issue. This event is also an excellent way to celebrate Women’s Art History through famous art pieces. You can organize a Zoom session and discuss famous art pieces that resonate with this month.

Some popular Women artists are:

  • Frida Kahlo
  • Mary Cassatt
  • Augusta Savage
  • Amrita Sher Gil

Philanthropy for Women’s Empowerment and Rights

Monetary support is a backbone for community empowerment that also applies to achieving Women’s Equality. Adding donations and fundraising events this March is a great way to be a supporter and an ally.

Start a FundRaiser or Donate to Women’s Empowerment NGOs

This philanthropic event is a terrific motivator for your co-workers to start donating or fundraising for Women’s empowerment NGOs. You can organize this event by creating an online poll with a list of top NGOs. You can also make this an in-person event by allowing the participants to present the reasons for supporting their choice of NGO.

Once you have finalized your top two or three NGOs you can donate to them. This unique charitable team building event allows you to spark dialogue and evoke emotions of equity and Women’s rights in your office. You can also encourage your teammates to donate and promote these organizations on their personal social media.

Movies, Entertainment, and Online Event Ideas

Womens history month at work

Commemorating Women’s History Month through engaging movies, TV shows, and online events are fun and interesting conversation starters. Besides the options to help you orchestrate these events are countless.

Read below to find out how to incorporate Netflix and Chill and online shopping into your Women’s month celebrations.

Women’s History Movie Sessions

This is a great group idea for both an office and a virtual setting. Movies and documentaries that are a reflection of Women’s struggle, suffrage, and global rights movements are thought-provoking and inspirational elements. Watch2Gether is a great way to stream movies for groups virtually. Create a poll with famous Women’s History Month or Women’s Empowerment movies to pick your top choices.

Some movie ideas are:

  • Dor
  • Suffragette
  • Hidden Figures
  • Iron Jawed Angels
  • Tully
  • Little Women
  • He Named Me Malala

Netflix Marathons with Top Women Centric TV Shows

Thought-provoking visual mediums aren’t just limited to two-hour movies or documentaries, limited or long TV shows also provide extensive and insightful experiences. What better way to watch TV shows than on Netflix! You can use Teleparty to organize this Netflix marathon virtually. But, know that this event requires your co-workers to commit a weekend or an entire day.

You will need to decide on a date that works for everybody. Some Netflix Women Centric TV Show ideas are:

  • The Queen’s Gambit
  • Unbelievable
  • Unorthodox

Online Purchase Reveal from Women Owned Businesses

Fundraising and donating aren’t the only monetary support your company can offer for Women’s empowerment. Buying from and supporting women owned businesses is another way to commemorate the spirit of Women’s equity. This event requires tons of preparation.

You can simply send out an Amazon or online shopping website giftcard to all the participants or shortlist six to seven women owned businesses in your vicinity and offer gift cards for those stores. You will also need to provide these gift cards at least two weeks prior to the reveal event giving your teammates enough time to make an informed purchase.

Have a Social Media Women’s History Month Theme

It is a known secret that social media is one of the most powerful conversational and marketing tools in today’s digital world. So, why not use that to incite thoughtful dialogues this Women’s History Month. There are ample social media event ideas you can incorporate into this month.

  • Live discussion session with your coworkers about specific Women’s Rights issues
  • Online workshop hosted by Women’s Rights Activists
  • Instagram event addressing workplace microaggressions targeted towards Women
  • Online posts and stories resonating with Women’s empowerment movements

Games, Events, and Creative Bonding Ideas

Womens history month at work

Adding a virtual trivia challenge or a party is a great bonding experience that can also be integrated into this Women’s History Month. However, you will need to be mindful of adding events that contribute as a positive, thoughtful, and informative segment instead of just entertainment.

Host a Party with Music Trivia

The music and entertainment industry has produced and continues to produce talented female artists and singers. If you can host a safe in-person party, then this event is a great idea. To host this party and music trivia event you will need to create a list of the top women artists music. You can take inspiration from your Spotify or Apple music office playlist.

Divide your co-workers into teams via random pairings and be sure to allocate fun prizes for the winning team.

Painting event

Virtual arts and crafts activities are a great way to inspire your teammates to embrace their inner creative and artist spirits. On this Women’s History Month you can invite professional women artists to lead a painting class on par with women’s empowerment themes.

You can either paint famous pieces by women artists or allow the participants to paint a new art piece. For smooth execution of this event, you will need to deliver paints, brushes, and canvases before the day of the event.

Women’s Right Quiz Event

If you want to create a competitive and educational event that sparks real emotions surrounding discrimination against women, then a Women’s Rights Quiz Event is an idea worth looking into.

This event can incorporate state laws, constitutional rights, global women’s issues, and women’s suffrage movement-related topics. You can shortlist the topic areas of the quiz to allow the participants to prepare for this event. For further motivation add vacation days or gift cards as winning prizes.

Guess the Current Women’s Rights Activist Trivia

This activist trivia is similar to the Women’s Rights quiz event and also serves as an informative activity. Instead of a long list of topics, this trivia will only cover the top current global and national women’s rights activists and the causes they stand up for.

This can be done virtually via Zoom group call or in-person at the office. You will need to make a list of the top current Women’s Rights Activists before the day of the trivia.


What is International Women's Day?

International Women’s Day on March 8th is a global commemorative day that celebrates women’s global achievements across educational, social welfare, political, and arts fields.

Why is International Women's Day important?

Allocating a celebratory and commemorative day for global women advancement and achievements through International Women’s Day is important for inspiring thoughtful and real dialogues that bring the world closer to facilitating women’s equality.

How do you celebrate International Women's Day at the office?

There are numerous ways to celebrate Women’s Day and Women’s History Month at the office. They include Women’s Rights trivia, movie sessions, book clubs, and dialogue sessions.

How to celebrate Women’s Day virtually?

A remote office setting shouldn’t hinder you from celebrating Women’s Day this March. You can host virtual trivia sessions, painting classes, book club Zoom meetings, or Netflix group marathons that cater to the spirits of women empowerment.

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