Ultimate Guide for Online Team Building Ideas in 2022

November 23rd, 11:20 am

Ultimate Guide for Online Team Building Ideas in 2022

Office huddles are a thing of the past, baby! Virtual team building has found a way to bring remote teams together and make them feel like they're as tight-knit as on-site teams. It's all thanks to leveraging vision, passion, and purpose to plan crowd-pleasers like virtual team building activities.

Strategically designed team building activities online can improve your remote or distributed workforce by giving them the opportunity to get to know one another better which will lead to increased self-awareness and dynamism as a whole. Speedy and smoothly flowing communication is a great way to build trust that is important while working in an environment where physical meetings are impossible.

This post features icebreakers, tools and virtual team building activities that you can hand off to leadership to help them create strong remote teams.

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This Guide covers:

  • Online Team Building Ideas
  • Virtual Tema Building Ideas
  • Team Building Ideas for Remote Companies
  • Virtual Team Events

Let's go!

Virtual Food & Drinks Events

Caviar Tasting for a Unique Experience

Explore caviar at home! Whether you’re new to caviar or consider yourself an aficionado, we are here to bring you a decadent caviar experience to your home.

Taste a full Wine Collection at home

You probably don’t think about Washington when you think 'vineyards'. But just outside Seattle, tucked between mountain ranges, you’ll find some of the most beautifully expressive wines in the country.

Discover the Magic of Brigadeiro Donut Cookie

Explore the wonder of delectable holiday-themed brigadeiro doughnut biscuits! You'll prepare and mold your dough, bake your donut cookies, and then adorn them with creamy Brazilian brigadeiro and limited-ed

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ition holiday toppings in this simple and enjoyable cookie experience. An oven, an egg, some butter, and a willingness to get your hands dirty are all you need. We'll take care of the rest so you can enjoy the aroma and taste of warm, soft, freshly made cookies. It takes very little effort for a lot of pleasure and flavor. Perfect for groups, friends, family, and children! -Our chocolate contains no preservatives and is gluten-free. Although certain toppings may include gluten or nuts, they are clearly labeled.

Holiday Dessert Decorating

Tis the season for a sweet holiday treat. If you're looking to impress your family and friends this holiday gathering, this is the perfect experience for you.

Holiday Spiced Drinks with Dancing Chef

This Christmas, your beloved Dancing Chef is bringing you warm spiced drinks. Get into the Christmas mood and embrace the cozy feeling for the winter season with warm spiced drinks. We will blend this experience of spices with jazzy dance moves which will add an extra layer of fun and frolic. The right beats and easy to learn dance moves will inspire you to shake it up & move your body.

Aged Tea Tasting (3 Teas) Workshop

If you are looking for a delicious and inclusive event for drinkers and non-drinkers alike, you are at the right place. Join our Aged Tea Tasting workshop for your virtual team building and client entertainment event! Each attendee will receive a tasting kit, which includes the following 3 aged teas, as part of this tasting experience.

Learn about Gaiwan Brewing Technique

Tea aficionados know that loose leaf tea offers a superior taste to tea brewed from tea bags. Yet many new and long-time tea drinkers are unaware of gaiwan, a simple yet elegant brewing tea set. Enjoy the full potential of high-quality single-origin aged tea by learning to brew using a gaiwan and learn to become a tea connoisseur in this hands-on class!

Beer Tastings with Experts

Paul Davies, Beer Sommelier, Certified Cicerone®, and International Beer Judge, will lead you through a guided tasting. This encounter involves the following: -Includes a brewery profile, an explanation of how the beer is brewed, and a history of the beer style.

Discover Tea's Cold Brew Technique

Did you know that 80% of tea consumed in America is Iced Tea? Yet most people make their iced tea by googling "cold brew tea" or sticking to the same old recipe. If you are looking to organize a team event that's relevant, timely, and interactive, then you need to learn more about Mansa Tea's Cold Brew Technique workshop. Your team will learn that different teas require different approaches to make the perfect pitcher of cold brew tea. And our certified tea sommelier will provide full tasting notes, so you can taste tea like a pro.

Fortune Cookie Making Class

Ready, Set, Bake! Are you ready to become a fortune cookie master? In this fun interactive class, you'll learn how to create your favorite Chinese American cookie with the help of a skilled professional.Have fun, bond with your team, and sharpen your home chef skills with the help of a trained professional to guide you through the whole experience!

Cookie with Brigadeiro Filling

Because we believe life is too short to settle for an ordinary cookie, we made brigadeiro-filled cookies. They're known for their buttery richness and unexpected chocolate brigadeiro center, which pours out with every bite.

Un-Wine Together

Experience a feel-good yoga stretch geared toward stress-reduction before indulging in delicious wine & snacks sent straight to your doorstep. Socialize with your colleagues in a customized happy hour. This is a great introduction to wine and food pairing!

Croissant Making from Home

In this team class, you'll make the iconic European pastry, along with pain au chocolate, monkey bread, and a tasty jam to smear on the pastry when it's finished baking. We'll make the dough from scratch from mixing the dough, through the layering, and then shaping the croissants to rest overnight. We'll meet again for 30 minutes in the morning to bake the croissants

Cheese & Wine Tasting

We are devoted to spreading knowledge and love of cheese & wine through iconic tasting experiences. Cheese and wine connoisseur Geoffrey Nivard began his mission when he moved to London from Loire Valley – one of France’s most reputable gastronomical areas – so knows a thing or two about artisan cheese & wine.

Cooking Class- Make your Own Chocolate Brigadeiros

The brigadeiro is Brazil's most popular dessert. It's a chocolate truffle's relative, but even more rich and decadent. It's a chocolate lover's dream come true.

We'll convey the thrill, passion, and richness of Brazil by rolling and decorating our own chocolate brigadeiros in this session. It's a simple, enjoyable, and hands-on activity. There are no cooking requirements because all ingredients are given.

Great-Tasting and Healthy Mocktails Class

In this fun and interactive virtual class, you’ll learn how to create great-tasting and healthy mocktails at home. Join for an amazing experience where all the ingredients are easy to get and accessible for all the public. We’ll go through two classic drinks and explore ingredients, techniques, and tips on how to impress your friends at your next party!

Meal Prep Like an Expert Cooking Class

In this virtual cooking class, you'll learn how to meal prep like an Expert! Learn the basics of meal prepping from a qualified dietitian, including how to make meal prepping easier, the best sorts of dishes to prep, and more. Let your team prepare their meals for a busy week like a chef.

Prepare Churros with a Twist

Learn a delicious Mexican dessert that you can prepare easily at home: Mexican Churros with chocolate and vanilla dips in a guided cooking class with a professional chef. OCT / NOV: Learn how to prepare Churros with an orange blossom twist and spicy chocolate and vanilla dips while learning more Day of the Dead tradition. DEC - Churros with a Christmas ginger twist with spicy chocolate and vanilla dips while learning more about "Posadas". Family and friends gatherings to enjoy a warm meal and to spread holiday cheer.

Discover and Explore Different Pairing with Olive Oil

Olive Verte (organic), Olive Mûre (organic), and Olive Noire, three exceptional vintages, are tasted in three stages and with various meal pairings. What shall we do? For remote tastings, our Tasting Box will be provided to each of your team members before to the event. Some food will have to be purchased.

Craft Chocolate: An Introduction

It's a one-of-a-kind experience to eat high-quality artisan chocolate. During each tasting, you'll learn about excellent chocolate's history and production method, as well as the environmental effect and health benefits of what has been dubbed "the world's most perfect food!" I'll show you how to identify flavors and how they change over time.

Do-It-Yourself Hot Sauce

You'll learn the basic processes of making homemade hot sauce in this session as we cook together as a group, from sourcing chili peppers and ingredients to securely cooking and storing your spicy concoctions. Laena will cover the techniques and tactics of preservation and fermentation, such as safety and shelf-life, throughout the lesson, with some hot sauce trivia and history thrown in for good measure.

Virtual Sushi Making Class

Our Virtual Sushi Making Class and Kit is perfect for organizations who want to interact while also feeding their teams with a unique and virtual experience - great for team-building! Across Canada, we send the kit(s) to your home, business, or a central location. We can also provide TOOLKITS and Virtual Only training around the United States.

Making Your Own Pour Soap & Melt

-Learn how to create soap without the use of lye or chemicals! A professional soap maker will teach you how to produce your own unique scented soaps using the melt and pour process.

Participate in a Macaron Masterclass

Live interactive zoom masterclass creating your very own gorgeous macarons filled with delicious buttercream. In this masterclass, we bake together in a fun relaxed way and I guide you through using the essentials from your baking kit to create macarons, how to make delicious buttercream, how to fill and assemble them.

Learn how to make colourful pasta

During this fun online workshop, you will learn how to make colourful pasta using only natural and wholesome ingredients. The workshop is very hands-on and it will last 75 minutes, during which I demonstrate step-by-step the method and following my very clear instructions people will make from scratch the homemade pasta.

Virtual Artisanal Cheese Tasting

Decorate Cupcakes Like a Pro!

Cheese Happy Tasting

We offer a wonderful tutored experience with our Cheese Expert which includes lots of interaction, trivia, rating the pairings, cheese tips, information about the cheesemakers, etc. Nothing makes people smile quite like cheese...we call this Cheese Happy. Whether it is a selection of incredible artisan cheeses, a no-expense spared luxury hamper, or a virtual tutored wine and cheese tasting, our mission is to put a smile on people’s faces.

A Delicious Virtual Wine Tasting

We enjoy getting people together, and what better way to do so than with a selection of delectable wines to sample at home. Receive a package of wine samples, meal pairing suggestions, and a guided online session with Katrina Smith, an award-winning wine expert.

Taste Wine Like a Pro: Learn the Tips!

While we have fun and I answer anything you ever wanted to know about the world of wine, you will learn how to taste wine step by step.

We'll go over the many types of wine and how to spot them on the go.

Pro Tips to Become a Ramen Expert

In Tokyo, how many ramen places are there? When did ramen first appear on the scene? You'll learn all of this and more at the Ramen "Rookie" level, as we go through all of the basics.

We'll also get a behind-the-scenes look at how the ramen is made in their kitchen!

Learn how to Make Delicious Truffles: Perfect for Beginners!

Discover the Whisky Tasting Experience

Join Forbes whisky writer, tastings host and World Whiskies Awards judge Felipe Schrieberg as he leads you through a specially curated selection of whiskies sent to your door.

Discover the Flavour of Beer and Choco

Gather your friends, family, and colleagues over the love and curiosity of beer and chocolate pairings and let us create a memorable experience!

Make Your Own Boba Milk Tea / Coffee

Lorenzo and Julian ship attendees their own personal boba kit, filled with 2 to 3 servings of premium uncooked boba balls from our partner at Wushiland, premium small-batch specialty tea (or our specialty small-batch coffee), organic brown sugar, eco-friendly boba straws, and our recipe card.

Create Your First Pastel de Nata

A hands-on Pastel de Nata cooking lesson. We will give you the opportunity to cook these famous Portuguese recipes, always explaining the origins and stories behind them. Learn the secrets of the Portuguese egg tart and take them home with you and amaze all your family and friends!

Cook Francesinhas With Your Team

Hello, I’m José! together with my longtime friend João, we decided to promote and celebrate one of Portugal greatest aspects, its food! Being two food enthusiasts, that travelled around the globe searching for the best bite, we came up with the idea of opening a Cooking School in Portugal, to showcase Portuguese

Coffee Brewing Workshop & Jeopardy

We take the vast, complex subject of coffee and break it down into brew-size grinds such that folks can come away with a better understanding of what they drink. Lorenzo demonstrates how to use a variety of coffee brewing devices including a manual espresso machine and French press.

Make Your Own Restaurant Quality Pizza Class

Use a baking sheet, pizza stone, or whatever you have on hand to make delicious pizza in your home oven. Our instructors are seasoned pizzaiolos who have been taught to make restaurant-quality pizza in even the most basic of kitchens.

Learn How to Make and Decorate Chocolate

Get ready to be blown away by your own chocolate-making abilities. Your team will learn how to prepare crowd-pleasers including jumbo peanut butter cups, pecan turtles, bear paws, and dipped Oreos under the expert guidance of Chef Mike. You'll enjoy watching your teammates put their baking skills to the test (maybe with the assistance of a family member! )

Discover the Different Cookie Decorating

Learn how to make step-by-step cookie decorations! Participants will be given eight pre-baked sugar cookies and will learn how to prepare royal icing together. Different decorating techniques will be taught, including dipping cookies, using piping bags, and creating designs with various icing colors.

Learn, Create and Explore Botanical Blueprint with Cyanotype

From the comfort of your own home, learn to make your own blueprints out of plants and investigate the history of one of the oldest photographic processes!

Curry Recipes with Dancing Indian Chef

Virtual Rum Tasting (ES & PT Only)

We organize online rum tastings led by the specialists of our club so that you can enjoy, have fun and learn about the world of rum without leaving your home. Give your team a private online tasting and discover the different flavours that exist with rum!

Virtual Coffee Tasting (ES & PT Only)

Have a different tasting experience from any previous coffee tastings. You will not stop learning something new during this tour 😉 -Ivette will guide you at all times, she will teach you the tasting protocol and a little something about speciality coffee, you can also ask questions in the chat where Fran will answer all of them.

Cocktail-Crafting and Listen Stories From Hoi An,Vietnam

Come join us for a one-of-a-kind cocktail-making event. Along with the cocktail-making, we'll be sharing Hoi An stories and assuring that everyone is completely engaged and having a good time!

Classy Wine Tasting

Turn your living room into a tasting room with our Virtual Wine Tastings. Sip back and relax from the comfort of your home while our wine expert guides your friends, family, group date, or coworkers through a fun interactive tasting.

The Magic of Pasta Making

We would like to share with all of you our recipes and secrets again in an alternative way. We will make scialatielli (typical pasta from the Amalfi Coast) and have a little talk before enjoying a coffee 'together'. Then we will start making the pasta. The pasta preparation that we will show you and guide you through is easy and can be made using tools you have at home.

Make Healthy, Aromatic and Delicious Drinks with Spices

Spices can be used to make nutritious, aromatic, and delicious drinks at home. You'll learn how to make a wide variety of cocktails that appeal to all of your senses. You'll also learn how to dress up your cocktails.

Fundamentals of Making Cocktails: Mixology Class

Cocktails With Talktales offers virtual cocktail classes complete with kits containing everything you'll need to make the ideal drink. In this online mixology program, you'll learn about fundamental bar tools, cocktail history, and a step-by-step tour of the cocktail making process with your classmates. Our focus is bringing people together to have a good time while also teaching them clearly and without prejudice.

Learn the Power of Spices with the Dancing Chef

Welcome to the land of spices, where magic reigns supreme. This is the first step in discovering the transforming power of spices and how to incorporate them into your life in amazing ways.

Discover and Learn Jamaican Cooking

Create French chouquettes with your team

For one hour and a half, you will learn everything about “La Pâte à Choux” which is the base for several French pastries. Did you know that this dough dates from the XVI century?

Mystery Chocolate Tasting (UK Only)

A fun and interactive session hosted by chocolate expert Jennifer Earle who will share her chocolate judging tips and encourage guessing as you taste a selection of six pieces of mystery craft chocolate bars. Mystery Chocolate Tasting Packs will entertain you while you taste and try to guess flavours, percentages and origins of these delicious and ethical chocolate bars.

Rum & Tiki Rhapsodies Workshop

In this Masterclass we will learn a the history of Tiki Cocktails and why it was so popular in the Caribbean. We will explore some of the most used bartending techniques, and we will apply the learnings to recreate delicious Tiki Drinks like the Mai Tai.

Fun Sicilian Pasta Class

Handmade fresh pasta shape called Busiate from Trapani (West) made with a delicious vegetarian sauce from the Catania (East) side: “Pasta alla Norma”. One of the Sicilian signature sauces made with aubergine and salted ricotta cheese immersed in a full-bodied Sicilian tomato sauce. You will make your hands-dirty but fill your belly with so much happiness. Join this pasta party with your mates and virtually travel to Sicily!

Wine Tasting with a Sommelier

One of our wine specialists will guide you through this tasting, allowing you to experience wines from three different areas, each with its own characteristics that make them unique. We have chosen for this activity our Granza line of organic wines, as a sign of our commitment to sustainable development and environmental care.

Learn the sweetest éclair secrets

Come and join us, on this unique online French baking class which it will be a hand-on activity for making Éclair au Chocolat, called in the XVII century as a “pain à la duchesse” but later on in 1850 the name was changed. do you know why?

Have a Gnocchi Party With Your Team

We all know how hungry we get after an intense day at work. Either being at the office or in your own place, food is a priority for our mind and body to work. Turn your boring cooking recipe to the next level with a Gnocchi Party for your team and spend some time cooking. Make the classic pillow and soft gnocchi with a delicious creamy sauce all from scratch and with Alessandra the best chef in town from Sicily.

Cocktail Workshop and Masterclass

In this interactive online experience you will learn how to make world class drinks at home using readily available ingredients. A rare opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Cocktail making with the best bartender in the UK in 2013. Cocktails are all about mixing great ingredients with passion, balance and present them in an outstanding way, they are also a celebration drink and a reason to bring people together and have fun.

Learn the Benefits of Pairing Aged Tea and Honey

We reveal how your choice of honey can enhance or ruin the flavors of tea. Driven by one of our often asked questions, "Can you add honey to single-origin tea?" These pairings were first exhibited at the Baccarat Hotel, a 5-star hotel in New York City, and we're delighted to bring them to you directly!

Virtual Games & Shows Events

The Amazing Cyberspace Race

Race against your teammates to solve clues and win holiday challenges while exploring famous cities & landmarks around the world. Who knows, you might even visit Santa’s workshop or spot a reindeer

Korea Squid Game Box

We Yuri, Dukhyun, and Minchul are from South Korea and we used to play those games when we were young. We just released KoreaGameBox and you can play those games you watched on Netflix.

A Fun Team Activity: The Bingo Challenge Show

The Bingo Challenge Show is bingo, but not like you've ever seen it before! It's a brand-new themed game show that's broadcast live and features specially picked television, music, film, and video clips from around the world.

Learn How to Solve the Rubik's Cube

Get your team together to learn the secrets of the Rubik’s Cube in this live session. Hosted by a pro team member, participants will learn the basics of the Cube and how to solve the iconic Cube step-by-step

Go Competitive at the Virtual Casino

We offer a variety of exciting games including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Texas Hold em' poker, and Horse racing experiences! Will you be the 'high roller' in your group and accumulate the highest amount of chips?

The Ping Pong Battle Show

The Online Challenge Show from Ping Pong Fight Club is an action-packed 45-minute game show where no prior ping pong knowledge is required to have a great time!

Laughing and Connecting

We will match you with the best comic for your event based on the results of a short survey completed by the event organizer. Our comedians are among the greatest in New York City, with credits in every major nightclub and television talk show (Late Night, Tonight Show, Conan, America's Got Talent).

Visualization Mindset & Climbing Games

Join me on a journey to unlock the hidden power of visualization through the lens of competitive rock climbing. Together, we’ll explore how to apply the visualization techniques I’ve gained through decades of climbing to your own team’s goals.

Les MURDERables Mystery

Bonjour and welcome to 1832 and the streets of Paris! It's June 4th 1832, the eve of the June Rebellion and army students are preparing to go beyond the barricades and fight against the government! But there is a problem, Pierre Albert, a student in the rebel army has been murdered, and time is running out!

Mystery of the (DEAD) Man Overboard

Detectives, welcome aboard the luxury cruise ship 'The Agatha,' which is travelling across the Mediterranean. However, after a summer of pleasant sailing, it appears like a storm is on the way. Comedian Max Maverick, one of the ship's entertainment, is going to make a splash, and we need your help to figure out how The Agatha got up with a (Dead) Man Overboard!

Murderous Space Mission: The FATAL Frontier Mystery

It is the year 2315. After a successful peace treaty mission at Theta-6, an away party of the Captain and four officers from the Galaxy Spacecraft Atlantic transported down to Planet Kappa-7 in search of a new home. When they returned to the ship, they discovered it was deserted. The ship's self-destruct sequence was started within 24 hours, forcing the crew and Captain to evacuate...The Captain's escape pod did not launch, and the four remaining crew members are on their way back to Earth.

Die Another Dame Mystery

A Festive Extravaganza! Greg Gilbert is obsessed with James Bond. So much so he has written and is directing AND starring in the latest festive panto for the Gravestone Light Operatic Society - 'Die Another Dame'. But his obsession has driven his cast to breaking point. The pressure of the show has pushed someone to breaking point...none can find Greg....!

The Murder Mansion Mystery Game

At last, The Grey Cell's "Murder Mansion" is available in English! Enter the mansion of the mysterious British Lord Samuel Plommer and dive into a clever and hilarious murder mystery. Who killed the Lord? Was it the disgruntled housekeeper? The envious brother? The Israeli cabinet minister with a secret in his past?

A Magical Show

You'll be able to listen to my stories, see some weird props that I've collected from my tours and trips, and witness a close-up magic show all from the comfort of your own home in this online experience. Grab a food and a drink, and sit back and relax as I share my magic journey - what piqued my interest in being a professional magician - with you through my magic.

Team Triathlon Game

Whether you’re looking for an exciting activity for a virtual team building activity, a virtual baby shower, a virtual fundraiser, or a virtual birthday party, we have you covered. Our events are guaranteed to keep the crowd on their toes. We’ll throw a virtual event for you like you’ve never experienced before.

The Powerful Magic Tricks of David John Virtual Show

It's a family-friendly, completely engaging, and fun event that'll make you laugh and make you feel connected to your coworkers, or even the employees' families.

Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the presentation, giving the impression that you are in the same room as David.

Virtual Version of Legends of the Hidden Temple

A live-hosted Virtual version of Legends of the Hidden Temple comes from the minds behind the challenges for Legends of the Hidden Temple, Survivor, and Endurance! If you were a kid in the 1990s, you probably remember watching and loving the show! Have you ever wondered if you'd be able to put together the Silver Monkey or how you'd do against the Temple Guards? Now is your opportunity to shine!

Challenge Your Team with Virtual Minute to Win It!

With our virtual version of Minute to Win It, get ready for some fast-paced hijinks! Teams will compete in a variety of challenges that will put your speed, dexterity, agility, and overall ability to accomplish crazy activities to the test! Why not toss cards into a mixing bowl? Sure, smear Oreos all over your face. Make a self-standing tower out of everyday materials - you were made for this!!

Take some Family Feud: Virtual Game Show Extravaganza

Take some Family Feud, mix in some Pub Trivia, add a sprinkle of Name That Tune or Name That Movie, then top it off with a funny scavenger hunt, and you've got yourself the Virtual Game Show Extravaganza! Our professional MCs and facilitators use Zoom Breakout Rooms to divide you into teams at the start of the event, and each team fights for the most points in each round before we proclaim the Winning Team!

A Fun Stellar Experience with Incredible CyberSpace Race

Without ever booking a flight, race around the world with your team. Your group will be separated into teams and given a series of clues that will lead them to great destinations throughout the world during this event. You'll explore famous cities while competing in challenges, answering location-specific questions, and earning points using Google Maps. The event will be hosted by a master of ceremonies who will keep the energy high and ensure that everyone has a great time.

Interactive Zoom Game Show

Participate in our interactive Zoom game show and accomplish fun creative activities like "Tallest Tower," "Compound Pictures," and "Zoom Scavenger Hunt" in teams. We incorporate improv games as well as games specifically intended for Zoom play. Our activities are made to help people break down boundaries at work and form genuine friendships.

Horse Racing Competition: At The Races

At The Races is a virtual or in-person game designed for large groups to experience all of the excitement of the racetrack! Compete in teams to train horses, sabotage rivals and back your favorite horse to try and beat the other teams over six races. (No real horse-racing experience required!)

Laugh Out Loud Sit-Down Comedy Show

A former stand-up comedian (me) will get on Zoom (or any other communication app you use) and perform a hilarious comedy show for you and your friends, family, or coworkers. I'll have a comedy club background, great internet and sound, and plenty of jokes that can be clean or dirty depending on whether Grandma is attending.

Hypnosis Adventures:Learn How it Works!

Take a team on an Everest adventure, raft the Colorado, perform on Broadway, or come up with a whole new, on-the-fly hypnosis experience.

Jason Akel, a master hypnotist and storyteller, uses imagination to calm, inspire, develop open thinking, and drive individuals to overcome obstacles.

Virtual Seal Rescue Ireland Experience

🤝 This is a social impact experience where Onsitefun donates the platform fees to the nonprofit organization This immersive programme gives you the unique opportunity to see our adorable seal pups up close and dive into the exciting world of marine conservation. Your 45-minutes experience will begin with an educational talk about the seal of Irelands, the threats they are facing in modern oceans, and learn about changes you can make at home to help.

Nightclub Quest

Your mission is to get your club banger played by the one and only DJ MEGABANTZ! MC’d by a live interactive host who’ll take you and your squad through all the thrills of a nightclub, without the spills of your drink!

The Realm of Bizarre Heroes

Take on a perilous quest that promises to be as outrageous as your minds allow! Meet your live host, choose bizarre heroic attributes, gather peculiar provisions, and prepare to embark on a ludicrously fantastical experience.

Creative Brain Juice Quiz

No general knowledge, just general nonsense! Described as ‘Cards Against Humanity meets Cranium meets Shooting Stars’, this quiz exercises all the creative brain juices that other quizzes don't reach. Fun tasks and challenges with totally ungoogleable answers! Write, draw, make, mime and whatever other brilliance pops out!

Have Fun with Interactive Challenge: The Virtual Trivia Game

Gather your friends or coworkers for a game of virtual trivia! All of the features you love about pub trivia are accessible right in your Chrome browser, including video conferencing with breakout rooms, interactive gaming, professional hosts, and more.

Mind-Reading Magic Show

Mind-Reading Magic is a fast-paced, participatory show that combines suggestion, influence, and mind control. Dan produces the illusion of telepathy and mind-reading through a combination of deception, theatrical cunning, and great observation.

Private Virtual Concerts

We’ll work with you to customize the music your audience will love. You tell us your vibe, and we’ll curate a lineup of incredible artists that fit the bill. We’ll build you a tailored lineup of artists you’ll love, and will be there with you end to end to produce a great show.

Escape the Box: The order of Illusionist

Order of Illusionists: From the moment you wanted to become an illusionist, you have heard stories of a secret society of master magicians. You have finally been contacted and given instructions. You must pass a series of tests handed down to you by the best illusionists ever to live. Can you prove yourself worthy? If you do, you will forever be a member of the Order of Illusionists! Good Luck.

Escape the Box: Timeline

Timeline: It’s the not too distant future and the world is in chaos. But stay positive dudes, you can fix all this with some Weird Science. Apparently, your father has developed a way to go back in time and fix what once went wrong but he has gone missing. Are you ready for a totally excellent adventure? Do you have what it takes to get back to the future and save the world as we know it? Good luck time traveling dudes!

Escape the Box: CIA Taskforce

CIA Taskforce: You wake up in a strange room. You look around and see the other members of your CIA investigative team who were recently assigned a mission to track down the infamous assassin named, “The Gamer.” The last thing you remember is going to sleep the night before. When you awaken, you are stuck in a room with your team with a timer counting down the seconds. What does that mean? Can you figure out where you are, why you are there and a way out before the clock hits zero? Will you be the next pawn sacrifice?

Team Trivia Challenge

Are you trying to figure out how to host the best virtual team event or a virtual personal celebration? We’ve got you covered! Every Bar None Trivia game runs 60 minutes long and includes a music round, picture round, and double point creative question round to keep fun levels high

Virtual Battle of the Bands

Looking to keep your team connected, happy, and productive while working from home? Wanting to give your team a high quality experience that facilitates growth on personal & professional levels? Ready for an event that teaches your team a lifelong skill that they can enjoy as a creative outlet for years to come?

Tabletop Roleplaying Games with ClaireTheDM

My games tend to be character driven and roleplay heavy, with bold moves encouraged and character voices supported. I love to create one shots and campaigns around the player characters or a specific theme to keep people engaged. Whether at a fantasy summer camp, in a sleepy town, at a harvest festival, or in cyberpunk future city, my games promise care, fun, and definitely allowing the time for you to describe the stylish look your character is sporting to a big party, heist, or other shenanigan. I'm detail oriented with a unique eye for player experience and connection

Poker MBA Workshop: Success in Business & Poker

The Poker MBA course immerses you in the high-stakes world of poker, demonstrating that winning in poker and winning in business are identical. Participants will learn advanced concepts such as expected value, regression to the mean, and discounted cash flows via the lens of poker, all in a fun and easy-to-understand format.

Escape the Zoom: Puzzle Game

Escape the Zoom is a custom puzzle game in which teams must dial a phone number, which leads to a website, that leads to an Instagram post, then leads to an email address...

Escape the Box: Framed

Timeline: It’s the not too distant future and the world is in chaos. But stay positive dudes, you can fix all this with some Weird Science. Apparently, your father has developed a way to go back in time and fix what once went wrong but he has gone missing. Are you ready for a totally excellent adventure? Do you have what it takes to get back to the future and save the world as we know it? Good luck time traveling dudes!

Matias Magic Show

A highly interactive One-Man performance in which Matias performs a series of tricks with the audience's active participation, combining high-impact feats and stage illusions to make everyone feel socially connected.

Team Building Drumming Session: Feel the Upbeat!

Jim's Team Building Drumming session will actively involve your group members in reinforcing the real-world skills required to synchronize their work rhythms and provide immediate and long-term advantages to your company. Based on his global drumming and teaching experiences spanning over three decades, including two years drumming in Africa.

Jazzy Music For Your Virtual Event

“A velvety mix of Erykah Badu & Billie Holiday paired with the cool grooves of her 007 on bass” is how one reviewer described Acute Inflections, New York’s sultry duo led by a former Broadway singer. They provide a fun and memorable virtual concert by granting song requests and humorously engaging with viewers.

Best Virtual Game Show of All Time

This training will be tailored to your team's specific desires and needs.

It's time to bring the Best Virtual Game Show Ever to your next virtual event! Your presenter, Rob Ferre, GSP (Game Show Person), will lead your guests through a variety of activities in this interactive game show experience. You can play as a team or in one-on-one combat. With so many games to select from, you can be sure it'll be a blast! The following are some of the games:

Shamanic Initiation with Ali

An empowering session that brings energy and creativity to your day. We will be using simple visualisation and creative techniques to help you come into your centre and release stress, anxiety or any heavy emotions.

Improvised Concert of Your Stories

What if your team's life story can be told through music? Be it an email, a photo, a letter or a short note, I will turn your team story, a moment in your life into an original piece and combine the stories of all the participants into one soundtrack/film score.

High Energy Game: Virtual Drag Queen Bingo with Roxy Wood

With her special and legendary Roxy's Got Balls, Roxy will thrill your afternoon with your team! Virtual Drag Queen Bingo is a high energy fun games. You'll engage with Bingo babe Roxy Wood while she talks shit and calls balls in this virtual activity, and you'll win prizes! The contestants in Drag Queen Bingo must cover the numbers on the cards that Roxy Wood calls.

Online Escape Room: Magnum Opus

As the activities are moving more and more online, so does one of our favorite activities for teams, Escape Rooms! In this intriguing session, Nick the Gamemaster that has been awarded for Gamemaster of 2020 and Best Puzzle Design of 2020 will host and set the scene, provide hints, and interact with your team.

[The Secrets and Scandal of art at the Borghese]

Online Escape Room: A Twist of Time

“Time travelling contests are common these days. Your goal is to gather works of art that have been lost in time. Being an art aficionado yourself, you cannot let the other time travelers claim victory before you. You have a list of worldlines to travel to and a number of artworks to find.”

Online Escape Room: Seabed

'You are an avid treasure hunter in search of the world’s rarest underwater mineral. However you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and resources to no avail... You decide to give it one more go before giving up.'

Online Escape Room: Prism

“One of your interstellar travels went a little bit wrong and you are stranded in a small blueish planet. There are remnants of a collapsed civilization. You must find a way to resupply your space shuttle with power.”

Online Escape Room: Elements

For groups with more than 12 players, you'll be split into 2 to 3 teams to ensure quality and competition at equal levels. Your objective is to solve all the puzzles by combining what you see on camera together with additional clues like images, videos and mini-games.

Virtual Learn & Develop Events

From To Do Lists to Bucket Lists!

When was the last time you ticked something off your Bucket List? 3…2…1… too long ago? Then, it’s time to put your daily to-do list aside and focus on your team’s Bucket List. Guided by your Certified Bucket List Coach®, each team member will create their individually meaningful list for life, based on the ultimate 12-steps M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint.

Develop Virtual Inclusive Communication

Is your team able to collaborate and connect, despite timezone differences and the challenges of this moment? Are certain teammates quiet in team meetings or are people interrupting each other to get a word in?In this virtual workshop, we will learn and practice tools to maximize clear and confident communication while working remotely or in a hybrid setting.

Access to Education Project

Learn How to Release Tension in The Body with Fizz

Open a bottle of bubbly and join your team in some rock 'n' roll! In the mail, you'll find a bottle of Prosecco and a foam roller. Before toasting your group in a catered event, learn how to alleviate tension in the body.

Goal-Intention Setting Workshop

To achieve goals, improve positivity, and focus on the present moment, treat your team to our intention setting session. Breathwork, journaling, and meditation are used in this session to help participants gain a deeper understanding of their personal objectives and wishes, as well as how to make them a reality.

Discover How to Juggle Like a Pro

Learning to juggle is a great method to improve your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and frustration management skills, all while having fun. Work on the exercises that lead to learning how to juggle three balls, and then, with the help of a juggling simulator they can use on their computers, they'll start learning tricks and the simple mathematical notation they have (siteswaps).

Un-Desk Workshop

With increased sedentary desk life, our posture and spine need the right motion and therapy to maintain its health. Shift Clinic's bite-sized spine-care workshops will allow team members to optimize desk work with simple movements and clinical knowledge.

Workshop: Discover The Hack of Happiness

What if you could rewire your brain to see the glass as half full and feel more grateful and excited about the life you're living? WE CAN DO IT AS HUMAN BEINGS (we promise). This program delves into the science of positive psychology, including how to adopt optimism, find appreciation, and properly nourish your brain to manage stress and enhance happiness.

Immunity Now Workshop

Learn how to amp your immunity during this important time. This workshop dives deep into the details of maintaining the health of your immune system - how to most efficiently keep you and your space germ-free, foods, supplements, tinctures + teas that will improve your system’s function, and, finally, how to care for your microbiome + ease inflammation like a boss.

Hop on A Journey to Explore Prague's Old Town Virtually

"We welcome you to Prague, my fellows, with the Almighty and the fortunate constellation of the stars Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn; may the holy Rochus and Sebastian be on our side today, to let us enter, but also leave the town once we finish our work; appears you all look fine for the time being, but I'll keep an eye on you."

Growing: Survive & Thrive

I want to talk to you about these experiences and share how you too could practice and integrate resilience into your life. After surviving my journey as a refugee, I have since taught myself to thrive by letting go of all fear of failure and allowing my faith to be stronger than my fear. I want to share the power of this mindfulness with you.

Visualization Mindset & Climbing Games

Through the perspective of competitive rock climbing, join me on a journey to discover the hidden power of visualization. Together, we'll look at how to apply the visualization approaches I've learned over the years to your team's objectives

Your Team-Building Terrarium Masterclass

Reconnect with your coworkers and the natural world. All you have to do now is build since we'll deliver the kit and plants right to your house! Here's how your 60-minute workshop will go.

Learn How to Cook Sustainably: Achieve Zero Waste!

For your group, my sustainable cooking class is the ideal team-building activity! During this 90-minute virtual course, you'll learn zero-waste kitchen methods as well as tasty, seasonal plant-based meals.

Learn How to Lead & Mange Remote Teams (Workshop)

In the virtual world, understanding and dealing with the social dimension of cooperation is difficult, yet it is THE most critical factor for any team's success.

This program teaches CEOs and managers who lead distant teams how to reintroduce the human element.

Create Meaningful Team Connections

When the session begins, we'll kick off with a fun exercise that gets everyone participating and engaged. Then, we use great facilitation to spark a dynamic and engaging exchange of stories and ideas, drawn from your team! We design question prompts that get everyone talking, laughing and learning. Our facilitation style keeps the conversation both fun and meaningful.

Explore Improvisation Skills with Virtual Improv

Workshops We redesigned various games and activities, as well as creating new ones, using Zoom. As a result, we've created a fun and meaningful class that appears to be exactly what a lot of people are looking for right now: a place to laugh, play, and bond while we're all so isolated from one another.

Fun Team Pitches Competition

Co-operate on creative team tasks and compete in the boardroom battle in the game that fuses Dragon’s Den, The Apprentice and Spitting Image! Brilliant ideas, teamwork, fast thinking and slick presentation skills may get overshadowed by a crafty colleague taking credit!

Learn about Sustainability & Zero Waste

A team building around sustainable development, DIY and zero waste. Select the package that best fits your team and get a personalized package including all the materials. The objective? To finish the workshop with a smile and new habits, by making together a 0 waste product

Learn and Develop Your Skills: Virtual Graffiti Workshop

Strengthen Your Mind and Refocus Attention

Regardless of its total complexity, our brain is still wired to cling to negative memories and focus on possible threats, which, of course, undermines our sense of well-being and resilience.

This interactive session will look at our basic conditioning, which leads to a chronic stress reaction, and how we may concentrate our attention to improve our job and personal lives.

Learn how Bias can Impact Diversity

During this workshop, participants will get a psychology 101 class, learning the basis for many of the neurological processes that underline our biases and behaviours. We will discuss ways to mitigate the negative impacts of these biases, and have an open and honest conversation about how we foster inclusivity in the workplace and beyond.

Improve Your Voice with Singing Techniques

Did you realize that the skills used in speaking and singing are the same? You can dramatically improve your public speaking skills by adopting singing techniques.

Individual exercises, singing time, and learning content (films, demonstrations) are all included in the session (Queen, Whitney Houston, Gloria Gaynor, Lady Gaga, John Legend etc.).

Engage Better with Others: Become Effective Communicator

The single greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has occurred.' This remark by George Bernard Shaw still captures the basic issue with today's state of communication. You must be able to communicate successfully with coworkers, managers, vendors, customers, and suppliers, but communication has never been more difficult. We have to deal with a variety of generational disparities in communication methods, as well as a slew of other stumbling barriers.

Building Emotional Intelligence

In this workshop we will start the process and start getting your team closer to those results. You don't need the basics, you need a way forward, something that will take you to the next level, and this course will take you there.

Successful Public Speaking Practices Workshop

The keys to learning the art of public speaking are discussed.

Through personal experiences and real-life corporate situations, Brenden emphasizes the most critical components of every presentation to his audience, such as the necessity of silences, eye contact, and the eradication of filler words.

Guided Breathwork (Education + Experience)

The purpose of the Breath Education Experience is to learn the basic underpinnings of how breathing affects our internal state and is an underutilized resource on the path to wellness. The way we breathe sends a message to our brain and nervous system​,​ this can be a message of anxiety and stress or balanced perspective.

Learn to Think Visually

Introduction to Visual Thinking and conduction of fun exercises where participants will learn how to bring their ideas to life through the use of basic symbols and short text, weaving content and producing original visual maps! You will get acquainted with a powerful tool that you can use daily at work or for your personal sense making.

Virtual Arts & Craft Events

Terrarium Workshop: Enhance your Creativity!

The participants in this session will create a lovely terrarium that will look great on any desk or workspace. The participants will be given all of the materials. -Participants will be guided step-by-step through the creation of a practical terrarium. More importantly, the members of the team will learn how to connect plant care to self-care.

Have Fun with Pumpkin Carving & Decorating Pumpkin

Carving is a fun activity for both kids and adults, but the skills required to make a truly amazing masterpiece can be intimidating. Our team of painters will provide you with both history and insight into the art form, as well as expert guidance, so that you can leave with your own piece of artwork.

Sip and Paint with Drawing Studio

Come join Lisboa Social Press founder’s Tom and Jilly for our Digital Drink & Draw workshop LIVE from Lisbon! We'll co-host an interactive session, inviting you into our virtual studios and taking you through a series of drawing games and exercises designed for everybody from occasional doodlers to seasoned artists.

Candle Making Workshop: An Aromatherapy

Zoom will be used during the Aromatherapy Candle Workshop. Emily Lynam, the founder of Yougi, will host the event, which will last one hour. You'll begin by learning about the various essential oils' advantages and healing properties. We'll discuss how to make a natural aroma. You'll learn about fragrance families and the differences between top, heart, and base notes.

The Art of Making Onigiris

Join us for a cooking class like no other. Discover where the Onigiris come from and how it's made with an interactive experience that includes kits for all the households.

Create your Own Tie-Dye Shirt

From groovy to gorgeous! Learn the process of classic tie-dye, the ancient Japanese technique of Shibori - the process of twisting, bunching and folding fabric and dyeing it in a stunning indigo blue. You'll also explore Batik, using wax and dye to create unique patterns and textiles.

Create Astonishing Greeting Cards

Play your cards right and make your own! Learn how to create striking, handmade greeting cards while you socialize with friends and colleagues. Our friendly, professional artists will guide you as you paint paper greetings with watercolor that tops anything you’ll find on a store shelf!

Discover Mug Drawing with Your Team

We believe everyone has an inner artist! Create something beautiful while you connect with friends and colleagues. Our friendly, professional artists will guide you step-by-step to create your very own personalized mug!

Artist for a Day with a Painting Session

We believe everyone has an inner artist! Create something beautiful while you connect with friends and colleagues. Our friendly, professional artists will guide you step-by-step through a painting on the surface of your choice (tote bag, stone, wood or classic canvas).

Origami and Japanese Culture for Teams

This is a rare opportunity to learn Origami with cultural backstories from a Tokyo local. Perfect for creative and challenging team building experience!

Create a Moss Wall Art for your Place

Join Vanessa for a live tutorial on how to create your own charming moss wall art. Bring life to your space by adding a pop of greenery to any wall, shelf, or desk. This experience provides you with an opportunity to connect with mother nature, while bringing out the inner artist in you! Naturely Box kits include everything you need, and are easy to assemble.

Let's dive into... The Climate Collage 10% goes back to the Climate Collage non-profit organisation. For your next team activity, why not make it a learning experience about an important topic? The Climate Collage is the most engaging and fun way to raise your knowledge about climate change.

Provide Useful Artwork for Charity: A Water Works Program

Sponsorship of 1 Household Water Filtration System PER TEAM that will be built and installed in a village is included in the above pricing.

Just because a team is distributed doesn't rule out the possibility of making a difference through charitable events. Your organization may help save lives by supplying clean water to individuals in Uganda's remote communities and refugee camps during this event.

Do-it-Together Fermentation Workshop Online

A Zoom-based fermentation workshop for friends, family, club members, or colleagues is a unique alternative for a fun, engaging event. I'll collaborate with you to create a unique experience for your group or event. You have the option of learning to make vegan-friendly tempeh or learning to brew kombucha. I can even send each participant kombucha and tempeh starter kits personally (U.S. only).

Virtual Japanese kokedama Ball Making Workshop

Emma demonstrates how to make a Japanese kokedama ball.

These lovely hanging moss gardens are a simple way to bring some greenery into your home. A innovative and enjoyable way to get your hands dirty and improve your green thumb!

You'll learn everything there is to know about these plants, as well as how to make a traditional hanging moss ball!

Virtual Event: Painting Experience via Zoom

Do you have a virtual special occasion or event coming up? Our online painting experience is the perfect way to gather people together from the comfort of your own home, whether you're searching for virtual birthday party ideas, remote company building activities, or a Zoom hen-do!

A Virtual Painting Party: Paint, Mix, and Mingle!

It's time to paint, mix, and mingle! We will be able to connect with one another, have fun, and develop our creative sides through this virtual painting party. Your party will be hosted live by a great instructor, who will provide step-by-step instructions as well as painting kits to each participant.

Make Fun with Virtual Caricatures Party

Steve is ready to entertain your team, surprise your clients and customers, and make your corporate event a memorable one, whether your organization is planning a staff party, company picnic, holiday gathering, or corporate promotion.

Reconnect Your Team Using LEGO

Imagine how refreshing it will be to feel genuinely curious about what your colleagues are saying. In this interactive workshop, you’ll use LEGO® to help your colleagues understand what makes you tick and feel more connected. We’ll end by identifying ways you can work better together as a result.

Learn The Art of Candle Making Virtually

Learn how to make candles in the comfort of your own home! A virtual Candle Artisan will pay you a visit and teach you the fundamentals of candlemaking. You can even bring your own wine or spirits for a great evening in! Whatever the occasion, we'll create a custom candle-making experience for you. Two (2) 4 oz (120ml) soy candles will be made. Candles with a 4 oz (120ml) capacity burn for about 20-25 hours.

Breaking the Mould and Finding the Fun

Emma Stroud is on a mission to get the world to laugh, think and play more. In her experience, she will motivate and drive your co-workers and employees to be their best version of themselves, by helping people get the headspace to tackle challenging topics.

Build a Terrarium Online Workshop

We supply all necessary materials for you and your team to follow along with our one-hour live instructional seminar. Learn how much there is to know about plant care while making your own terrarium with us!

We simply distribute our kits to you and your attendees prior to the event so that you and your guests can tune in together on any virtual platform you use!

Learn Japanese Poetry and Drawing

This is an online experience where I would like to introduce you to the concept of 'Less is more from the art & poetry point of view. I would like to share some inspiring images, discover together what is a Japanese haiku and even challenge you to create your own short poems and drawings, following easy steps.

Invent Your Own Espadrilles Workshop

You'll learn how to design the espadrilles of your dreams, which we'll then build and ship to you for free! We'll meet electronically at our handmade workshop in Barcelona, in a very unique and one-of-a-kind location where you'll be surrounded by finished espadrilles and their parts. Be inspired by the narrative behind these stunning shoes and the materials used to create them.

Street Art Adventure around Lisbon

Don't let the travel restrictions put you away from travelling and let’s discover Lisbon through its Street Art in a Unique Virtual Experience! This is an amazing interactive Street Art Adventure, where you will see some of the highlights of our Street Art with their Powerful Messages at the same time that you are learning about our History and Culture of Lisbon in an Artistic way.

Patterns in nature: Archaeology of Leaves

Archaeology of Leaves is a creative activity that brings focus and creativity to the group. Working from home or remotely could feel lonely or sometimes distant among different team members, with the help of Ana your team will explore the beautiful patterns that nature brings to us and enjoy an interactive session to discover the originality of your colleagues.

Terrarium Workshop: Enhance your Creativity!

The participants in this session will create a lovely terrarium that will look great on any desk or workspace. The participants will be given all of the materials.

Virtual Health & Wellness Events

Take Control of Your General Health

This virtual wellness workshop delves into the importance of your gut to your overall health. We'll go through the differences between probiotics and prebiotics, the gut-brain connection, and why fibre and water are so important for gut health. You'll walk away from this session with the tools and information you need to master your gut instincts!

Increase Your Productivity While Working Remotely

We'll talk about simple ways to keep active, stay calm, and stay nourished no matter where you work in this virtual wellness session. We'll discuss the importance of sustaining healthy behaviours and provide you with the resources you'll need to succeed! We'll show you how to incorporate the best well-being practices into your home office, on the go, or wherever you are.

Protecting Yourself Against Winter Blues

In this virtual session, we get real about the winter blues. Each year, the arrival of winter puts us off balance. In this session, we'll talk about how our bodies react to the lack of sunlight and what essential nutrients we'll need to stay healthy during the winter season. To help you avoid and overcome the winter blues, we've compiled a list of the season's warmest tips and tactics.

Digital Detox Workshop: Build Stronger Connections

When touchscreens cause us to lose our sense of touch, it's time to build stronger connections than wifi! -Learn how to actively disengage from technology and reconnect with the people who work behind the screen.-You'll get an engaging lecture with informative exercises about the effects of our omnipresent technology and the downsides of digital distraction in our remote work life in the first half of our Digital Detox workshop - and how you can 'own it' rather than be owned by it.

Sake Social & Stretch

Take a crash course in the world of sake through an interactive virtual tasting. Kick off the hour by learning some feel-good stretches that can be performed any time throughout your workday. Experience a facilitated social to close!

Healthy Sleep & Self-care

In this virtual wellness session, we immerse ourselves in the world of sleep and self-care. You will gain a deeper understanding of why you need sleep, and the impact that sleep has on your health.

Stress-Busting Stand-Up Comedy Shows

Nine British businesses trust us to take care of their employees' well-being and provide a show of goodwill to their client base. This results in happier, more productive employees, and more rewarding client relationships.

The Holistic Health Hacks Workshop

Have you ever wished there were some easy ways to substantially improve your health? Fortunately, there are! We'll address some popular holistic health myths and go over our top five, truly life-changing holistic health techniques. This well-rounded session will explain the main concepts and focus on accessible and actionable activities individuals can take right now to improve their health and wellbeing. It will touch on biology, nutritional science, and mental well-being.

Uncover Tips and Tricks For a Sound Sleep

Rachel Brown and Sarah Jacobs, two certified holistic nutritional counselors with a deep and personal understanding of the benefits of holistic health, co-founded The Wellness Project NYC, a creative corporate wellness consultant. Rachel and Sarah share the philosophy that good health should be achievable and accessible, and they approach wellness in a straightforward, entertaining, and educational way.

Workday Update

Taking answers submitted by audience members, stand up comedians will create a personalized comedic news segment - updating the audience on current events in the world & around the office.

Coping Up Stress and Resilience Workshop

Alex has become increasingly interested in building resilience and learning how to prevent and mitigate the consequences of stress over the last few years. As a result, he organized a series of classes, and Stress Boffin was created!

Learn to Paint with Alcohol Inks

This 90-minute zoom session will immerse you in the bright, fluid realm of abstract alcohol ink painting. You'll discover the four essential skills for mastering this beautiful medium.

Calm Your Mind with Handpan Meditation Class

Let's take a seat (or lie down if you like) and relax your head and ideas. Because the present moment is the only reality we have, it is worthwhile to savour it for a few moments each day.

Stress & Burnout Wellness Session

In this wellness session, you will learn all about the stress response system, how we can become burnt out, and the long term effects of stress on our health. Learn helpful stress management strategies, focused on diet and lifestyle, from our wellness experts!

Create Your Natural Aromatherapy Candle

In this popular workshop, you will learn the art of aromatherapy candle making, and how you can easily make natural candles at home without the polluting ingredients in most high street candles.

Power Vinyasa Flow for Teams

Providing weekly yoga classes in English to all Employees (live or online), to help promote wellbeing, connectivity and mindfulness in the workplace during work-from-home barriers and COVID.

The Art of Group Meditation with Jenna

Practice with me to discover and embody the strength, confidence, and resilience which resides within you to step up to challenges with kindness and grace.

Unlock Your Power with Rock Balancing

First, we will begin with why I became a Rock Balance Meditation Artist and how you can use this practice to breathe into the moment, see opportunity, believe in your personal power, lift limits, and so much more.

Sweat It Out: HIIT Workout

Together, we will move our bodies, burn some calories and have some fun and intense exercise to start the day with energy. Join me on this interactive session to boost our health and stay active during for the rest of the day.

Movement Practice with Clinical Pilates

In this virtual clinical pilates class, I will teach you how to improve your posture, get your muscles stronger and improve your balance. Especially these days where more people are working from home. It is great to get the body moving and building certain muscle groups to prevent injuries.

Unwind Your Body With Yoga Flow

The practice of yoga provides a repairing benefit for these ailments, thanks to the practice of a series of postures, we can direct these exercises to relieve these painful and tense areas, as well as helping to notably reduce the mental stress that we accumulate throughout the day.


Why do virtual team building activities work?

As a virtual team it can sometimes be hard to engage with one another in a way that enables you to build strong relationships with one another. One way you can ensure this is by planning virtual activities that are fun and exciting so that you can all get the opportunity to bond. To do so, the following ideas may help to spark some of your own!

What can I do to spice up my next virtual meeting?

Make a meeting fun and boost morale by working out how to get everyone involved. Use tools like polls, questionnaires, predictions etc to make meetings more interactive. Accept that being online means you may face some issues with participation , - so agree on how everyone is going to keep in touch.

How do I get started with a virtual team building activity in 2022?

To set up a virtual team building activity, you need a team who will help carry out the event, reliable technology, creativity and interpersonal skills. You’ll also need good ideas for it to be successful.

What is virtual team building?

Like physical team building, virtual team building is a practice in ensuring that teams are always on the same page and are energized about their objectives. Virtual team building can come in many forms but successful ventures make it easier for employees to believe this is taking place in person.

How do you celebrate with virtual teams?

Your employees may be virtual, but it doesn’t mean that they need less recognition or support. Great managers don’t underestimate the importance of celebrating achievements even though they happen outside of the office. It's important to acknowledge employee accomplishments using the same strategies – you can do this by taking into account your budget and looking for clever ways to reward people effectively online, like sending flowers or gifts by e-card!

How do you bond with a remote team?

You can bond with a remote team by making sure your virtual team building activities incorporate both human and digital elements, such as sharing information and engaging in conversation about interesting topics instead of engaging in rote process-defined ‘meetings’. Managers should also stay up-to-date on current best practices for transcending distance and always have some fun and effective icebreakers like these on hand to warm up the team before meetings.

What are some virtual team building challenges?

Team building does not simply entail throwing a bunch of people in the same room and expecting them to assemble a functioning team. There are techniques and strategies that can be employed to understand individual members' strengths and weaknesses, set measurable goals, achieve common goals, identify different roles within the team and build trust among team members.

How can I keep my remote workers engaged?

Keep your remote workers engaged by checking in on them frequently and regularly. Give praise and recognition whenever you can and commit to planning team building events that overcome feelings of isolation in order to make remote workers feel like part of a larger team.

How do I know if my virtual activity was successful?

You’ll know if a virtual activity was successful by surveying your participants. Have them provide honest feedback and incorporate that feedback into future events. You may also be able to gauge your virtual activity’s success by observing when team members are engaged and active during the event as well.

Where can I find a virtual team building activity for my remote team?

Search for a virtual icebreaker, game, or activity that fits virtually any need. From quick activities to complete at the beginning of virtual meetings to long-term team bonding games and fun tasks without technology, our list is comprehensive.

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